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New YouTube Video Tutes

Leaf Cane-Face Mold: as of 8/28/11 this is still in process.



The "Dreaded" Chevron Flip is what Razma calls this technique.

First I make a "sandwich of green surrounding pearl and press a long ribbon.

Then I take the jelly roll blend from the Easy Breezy Blend Video  

and reduce it to lengthen the cane, flatten it with a rolling pin so it's a "fat ribbon".

The "sandwich" sheet is laid over it and trimmed.

Then the fat ribbon is sliced into sections and stacked.

The stacked sections are cut on a diagonal and one side is flipped to make the chevron.

The sandwich ribbon is used for a center vein and a surround sheet.

All is reduced for the first slice by the end of the video.




Shaping the leaf made with the “Dreaded Chevron Flip” seen in 

Forming a small leaf and then a big leaf.

Showing the web section that uses the exact same leaf cane plus a face mold.

Using the Kai 3/24/04 face mold, showing how one leaf slice can be placed in the face mold to make an interesting “tribal” face.



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