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February 12 through 14, 2013 Pen Swap Prep: 02-12-2013: Introduction to Covering Pens with Polymer Clay; Pen #1-Plain Green;  Pen #2 - 5aoF cane;
02-12-2013: This is the introduction to Covering Pens with Polymer Clay.
Update: Do not use these Bic Stics. They MELT!
CITY-o-Clay's February Swap is Covering Pens.
02-12-2013: Pen #1-Plain Green
From salvaging old clay with liquid polymer clay, pressing a sheet, cutting some of that sheet, covering the pen, it's done in 15 minutes. That includes not being prepared and looking for stuff. You can do it quicker than that.

02-13-2013: Pen #2 - 5aoF
How to cover a pen with 14 & 1/2 slices of cane, 1/8th inch thick, 1/2 inch square. The cane was made for a band named "5 Acres of Fear". I also show how to smooth seams using a large silicon tipped clayshaper.



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