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The stuff that used to be on the home page

Saying "Solly" a short story written in 2006, for a collection called "If it's not one thing, it's your mother". Since there's been no word of this short story collection being sold to a publisher I'm sharing my contribution in the Bonsai Trailer Court.

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CITY-o-Clay was the first polymer clay and miniature Yahoo Group to have live interactive webcam demos that were free, 2-3 days a week for a couple of years. These are chronicled in the Demo Stuff and Biz-Archive Demo sections, scroll down to the bottom of that page.

9-5-11: The Webcam Demos are on hold. Check out the Renewed YouTube videos started on  8/19/2011 with a new webcam and new software thanks to my son Tosh Stone at Sifu Stone Martial Arts

Regarding the old YouTube videos: All the Webcam demos were group efforts. As I worked the clay and provided links in chat, volunteers would capture screen shots, save demo chat logs, snag avi files. So the older videos are without sound and not the best production value.  I added digital pictures afterward. My thanks to all the volunteers who have helped over the years. 

Astrol-CITY's web section being built. 4/13/12: Needs to be rebuilt

Astrol-CITY is for CITYzens of CITY-Lists, a family of Yahoo Groups connected by a common set of guidelines. To be part of Astrol-CITY one needs to already be a member of one of the CITY-Lists, state which one when you subscribe.
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4/13/12: To be rebuilt

Creative Indulgence Totally Yours - CITY

"Thoughts after one Month" A ramble voted as a "keeper".

4/13/12: To be rebuilt

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The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Sylvia Browne Organization

05-16-2012: Interesting developments at WebRing. They are rebranding it as a social network like tumblr or twitter.

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