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Work Table Index 2007 and 2008 05-13-08 WorkTable 2pm PST. This is a shout out to the ClayMates on CITY-o-Clay. What's on your worktable? Come as you are. No cleaning up allowed.  All the ClayMates who take pictures of their worktable will get their picture on this page.  Instructions in the post to COC.

NJ's Worktable. I've been doing faces for the BH4DO project.  On the right is the binder where I'm keeping track of the different characters, the molds and face sculptures that branched off of those faces.

The green faces and molds in the plastic container are current molds and the impressions made with them waiting to be altered.

Then there's the tools I use the most.

The tile with the three faces, raw and altered, one mold and raw clay is what I'm working on right now.

In the middle my glasses and a movie I know by heart. Can't watch a new movie when I'm sculpting.

Peabody was the first to reply. Click the picture to see more of what's on her work table.

Luny joined the party with her "big funky votive" Click the picture to see more views of it.


Tirza in Israel sent in a picture of her work table from November 2007. She says, "I moved on with the things I do, but I never seem to tidy it... never, ever."

Linda Grow is glad she has enough room to just shut the door on room with the work table.

Bev has a bunch of pictures of her work area in her Flickr account.

This is one picture of many of Niki's work table.

She returned after being busy being a new mother, working full time, and all that entails.

We welcome her back with open arms.

Niki's Workspace Flickr


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