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Review: 04-01-09: Sci-Fi Yummy Guys: Debbie sent through these links during a discussion of SciFi Yummy Guys. If we're going to sculpt we may as well like our subjects.

Jason Momoa from Stargate: Atlantis:

Keith Hamilton Cobb from the TV Show Andromeda:

From the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise

Scott Bakula:

Connor Trinneer:

Dominic Keating:

Anthony Montgomery:

Debbie sent more links ...

I almost forgot Ben Browder from Farscape and Stargate:SG1

Richard Dean Anderson from SG:1

Adrian Paul from Highlander: The Series

Nathan Fillion as Capt. Mal: (quite yummy)

Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb: (Tim was dressed up as this guy)

Alan Tudyk as Wash: (Randy costumed as this character when we did the Firefly thang)

And of course the entire crew of the Serenity - ladies included:

Yeah, Debbie and I have been exchanging email today on the eye-candy guys of SciFi. he he he

Interestingly enough I started sculpting because I loved Kai of LEXX.

I started out gathering up pictures of Michael McManus.



I used the pictures of Michael McManus off screen, smiling in a pub, for the smile on CowBoy Kai.



Also since the character Kai was a reanimated corpse, he didn't smile very much. Only when he was "Psycho Kai"... and there he smiled a bit too much.



So what's the point of this exercise? If you want to sculpt a real life person, gather as many photos of them as you can find: looking right, looking left, looking up and down, smiling, straight faced. Then you have a good start in understanding how their face muscles are laid out and how they work in action. You know how their noses look at all angles. You know how their jaw line looks at different angles.

It's easier to look at someone you find yummy.

It is also one of the best ways I've found to keep motivated during the practice of sculpting. If you look at my earlier Kai efforts you'd see that I didn't quite capture his look. As I practiced I captured his look more closely.

Another tip:

When you're sculpting a real life person, sometimes you get the mouth right but the nose wrong. Or you get the eyes right and the mouth wrong. I was struggling with Kai's face and kept on getting close, but no cigar.

Then in a fit of pique I cut off the parts of the sculpted faces that were good and set them aside. Then the light bulb lit over my head.

What if I took the good parts, cured them, then made a mold of them? I'd have the good parts and I can work on the other parts without having to resculpt the good parts. That's how I discovered the "reiteration" technique.

I've used it ever since.


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