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This LEXX section was started around 2000, it's the very early efforts.

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Sections that have Kai featured

  1. Kai Photo Collage 6 pages

  2. Kai 1 Group 1

  3. Xev One is Made

  4. Xev One Gets Repaired

  5. Kai-Iterations

  6. Doffy's CowBoy Kai Pictures. 

  7. Doffy's Kai-4, hugging the green breast

  8. Kai3 New Digs


Kai who is a undead and unfeeling assassin all of a sudden comes on to Xev, a love slave who's had the hots for him since forever. In Episode, 3.8,  "The Key" there was this kiss that just jarred me to my bones. A true sliding off of the chair sort of kiss. Inspired I started making fetish dolls of first the kiss.

Tribute to Kai, of Lexx, AKA Michael McManus II,

 An obsessive journey in pictures, purely for the study of sculpture, mind you. 

 Kai 1 Group 1 

8 pictures with captions

In the episode titled "The Key" there was a kiss and that kiss inspired these dolls.

See how Xev  gets a surprise smooch from Kai, or so we thought....

Xev One is Made

It was really The Prince of Fire, in the guise of Xev. As Kai said, when asked how he figured it out that Xev was NOT Xev, 

"Prince did not kiss like Xev."


Xev One Gets Repaired

Kai-Iterations: This is a way of progressive sculpting. Sculpt a bit, make a mold, make an impression with the mold and sculpt some more. Each time capturing a little bit more of your target face, in this case Kai.

Yet to do

Hair for Kai-4,  Psycho Kai from 

Wake The Dead


On Site: Doffy's CowBoy Kai Pictures. 

What's a cowboy without a horse, or at least a hobby horse? What's a horse without a tail? Nude Cowboy Kai on his hobby horse is the finished item, but not his only sartorial statement. 


Kai-4, hugging the green breast

The little figurine you can't get enough of. Kai on the Green Tit. 15 pictures of his development and nattering about sculpting. 

Kai3 Kit and Kabootle Page
New: 04-09-01

Kai-3 got a display carrying case. He's niftier than Barbie!

NEW: 03-25-01 Hair Re-Do on Kai-3 Stick Puppet 

New: 03-15-01

 Kai-3 Stick Puppet

NEW: 03-23-01: Kai-3 Got Clothes, all hand sewn.