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LEXX HOME Kai Clay This page is dedicated to Michele Holley, my Co Moderator at MSATClayArt. She wanted to see Kai with his hair down. Here ya go, enjoy. xoxo NJ  Coming Soon "Psycho Kai" based on this Episode. 

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In the Episode "Wake the Dead", the story goes like Teen Horror movies along the line of Scream. A bunch of accidentally over slept teens wake up hundreds of years after they were supposed to fly the family van home and find themselves picked up by the LEXX crew. 

These teens were typically rebellious and against Stanley's warning, this one who was mean spirited was goofing around trying to wake Kai out of his cyrochamber, where he stays in suspended animation to conserve the protoblood that keeps him animated.

 But you got to watch out how you wake the dead, this teenage boy said, "Wake up, and kill everyone, kill them in creative ways, ..." and he goes to describe different ways of bumping folks off. 

The boy thought it didn't do anything, laughing he left. When he left Kai's eyes opened and we knew in an instance that this dead dude was woke up on the wrong side of the cyrochamber.