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Beads - 09-11-09:  Tongues of Fire Snake Beads: Check FireCane for more TOF techniques
09-12-09 TOF Beads How-To, 26 pictures with captions on what not to do if you seek perfection. But only God is prefect so this tutorial is not. Who else shows you the miscalculations?


Variations on the Tongues of Fire beads.

05-16-2010: Rebuilt to give the pictures separate pages. The new browsers don't like FrontPage 2003 slide shows.

09/23/05 One Cane from 4 Lengths: Take a simple cane and make it complicated the Easy Breezy Way.

This is the cane design that went into the new snake beads and the tear shaped bead with flames.

Basket weave Beads 4 Pictures: I wanted TOF snake beads to go with these TOF basket weave beads. That's how this series of TOF beads got started.


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