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Demo Stuff 2005


05-17-10: TOF Necklace-02

This necklace was strung in a hurry with faux sinew last year so I could wear it to the Day of the Dead celebration. I restrung it proper and gave it a double sided pendant.


11-02-2009: Tongues of Fire Tear necklace

11-02-2009: Tongues of Fire Tear necklace

Take this "one cane 4 length" cane, slice a disk, fill it with scrap filler, close it like a pinch pot, pull it into a tear shape, wrap the end around a skewer and you get beads like this. Wet sand individually for the full PITA effect.

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 008- One Cane 4 Lengths

Take one Tongues of Fire cane, reduce and cut into four lengths. Take one length and make that the center of the new cane. Take two lengths and cut them in half and put them around the center. Take the last length and cut it into fourths and fill in the gaps.

Then you can make a complex cane by starting out with a fairly easy cane.

These are the pinch pots made with that cane. They look complicated but they are really easy to make.


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