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Faux Abalone Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013
03-05-2013: Luny requested a "short order tute" on Abalone. I've been wrestling abalone with polymer clay since 2000, at least. "Haven't you already mastered that?" my sister asked in amazement. "Nope, it's an ongoing thing." I admitted.

Below are links to the abalone efforts from the past.

03-06-2013: PDF Real Abalone Shell pictures and 3 links to polymer clay abalone tutorials. This will give us some real abalone shells to look at to help us work on mixing colors for our clay.
This is the earliest effort in abalone. Making mini shells. When they were finished they fooled a couple of people, who thought they were real young abalone shells.
This abalone experiment was from 2001 when I was on the Easy Breezy Tour
This is from a 2002 abalone experiment that ended up with a golden mermaid getting a new dress and a cigar box home.

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