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End of 2011 and a peek at 2012

December 13, 2011

"Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo (where it will be for 9 months instead of 8 weeks) all trine (good luck and ease) are the planets that will help people make their philosophies manifest, practical, prudent.1 Woman's Wisdom - Nora Jean Stone - Mars in Virgo for 9 Months!

"Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, which as we know will be exact 7 times in 4 years. Troubled times are upon us without a doubt.

"She'll be looking into Saturn in late Libra forming a trine to Chiron in Pisces, that will get stronger as Saturn moves in to Scorpio. It promotes some healing, or at least some insight on how to learn from our unhealing wounds."

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Transiting Saturn sextile or trine Chiron
Learning to let go of regrets is a major theme of this transit. By working on facing up to your responsibilities, following the rules, and adopting a humbler approach to others, you gain a greater sense of purpose. You stand to learn much from your experiences and interactions with others now.

Saturn trine or sextile Chiron
You have no difficulty in accepting responsibility for your own health care, and you may patiently acquire considerable knowledge in the field of holistic healing. You can take the best of both traditional and "alternative" medicine, and create a body of knowledge that is very natural and effective. You may achieve mastery in the healing arts, which includes counseling and teaching people to take responsibility for and control of their own health choices. You are able to model an "enlightened" authority figure, one who encourages discipline and responsibility while being supportive and tolerant of individual needs and differences.

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Welcome to 1 Woman's Wisdom (
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Special Guest is Nora Jean Stone - Astrologer! Grab your chart on another screen so you can follow along - click: and then scroll to the bottom 1/2 of the page.
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Good evening, Malk (F)
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hi how you
1 Womans Wisdom says (15:48:07):
Very good! Tis very quiet outside.
malk says to  (15:48:26):
not here windy
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where do i get a chart or dont i need it
1 Womans Wisdom says to malk (private) (15:48:50):
Actually, I'm really tired! But I don't dare write that in the chat room! :D
malk says to 1 Womans Wisdom (private) (15:49:18):
yes i can imagine as you been very busy
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That's ok - I'm going to crash after the show. :)
1 Womans Wisdom says to malk (private) (15:49:58):
Nora always keeps me on my toes because she is way over my head....
malk says to 1 Womans Wisdom (private) (15:50:06):
good do i need to get chart or not
1 Womans Wisdom says to malk (private) (15:50:29):
If you would like. She uses it during the show so that people know what she's talking about.
malk says to 1 Womans Wisdom (private) (15:50:53):
well not sure how to do it lol
1 Womans Wisdom says (15:51:02):
The link above this post is where you can open up the chart - just scroll down to the bottom of the page!
malk says to 1 Womans Wisdom (private) (15:54:05):
tried but not able to find out how dont matter ill try later for next time
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Good afternoon, Amber!
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never seen the chart like that
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this should be fun and interesting
1 Womans Wisdom says (15:58:21):
Isn't it interesting?
Justices Mom says to  (15:58:45):
omg yes
Justices Mom says to  (15:58:51):
i love learning new stuff!
malk says to  (15:59:22):
im just here to try to understand lol
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Howdy Folks, I'm Nora Jean Stone and that web page is to help us today
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Hello Everyone:-*
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(Tp) hi everyone!
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:) That's me and that's so true!
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Anne Ortelee - New York

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1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:28:13):  - scroll down the page to see today's chart.

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Anne Ortelee's Weekly Weather on BlogTalkRadio

Empress11 says to  (16:35:54):

all great astrology shows - everyone has a different slant and that is what makes it awesome

Empress11 says to  (16:37:25):

astrology is my passion as well

Empress11 says to  (16:37:54):

I do a group online with one from Canada

Empress11 says to  (16:39:34):

haha this explains my family Taurus/leo/scorpio lol

Empress11 says to  (16:41:36):

I see it at the end of Jan mars at 22 degrees Virgo, approaching venus in pisces - exact by Feb

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Empress11 says to  (16:44:21):

Persoanlly waiting for the Jupiter to go direct the abundance is short lol

1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:47:50):

Empress11 says to  (16:49:50):

go back and revisit old conversations relationships to refinish it in a better way

1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:50:52):

Great idea, Empress!

Empress11 says to  (16:51:13):

ah being a scorpio, I am always one to "come back to redo lol"

1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:51:37):


Empress11 says to  (16:51:55):

giggles, those bad pennies

Empress11 says to  (16:52:36):

yes a show on how not to self sabbatage would be very helpful lol

Empress11 says to  (16:54:42):

interesting they both station at 23 degrees

Empress11 says to  (16:57:09):

can't leave ourselves now can we lol

1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:58:24):

AuntyAlias says (16:59:28):

Empress11 says to  (16:59:36):

awesome have enjoyed the show my favorite topic too

Empress11 says to  (16:59:50):

learning how to incorporate the #;s in

1 Womans Wisdom says to  (16:59:50):

Thank you, Louise!

AuntyAlias says (17:00:10):