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Birth Data

and why I need it all    


To cast an astrology chart all astrologers need the

month, day, year, location

and time


of when you were born. Without this we can't do our job. If you do not know the time you were born then get in touch with the Hall of Records for the county you were born in, if you were born in the United States. Get in touch with the government organization that keeps vital statistics for the area you were born if you were born outside of the United States.

If you were born at home with only a midwife or your great aunt in attendance, then their word on when you were born is going to be "iffy". Some folks have gone to a psychic to zero in on their birth time, but that's hearsay on my account.

The time of birth gives us the "rising sign", the sign that was coming up on the eastern horizon. Babies born at dawn have the sun and rising sign the same because the sun was rising at dawn. Easy astrology bar bet that bit of trivia.

The rising sign signifies the start of the first house. That's the line on the chart wheel where 9 o'clock would be if it were a watch face. There are 12 houses in a chart and they look like the pie wedges you see on chart wheels. Each house governs a part of your life. The numbers of the houses move counter clockwise starting at that 9 o'clock point on the chart wheel.

Without the time of birth we don't know the rising sign nor do we know what signs or planets fall in which house. This makes giving someone a reading difficult. What sign or planets fall in the 10th house of "life calling" vs the 6th house of "day to day work"? Without knowing what's going on in the 2nd house we don't know what issues effect a person's sense of self worth, or what they value in themselves or the outside world.

Some astrologers do "rectified" charts where they take a look at your life so far and reverse engineer a rising sign, thereby finding where the signs and planets land in the houses of your chart.

I do not do rectified charts because it takes a long time to get all the information from a person and when we're done the meter has been ticking so long the price gets out of hand.

Do your own homework for getting the time of birth. Otherwise visit a psychic and do not waste your time contacting me without all of the birth data. I'll just send you a link to this page and more time will be wasted.

You can also save money by doing some of the leg work yourself. Go to and cast your own chart and send the .gif of the wheel and the pdf file of the astrological data. Here's a link to some screen shots that will help you find your way around that website. Best seen in IE. Newer browsers are not merciful to FrontPage software.

If you want to learn more about astrology you can join us at Astrol-CITY, check out that page to find out more.