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The only thing I regret about the old astrology blog crashing was the loss of my disclaimer page. I don't think I will be able to replicate it but I'll make effort to dissuade you as much as I can before you get a reading from me.

(1) When is 'something' going to happen? Should I do a 'particular thing'? That belongs to Horary astrology and I don't do that.

(2) Should you stay with someone? Are they abusive? If yes, leave, now. That was simple and it was also free advice.

(3) Will you get that job you interviewed for? Again, see #1, that's Horary astrology and I don't do that.

Are you skilled for that job? Did you behave yourself during the interview? How was the competition in your area? I'm 61 years old, over the optimal BMI, Asian-mix, female, and the competition is high in my area for what I used to do. So I revamped how I look at making money. You're here reading this aren't you? Case in point. 

During a recession a lot of astrologers are getting more questions about job, money, finance than they do about love life. Which up until the economy tanked was the main question people would ask. Some astrologers are psychic as well and make forecasts based on what they are feeling. I do not do that.

I will look to see what hidden skills you have. If you are better suited to work independently as an entrepreneur rather than work in a corporation. Often we work in a profession we backed into by accident instead of following our own bliss. I'm a bliss follower proponent.

(4) Will I meet my 'soul mate'? I reply to that question with another question: "Do you really want to?" I heard an astrologer say recently that we take more crap off of a 'soul mate' than we would off of a regular lover because there's karma involved. That being said I'd say my last husband was a 'soul mate' because I put up with more from him than from anyone else in my entire life.

There's an old hippy curse: may you go through a lot of personal growth in a short amount of time. That's how my last marriage felt. But I digress.

Instead of looking for a 'soul mate', let's go over what you are doing to become a whole person on your own.

Are you manifesting your creative potential?

Are you increasing your knowledge or skill set?

Are you getting out of the crib and mixing and mingling?

Are you a tea totaller thinking that you have to go to a bar to find someone? You only find people who drink at bars and I'd advise you to go to a museum, a concert, a lecture to find someone who likes the same things as you do.

I can see if there's a lot of work in store for you that would get in the way of light hearted romance.

I can see if there are pulls for you to go join groups to support a cause and in that way you may find someone who believes in the same principles that you do.

I can see if you sabotage yourself by seeking people who are unavailable because you can't admit you really really value your solitude.

(5) Should I move residences? Again Horary. I should find a Horary astrologer to refer to people who ask me questions like this.

"Will my house sell?" that's more a question you need to ask a local real estate sales person or a banker than an astrologer.

Did you clean up the house?

Is it in good repair?

Are you 'under water' owing more than the house is worth because the neighborhood has gone into foreclosure?

What are the housing trends in your area?

These are not astrological questions and again, psychics take stabs at forecasting things like this. I do not.

(6) I do not do progressions because as I study them I have not seen them to give me any more meaningful information than doing someone's transits. I may find out I'm mistaken but for now I don't do progressions, which is moving the birthday one day for each year that someone has been alive and then comparing that chart to the birth chart and transits. It's just not pulling on the hem of my skirt at this time.

03-31-11: Don't you love Mercury Retrogrades? I do. I was looking on my HDD and found a copy of my old astrology section, meaning I found my old "disclaimers". Mercury Retrograde is good for research, review, re-anything. So I'm going to re-cycle my old disclaimers because they amused me.

This disclaimer page is something you don't often see on sites that offer astrological services. Astrology counseling has its limits and I'll be the first to admit that. Some things people come to astrologers for can be solved with common sense.

  1. If you have a psychiatric disorder go to a licensed therapist. Just as if you had an illness go to a doctor.
  2. If you are in an abusive relationship I'll just tell you to get out of it asap, no need to cast a chart.
  3. I can't tell you when you will meet Mr. or Ms. Right. If you never leave your home, don't mingle with people doing things you like to do, don't strike up conversations with strangers who seem friendly, there's no astrological influence that will make Mr. or Ms. Right see you for the wonderful person that you are. There are things you must do for yourself.
  4. I can't change your parent, child, sibling, lover, or co-worker but I can help you understand why their actions bother you and what you can do to find peace within yourself. I can help you come to understand them. If they are abusive see #2.
  5. I can't tell you when the recession will be over or whether you're going to find or lose a job. I can help you with dealing with uncertainty.
  6. I do not claim to forecast the future. I can point out emotional and psychological environments that you might find yourself in going forward and to help you prepare for them or deal with them as they are happening. This might mean taking advantage of them or learning how to endure them.
  7. I can't change your situation but YOU can. Who you are with, what job you're working, the hardships you may be experiencing, all these can be changed when you change your point of view.

92% of astrologers queried in a recent study state that they see the practice of astrology as a psychological counseling practice and I'll have to agree with that. We live in our heads and how we perceive the world colors the world we live in. If your point of view is negative, fearful, uncomfortable, I might be able to point out the positive things that are possible with your help. Astrology helps us find your strengths and your challenges, but it is not written in stone. Knowing your knee jerk reaction to specific situations gives you the opportunity to exert some conscious will over your reactions. It all depends on you and how you choose to use this tool.