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So what do I do for folks?


Please check Disclaimers for what I do not do for you.

Natal Charts: The chart of the sky when you were born. Shows your default settings and I feel is NOT set in stone. People can change their knee jerk response to things with conscious will. 

Transits: Current planets in the sky and how they impact on your birth chart, like hammers hitting bells as they go by. What do they resonate in your chart? Preparing for intense astrological transits by understanding how you might react ahead of time. Thwarting the bad transits and taking advantage of the good ones.

Synastry: Comparing two people's charts and that could be you and

your parents

your siblings

your offsprings

your life partner

your co-worker

your BFF

I will need the Birth Data for everyone involved.

First of all I help you come to understand the default switches you have in your birth chart. What is your knee jerk reaction to situations in your life? Then we look to see where you can make some changes to better your life or better your perception of your life.

I help you deal with life's ups and downs. I can't resurrect the dead but I can help you with your grief. I can't get you that job back but I can help you look forward to a new career goal and give you an indication of where to look to utilize your hidden skills.

I can explain to you what your children's individual needs are so you can change how you behave towards them and that will change how they react to you, most of the time. Some off spring need tough love and less enabling, sorry to say.

I can help you sort out your "wants" from your "needs" with regard to your love life. "Wants" are negotiable - "Needs" are not.

I can help you communicate more effectively with your family member, sibling, child, life partner, co-worker, if I have their birth data too.

I can look into the future and show you the emotional and psychological landscapes you will be traversing, like a forest guide. When you know an intense time is coming up and you prepare for it, it may be work to get through but you're ready for it. When you emerge on the other side you feel buff and well satisfied with yourself.

I will not sugar coat things I see and I've had people wander off and not return for my services because of that. I can't feel bad and I won't change my methods to keep customers. I have people who have been with me for years, some for decades, who return time and time again because they can handle it when I give them the truth as I see it.