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July 1, 2011 - AstroStone with Aunty Alias "MsAstroStone" New YouTube Channel.

Taking advantage of the New Moon at 9 degrees Cancer, Partial Solar Eclipse, triggering a Grand Cardinal Cross...

I created a new YouTube channel and uploaded 6 videos today. 5 last night until the sun came up and another one today before the sun was shining right in my eyes at my computer. The videos are "Low Budget Production" and if y'all pay me to a reading for you or to teach you astrology I can up my production values. That's the ticket. 

UPDATE: My son bought me a new webcam and paid for video editing software so the production value did indeed go up.

New Astrology Blog What? Another blog? Yes indeed. This one will focus only on astrology.

New Moon-AstronomyFirst Astro Post: New Moon Solar Eclipse June 29, 2011:  On July 1, 2011, there’s going to be a partial solar eclipse during a new Moon at 9° cancer. That New Moon will trigger a Grand Cardinal Square that Mercury as well as the Sun triggered earlier. It has been feeling like a bumpy ride. Read more...

Blog Talk Radio Index for the "The NoraJean Show"

06-08-11: No shows scheduled yet but when there are I'll also post here to let you StarGazers know. Or better yet - go register at Blog Talk Radio (it's free) and "Follow" me. Then you will get a notification when a show is scheduled.

04-28-11: New Publicity Director for the San Francisco Astrological Society

New blog post. I volunteered for the position and was accepted. We waited until Mercury went direct before moving forward.

Tonight the announcement will be made at the monthly meeting: Fort Mason, building C, room 260, 7:30pm. Be there or be square.


I can claim to know a thing and do it well. It's better to hear how other people feel about the astrology readings I've done for them.