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BH4DO Links by the handful
Tutorials for the ClayMates at CITY-0-Clay as part of the review of sculpting faces. To make "DO"'s life a little easier when working in the miniature world. PlayScale to be exact, 1/6 scale. Outside websites that explore the aesthetics of beauty and forensic facial reconstruction

Jim Collin's PlayScale Mini Printables

Facial variations by sex
Human Anatomy preview book

.Jim Collin's Scale Calculator

Guide to Human Type part 3

What's the Face Grid?

Jim Collin's mini related links

Guide to Human Types Addendum-3
YouTube: Josana: Sculpting Female - Start to Finish Amcreatures-Dolls and Puppets  

Face Sculpting One of Two

GI Joe Kit Bashed

Kai-Iterations-Sculpting w/Molds    
GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618, is the rule for beauty and Dr. Stephen Marquardt's site on Beauty Analysis    
Forensics and Sculpting    
Bev's Links: This one has an adorable baby tutorial

Deb Wood Tutorials Sculpting hands and feet

Hannie Sarris  Fairy Fantasy Sculptures   Sculpting a fairy head Free pose library,
warning-some nude models