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BH4DO Skin Tone

The photos that capture the process of making skin tone in American descendants of Africa.

The Afro Angel Pen Pal Welcomes you. She also questions the veracity of what you write, while you write it. 


Here is an early experiment with making skin blends. For this project I'll be making
Color Cards of the different skin tones found in the Afro-American community.  The pictures were sorted from darkest to lightest skin tones. I have 1970 Blacksploitation pictures because it's part of the homework.

2001 early effort of exploring ethnic diversity. Three faces and back in the day I called them "three races", but I've come to understand that there's no genetic marker for "race". There's just variations on a theme.


Fossils in the blood

Look into the faces of this San family, some of the oldest DNA in the world. They live in South Africa, speak that "click" language you don't hear anywhere else.  You can see Asian in there, you can see Aborigine, skin tones from light to dark. From that genetic tree trunk the branches went around the world and we have some of the variation we see below.  I'm sorting the skin tones from dark to light, roughly.  You don't often see Condie Rice with Cleopatra Jones, or Shaft with Toni Morrison grouped together.

Click on the thumbnails to see the enlarged jpg.