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The NoraJean Show

About: Why a radio show?

Mainly because family and friends wanted me to host a Blog Talk Radio show. I joined BTR in May 2010 as a listener. I found a handful of shows I enjoyed listening to each week. I would share the podcasts via FaceBook and Twitter whether I caught them live or listened to them in archive.

While in the chat rooms of the podcasts that I caught live I would add my 2 cents about astrology, because the shows I would frequent the most were astrology shows. The fellow listeners in the chat room would ask "So what is the name of your show?" or "When does your show air?" I would tell them that I don't have a show. Some then wrote in the chat room "Not yet...."

Then I had two opportunities to go on live on Blog Talk Radio and both were with Matthew Currie, an astrologer here in San Francisco. Below you'll find the first call in I did with him.

Listen to internet radio with MatthewAstrologer on Blog Talk Radio

April 21 2011: I called in to chat with Matthew Currie on Blog Talk Radio. My first time on the air. My part starts at 27:15 through to 45:42.

Massive shout outs to my peeps in the executive sky box.

Then Matthew invited me to join him in a 2 hour show. Below there is a link leads you to a page dedicated to the 5/24/11 show. There you will find links I used in the show: astrology education sites and famous people's birth charts.  Plus the chat log from the show.

That page is stored in my astrology section of this website.

I joined Matthew Currie on his Blog Talk Radio show, "Conquering the Universe with Astrology".

May 24, 2011, 11am PDT.

Click the link For the archived 2 hour broadcast, links featured during the show and the chat log from the "Executive Sky Box".

Why is the show listed under "Spirituality"?

A lot of BTR astrology shows are listed under “Spirituality” even though a majority of astrologers will state that what they do is psychological counseling. I’ve been told that my astrological readings are both psychological and spiritual counseling. How it feels to me is “I listen to my bones.” Am I psychic? People got to call in and find out for themselves.

Our spirit is nurtured in numerous ways: art, metaphysics, social bonding and laughter. This is the territory we will travel together in this show. Or it could be that this show is listed under “Spirituality” because there is not a separate listing for “random nattering”.

When I scan the news and see people aged around 30 or 60, tripping themselves up I know it must be their first or second Saturn return.

I see revolutions for freedom erupting all around the world and I know that the incentive to revolt can be explained astrologically.

I can't help but look at the birth charts of the men in power and politics when their sex scandals hit the news. I'm seeking indications in their birth charts that lean in that direction and for the transits (current planet placements) that impact on that birth chart Achilles heel.

I'm a fan of popular culture and am curious as to the astrological compatibility of celebrity couples. Some of whom, I am not surprised, do not stay together.

I am interested in other topics: fashion, movies, “weird” fiction, going to museums, cooking, and being generally creative. I have few people that I can chat with about these things.

Blogging about it wasn't satisfying because I crave real time exchange, bouncing ideas off of another person who is doing improvisational guerilla street theater along with me.

Lastly, my South Node is in Aries in the 3rd house. The 3rd house is the house of communication. Aries likes to forge new paths, be the pioneer, to be courageous. So my new spiritual path in life is to be courageous enough to communicate what I really think and feel. Well this Blog Talk Radio show just might be what my South Node is demanding I do.


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