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Blend without using a Pasta Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3.1) Fold that rectangle so the same colors touch at the corners.

3.2) Pinch from the fold going out to the edge to prevent air bubbles. Once done pull into a ribbon.

3.3) Roll the ribbon into a snake with one color at one end, and the other color at the other end.

3.4) Now mash that snake inward so it looks like a fat grub.

3.5) Pinch along one side of the fat grub mass to get a handle to pull out the ribbon.

3.6) The ribbon you pulled with the handle you just made.

3.7) Roll it up again, keeping one color at one end and the other color at the other end.

3.8) Mash that roll, pinch a handle, pull out another ribbon. You can see the blend.