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Blend without using a Pasta Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
It's pinch and pull time at the old ranchero. But blending can be done without machinery.

4.1) You know the drill. If the blend isn't merged enough for you, roll up the sheet you have.

4.2) Pinch along the length of the roll and pull out another ribbon, this blends the colors.

4.3) Rolling it up again.

4.4) What did I do here? I think there's a step missing. Taking the roll I mashed it down to a hockey puck, pinched off the edge and pulled out this ribbon.

4.5) Roll up that ribbon back into a hockey puck.

4.6) Reduce the puck into a log. You can see how the colors are mixing and merging.

4.7) The log finger mashed. From this point you can pull lengths of blended clay or roll it with a brayer.