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First African Chop and Toss: Here is where you find out how you can get revenge on those canes of grave disappointment. Come on the Chop and Toss Safari with me and see with your own eyes. 

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Here is the African Mix Tin that I hold my color cards in. It's my favorite. 

African Mix Group Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
1, Examining the canes of grave disappointment,

2 pictures

2, What some of these canes looked like before the chop.

5 pictures

3, Now chop up those canes and cast out THE FEAR.

7 pictures

4, Now that the cane of grave disappointment has been chopped with fierce delight, it's now time to mix them and give them a toss. Are you ready? 

7 pictures

5, This is a loaf of African Chop and Toss, now let's slice two slices and open them up like a book.

5 pictures

6, Once you find your mirror image make something of it, pins, pendants, even as the design on a mini cake box printable.