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Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04

Return to Leopard Group Page: 2002 Leopard Page Four: This necklace and earring set was gifted to this gal, who's name escapes me, because she looked all the world like Parker Posey. Just another thing to do with the Leopard Cane.

Jewelry, Pens,

This was my first Leopard Cane, my first necklace and earring effort with this cane and given to a Parker Posey Look Alike, dang, what was that girl's name?

Oh these were horrible. A pen swap and I did it in Leopard, but I gave it short shrift and didn't sand and buff as I needed to. They were lumpy and the click top didn't work on some of them. But I offer them here because I know my claymates can do better.