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Leopard Cane

Leopard Thumbnail pages: each page holds more pictures

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Putting the first cane together


First set of earrings and checking out the saw marks in the mica


Even cane ends can be utilized


This page has samples of first things I made with this cane.

5, This is the first page of two pages on how to make the mask you see below.
6, On this page you see the mask getting backed with black and finished with Future.

5-13-2012 I found the pictures and this section will be rebuilt.

Amiga de Onca, or Lady Friend of the Leopard... in Brazil it means your "bad" friend. This structure is built around a large glass vase. It's as tall as the standard kitchen oven allows. She never got cured and while in storage the leaves fell off and then I just scraped the project.

Leopard Kitty:

The Leopard cane in a cat mold