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Deciding on the flower. Demo Log #1 for Syl's Pink and White flower

This is a flower that we're working on in Demo 04-03-03.

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jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
auntyalias: I'm helping a new list member, could you hold the room for
a minute?
jude: Howdy! Syl is around this morning.
auntyalias: Ya I see her on my cam list, I'll be right back
auntyalias: Donna Stein is having difficulties
auntyalias: brb
sylsnovelties joined the room
jude: Howdy!
sylsnovelties: Hi Girls!
auntyalias: Hey Syl, just helping a new list member. I'll be back in a
jude: NJ is brbing
jude: You over your flu?
ljcswartz joined the room
greatauntjudy left the room
sylsnovelties left the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
sylsnovelties: This any better?
auntyalias: sorry
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
auntyalias: we lost Jude?
ljcswartz: it is working for me
sylsnovelties: Hello!!
biodredd joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hi Jackie!
bonsaikathy joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Dave, just going to be on for an hour and then got to
run errands, Hey Kathy
biodredd: Wow! You are all here early today!
auntyalias: getting a full house
auntyalias: well I can always pick up my meds at 8pm, so if we get
busy here I'll stick around
biodredd: Well I just popped in for a quick howdy.
biodredd: I'm actually writing today and took a potty break.
auntyalias: just a quickie, huh?
auntyalias: you men
auntyalias: kiss and run
auntyalias: that's how you all are
auntyalias: should have known... LOL
biodredd: Have to get ten more pages done before I stop for the day.
biodredd: LOL!
auntyalias: I got to take a potty break... brb, been a very busy
auntyalias: did you see my Sleeping Lady Pen, Dave?
auntyalias: you write from her feet
biodredd: Cool.
biodredd: Is it on the cam now?
icare4bunnies joined the room
auntyalias: Jael Hey honey
auntyalias: Yes Dave it is on cam right now
auntyalias: the barrel is going from her feet to her head
biodredd: I see.
icare4bunnies: hideeho neighbors
auntyalias: the type of barrel is besices her
auntyalias: brb, got to go to the loo
icare4bunnies: how is everyone
ljcswartz: super........ it is a fine day here in Maryland
icare4bunnies: warm here
icare4bunnies: I think a storm is coming though, my arthritis is
aching up
icare4bunnies: oh, my, snow
icare4bunnies: it's in the 70's here in central IL
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: so are there any short orders?
biodredd: Yes... need a naked guy pen too!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: well I got this idea from my Kai doll. His legs are fused
auntyalias: but has articulated arms
biodredd left the room
auntyalias: she's a bit smaller, ooops lost Dave
auntyalias: he saw Kai and fainted
icare4bunnies: lol
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: we should strip Kai for Dave's return
auntyalias: how about it?
icare4bunnies: jealous
icare4bunnies: is he anatomically correct?
auntyalias: he he he
auntyalias: of course
icare4bunnies: teehee
icare4bunnies: cool
auntyalias: on a jump ring
auntyalias: many uses for those jump rings
auntyalias: he looks so startled
auntyalias: early eye make up
auntyalias: well enough of that since Dave lost connection
auntyalias: I'll get him dressed, I made his clothes, all hand done
auntyalias: too small to do on a machine
icare4bunnies: lol
icare4bunnies: roflmao
auntyalias: he is meant to be shaken
auntyalias: as a party favor
auntyalias: LOL
sylsnovelties: What about a cane of some sort?
icare4bunnies: I'd like that
auntyalias: what kind of cane
ljcswartz: me too
auntyalias: Syl, do you have any preference as to what sort of cane,
sylsnovelties: Hmmm, a flower cane? Unless someone else has an idea in
auntyalias: let me pull up a picture
auntyalias: I'm thinking three dimensional flower and not a picture of
a flower on a cane slice
auntyalias: I'm thinking of Tiger Lily
auntyalias: but I have to find a picture to get the colors right, how
does that sound Syl?
icare4bunnies: I love leaf canes, like the tiger leaf can you made
icare4bunnies: or some kind of zebra cane
icare4bunnies: I was talking to my hubby on the phone when you
undressed kai, nj, and I just burst out laughing!!!
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: I had to explain what was happening so he wouldn't
think I was more crazy than I already am
auntyalias: was it difficult to explain what you were seeing?
auntyalias: what do you think of these leaves?
auntyalias: spotty blends
icare4bunnies: my picture froze
auntyalias: I'm not sure how to go about it
auntyalias: Jael when I'm typing the picture will look frozen
auntyalias: when in doubt close the cam window and then open it up
auntyalias: that usually works for me
auntyalias: I can't find that tiger lily
icare4bunnies: different colors
icare4bunnies: for those leaves
icare4bunnies: I can see the picture now
icare4bunnies: wow
auntyalias: if we made this no one will believe us
icare4bunnies: is that real?
auntyalias: yes
icare4bunnies: I like those
ljcswartz: pretty
auntyalias: Syl, what do you think of these?
icare4bunnies: kathy, it was amazing
icare4bunnies: I couldn't stop laughing
icare4bunnies: he was very well endowed
auntyalias: Jael I'm overly generous to my men dolls
auntyalias: a time when scale is thrown out the window
auntyalias: it's just a riot when you swing him to and fro
auntyalias: Makes my son wince
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: I wish I had done a screen shot
icare4bunnies: so my husband could have seen what cracked me up
auntyalias: I retired his full frontal nude pictures from my web, I
should rebuild them
auntyalias: Syl, honey.... do you want a flower on a cane, or a petal
cane that makes a flower?
icare4bunnies: I can already imagine how to make that flower
sylsnovelties: That sounds good.
icare4bunnies: I may have to go and make one
auntyalias: LOL, that was two questions Syl
auntyalias: A flower on a cane is like a Leigh Rose
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
auntyalias: a petal cane is a cane we slice to make a 3D flower
auntyalias: what would you prefer?
auntyalias: since you spoke up first
auntyalias: we can do either with this pink and white flower here
icare4bunnies: I love canes
auntyalias: If I did this as a flower in a cane I'd surround it with
auntyalias: so I could slice them and over lap them
icare4bunnies: you could actually make the petal cane, and then show
how to make a flower cane out of them
auntyalias: make some big and some small and over lap them
icare4bunnies: or a flower
icare4bunnies: kill 2 flowers with one cane
auntyalias: Ok, so Jael votes for both
icare4bunnies: lol
auntyalias: that will please everyone then
icare4bunnies: I may be so inspired I have to leave and make one
icare4bunnies: are those daffodils?
icare4bunnies: i thought they were inpatiens
icare4bunnies: what are they
auntyalias: Adenium obseum, a succulent
auntyalias: but it is a flower that's trumpet shaped it seems
icare4bunnies: in laymens terms?
auntyalias: A succulent stores water in its stem
auntyalias: I think I'll simply this for the flower cane and just have
a head on view of it
auntyalias: so we'll need flourescent pink blended to white for the
auntyalias: we got to have the blend from pink to white folded around
the white, there's a seam from the end of the petal to half way down
auntyalias: for 3D we could make the yellow trumpet separate
auntyalias: and then add the petals
auntyalias: that would work
sylsnovelties: The white would be rolled first, right?
auntyalias: the white needs to be blended with the pink
auntyalias: so there's no solid line between the colors
sylsnovelties: or inside!
sylsnovelties: Sorry, my mind is screwy today.
auntyalias: we're figuring this out as we go honey
auntyalias: it is all part of the process of deconstructing an image
to be a cane
icare4bunnies: how long are you going to be doing the demo nj?
auntyalias: that's better
auntyalias: depends on how many people are here in 40 minutes
icare4bunnies: poor kathy
icare4bunnies: bouncing on and off
auntyalias: I have to go pick up my hormones sometime today
auntyalias: they will be ready in 40 minutes
auntyalias: if there's a bunch of folks here I'll stay and continue
auntyalias: if the room thins out I'll go to the pharmacy but it'll
take a couple of hours since I have to take two busses
auntyalias: there and back
icare4bunnies: I'm gonna clay a little and then come back if I have
icare4bunnies: those flowers are so pretty
ljcswartz: is there a way to make flourescent pink?
auntyalias: you got to move your clay to your computer area
icare4bunnies: I suppose, I just have such a cluttered house
auntyalias: gosh, I don't know Jackie, I have some already mixed,
probably old and dry
ljcswartz: you really do need to make the move
auntyalias: a TV tray will do, have a pallet of colors and a few tools
ljcswartz: I can just use something else for the practice
icare4bunnies: I would make my family crazy, after all, my crafts are
everywhere around here
icare4bunnies: I have a pasta machine, etc.
auntyalias: ok, I should dig out some clay and start the flower cane
icare4bunnies: I'll have to see if I can do that
icare4bunnies: plus, there are rabbits in this room, and the fur is
everywhere (not good for the computer either I suppose...)
ljcswartz: move the rabbits ??
icare4bunnies: you know not what you say...
icare4bunnies: I have 10 in my house
auntyalias: just took a picture of the flower so I can start a section
for it
ljcswartz: ha
ljcswartz: easier to move the computer then
icare4bunnies: then my husband would not be able to get to it, and
that's another story.
icare4bunnies: someday I will share pictures of my house and then you
will understand
ljcswartz: ahhh.. maybe a new computer?
icare4bunnies: but you have to promise not to call the authorities on
icare4bunnies: lol
auntyalias: ok, just helped a new gal, Donna
auntyalias: she signed up under one address and was posting with
another and didn't know why her posts were bouncing
auntyalias: she just got her first post through, been working with her
for an hour now
auntyalias: I'm back now, and without diversions
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: who
auntyalias: Donna Stein
auntyalias: been trying to post since the first
auntyalias: couldn't figure it out, new to lists and the computer
icare4bunnies: ok
auntyalias: here's the fluorescent pink, it's old so I don't know how
it is going to handle
icare4bunnies: at least it's wrapped
auntyalias: now you know how folks do that crysanthmum cane
auntyalias: by pressing in a credit card into the cane?
auntyalias: I'm thinking if we did a blend
auntyalias: did a fan fold with it
auntyalias: then pressed in a card, to make the pink streak into the
auntyalias: it might work
icare4bunnies: that's what I was thinking
auntyalias: I can't think of how else we're going to get those lines
go to in
icare4bunnies: great minds think alike
icare4bunnies: lol
auntyalias: LOL
icare4bunnies: are you going to do a bit of a blend?
auntyalias: yes and after it is blended fold it like a fan
auntyalias: make a tapered log since the sides of the petals are
narrower than the center, we're going to then press lines and then
fold it in half for the petal's final shape
auntyalias: that's the general plan, let's see how this old pink
reacts to conditioning
icare4bunnies: I've used old blades folded in thick paper to do my
icare4bunnies: a little thinner than credit cards
auntyalias: that's a great tip, should share it with the list
auntyalias: I thought that the credit cards made too big an
auntyalias: wow not bad
auntyalias: I thought it would crumble
auntyalias: it's really really old
auntyalias: years old
auntyalias: I'm impressed
icare4bunnies: only problem is you have to be careful not to cut your
auntyalias: now do you know why I did that just now?
auntyalias: taking the two colors and folding and then twisting them?
greatauntjudy left the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude: Looks like Christmas candy.
auntyalias: Lost Jude again
auntyalias: poor darling

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.