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Highlights for Past Months

April 2003

As for April Fool's Day, I think of the Fool in the Tarot: The foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of men.  Be nice to one another in your April Foolery, a fun surprise instead of a practical joke. There's enough mean spiritedness going on and we have the right and the duty to spread a little happiness.  Play the fool, get a laugh, give a gift. We can change tradition if we want and I want April Fool's day to be when we take on some divine foolishness and just aim to get a laugh. 

And that's no joke.

April is Pen Foolery Month: The Plan... a clay covered pen is just another canvas for a mini scene to the miniaturists who kick clay around.
Sleeping Lady Pen-001: She's just getting started. Born in Demo 4-02-03.
This is a flower that we're working on in Demo 04-03-03. 

Deciding on the flower. Demo Log #1 for Syl's Pink and White flower.

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002: After a day of fussing with her, 04-04-03

04-04-03 Demo Log #2: Where I figured it out with the help of Luna/Jean. Also for those who are new to Demo a step by step of helping Loomy/Lisa get into chat and make it her favorite room. If you don't know how and use PC read this log and you'll know how to get in just like Lisa. 

After many efforts I came up with this flower cane. Pictures of the journey towards this Pink and White flower petal cane. 

Easter Emu: 002- The Shell is covered, Digi Pix with links to tutes

Demo 04-07-03: Easter Emu Mini Scene. 

Easter Emu the Inside Plan Demo Log

Easter Emu: 003 - Gold Feather Lining for the inside of the shell. To cut a sheet so it fits into a curve. If you Sew, you Know.  


004- Emu Egg: 8-12-01 My first experience in covering and cutting an Emu Egg. I got THE FEAR and it's taken me until 04-07-03 to tackle it again.

005- Mother and Child, just before curing. 

006-04-08-03: Demo Log regarding the sculpting of the baby face. 


007-Thumbnails For the Easter Emu Effort: Adding TLS to Faces, covering awful hands, filling the other side of the egg.

MicroCam and how can we do Demo in this scale?

This is a rebuilt section from 2001. Starting the reconstruction 04-11-03 with the Microcam. 

2003 New and Improved Micro Body Technique: 001-thms: A new twist on the micro mini body. What was seen in Demo 4/14/03. 

2003 New and Improved Micro Body Technique: 002-thms: The Micro Mini Bodies get squatter's rights on the other side of the Easter Emu Egg. 

Second Pass on four faces: Body pose and expression make a story.

Lil'Man is a disreputable character, a scallywag and a scoundrel. So why do I love him so much? Mainly because he was my first micro mini effort. Back in 2001, the Pendon Museum asked if I could sculpt this small and I said truthfully... I don't know yet. Then Came Lil'Man. He has a story to tell.

Lil'Man Rebuilt -1

Lil'Man Rebuilt -2
The Finished Nursing Mommy 

006-Thms : The Finished Nursing Mommy and Baby with TLS hair and make up. 

04-17-03 Digi Pix of what was made in Demo. She's still rough draft. 

Demo Log of 04-17-03 For the Leaf Lady Tin. Thank you Peggy for sending me a copy of the log since I got booted out before saving. 

Digi pix of quick breakfast for LindaB in Demo. 

Log for 04-17-03 Demo on making a mini breakfast

4/20/03: A ramble for new clayers: Do Not Compare Your Work With Anyone Elses

Index of some of the sections that deal with eyeballs. 

All Sizes: The same technique made these figures of all sizes. Aluminum foil twisted into an armature and covered with clay. Clay sheets for clothing. No matter what the scale this Easy Breezy Technique works for figures. 

04-21-03 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3

Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003

No reckless eyeballing for us. The Easy Breezy method of making eyeballs is examined here. 

Take a look see and find out how it was done so fast. 

RitaMaid 04-28-03 Lovely Rita the MerMaid, better known as RitaMaid. Inspired by the Hollywood Divas like Rita Hayworth this MerMaid strikes a pose.