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flowers/orchids/05-12-log2: This might have some repetition with log1  because I was kicked out of Yahoo and SharonV saved this log. 
auntyalias: JudithK in Miami, Is In Da House!!
auntyalias: hey honey
kmrhodes: Hi Judith
nightowl1525: HI Judith
auntyalias: we're doing orchids, can someone give her the links we're working with and I'll continue to make this pouch
nightowl1525: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/01-14-03-Orchids-004
jakmiami: thanks
nightowl1525: welcome
auntyalias: now that cane slice was bent like a bowl shape and then turned into the pouch
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias: Karen can you copy your log and email it to me please
shargoose: There you are, lost ya for a minute
auntyalias: Yahoo Crashed before I was able to save the log
kmrhodes: can't copy on the mac
shargoose: If you tell me how I could try
auntyalias: ok, let's see who's here... Roll Call, Name and Location Please
shargoose: Sharon V, in New Hampshire
kmrhodes: Karen, Gettysburg, PA
auntyalias: I think we see more folks here in the chat than are really with us
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
tedi382001: Amy Canada
auntyalias: Sharon, if you click on the chat log, right click to "select all" then right click to copy, you can paste it inside of an email and send it to me
shargoose: Trying
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: wow, big group
auntyalias: Yo Denise, doing orchids with pouches now
dahs512: cool
shargoose: Where do I find the chat log?
auntyalias: where you read what I type
auntyalias: what scrolls up
auntyalias: just click on that part of the screen, then right click and pick select all
auntyalias: then right click after it is all highlighted and copy
auntyalias: then paste in an email
shargoose: k
dahs512: Sharon, thanks for the help with smoothing
nightowl1525 left the room
dahs512: the antibacterial goo helps a lot, nice and slippery
auntyalias: so Lady Slippers are fairly easy to make
auntyalias: make a pouch, hide two petals behind it, add three petals above it and you're done
shargoose: What's your e-mail nj
shargoose: I got it ready
auntyalias: thank you Sharon
auntyalias: let's do this Lady slipper with another flower cane
shargoose: Did it!!! Yea
auntyalias: \(*o*)/
auntyalias: YEAH
auntyalias: thanks honey
shargoose: Boy you guys are pushing this newbie
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
dahs512: lol, keep you on your toes
shargoose: Now I just need to learn how to save the web cam stuff
shargoose: Cause my clay is wayyyy in the other room
dahs512: print screen button, then paste as new image in grafics program like paint shop pro
auntyalias: There's instructions on how to do screen shots, Sharon
dahs512: Then save as a jpg, crop it like you want, if you want, then save again
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/ScreenShots
auntyalias: Mitch put this information together
auntyalias: our busy birthday girl
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Flowers/04-03/PinkWhite-002
auntyalias: here's the page for the petals I'm using to make the second Lady Slipper
shargoose: Thanks!!
kmrhodes: NICE NJ
shargoose: Very pretty
shargoose: That wasn't hard. Just have to kick myself into "cane mode"
dahs512: Can you get a good close up NJ and I'll get a shot
auntyalias: how's that?
auntyalias: without them being on a stem they look tired, like they had a long night out on the town or something
dahs512: got it, any closer will it focus, says yoda
auntyalias: now's that?
dahs512: good, got it
auntyalias: thanks
auntyalias: Now for other flower petals you can call into the Lady Slipper, or pouched orchid technique might be able to be found on the flower page, let me get the link
dahs512: so it is three background petals, a lip and a vase?
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/OnSiteFlowers.htm
auntyalias: Denise, the two lower petals are fused behind the pouch
auntyalias: the pouch is the lip of the orchid, then there's three petals above
auntyalias: see, the two lower petals are hidden behind the pouch
auntyalias: so three are seen from the front
dahs512: i see
wi1dangl: Lynn, Atlanta GA
auntyalias: and then the lip is larger and made into a pouch shape
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: Ok, now what else shall we do with 3D flowers now that we're on them
dahs512: sure
auntyalias: I'm going to go out and come back in the chat, my ad is goofing me up
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
tedi382001 left the room
auntyalias: Sorry about that
auntyalias: Yahoo is being mean to me today
auntyalias: so any flower requests since we're on the topic of flowers?
dahs512: I'm thinking
kmrhodes: lets do animals
auntyalias: For those who are new, if I crash with Yahoo, close my cam window and open it up again
dahs512: What grows on the beach?
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias: jeese louise, it's really bad today
jakmiami: sand fleas
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: beer cans
dahs512: have you ever done bluebonnets?
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: let's find a link for bluebonnets
dahs512: sorry it's a political page, but a good pic
kmrhodes: Politics Denise! Shame on you!!
dahs512: just a quick search
auntyalias: all the pictures are too small ... contiue the search and I'll check my books
dahs512: ok
dahs512: that is close
dahs512 left the room
shargoose: Sorry guys. Feeding time at zoo again
shargoose: I'll check back later!
dahs512 joined the room
dahs512: I must have closed the wrong window
bonsaikathy: I've done that before Denise lol
bonsaikathy: bye Sharon if you're still here
kmrhodes: feeding time and potty time for puppy
kmrhodes: be back later
auntyalias: getting a good close up shot of a blue bonnet is beginning to be a quest
auntyalias: But it's a Lupin, which grows on stalks, in fields, not an indoor plant
auntyalias: and the stalk has one to many flowers depending
auntyalias: Lupins ... who knows that Monty Python riff
dahs512: not me
dahs512: they are little hollow petals
auntyalias: Oh it was a spoof on Robin Hood, instead of giving the poor money, he would give them Lupins
wi1dangl left the room
auntyalias: until they were sick to death of Lupins
auntyalias: Some blue bonnets are more like trumpets, a bunch of trumpets all grouped together
dahs512: they aren't the ones that grow here
auntyalias: how about these from Texas?
dahs512: these are like sweet peas
dahs512: that's them. Did you see the link i sent?
auntyalias: until I get a good close up shot of a flower I can't replicate it
auntyalias: Yes I captured that picture and saved it honey, thanks
dahs512: we can do something else
auntyalias: we can begin a collection of blue bonnet pictures and aim to replicate blue bonnets in the future
dahs512: bird of paradise
auntyalias: I think I have pictures of that already
dahs512: am i tough today?
dahs512: pick one you've been wanting to do
dahs512: I'm still thinking though
bonsaikathy: try that pic NJ
auntyalias: close but no cigar, bird of paradise is just leaf shaped petals that are folded in half
dahs512: we have a yellow texas bird of paradise that looks nothing like that
dahs512: but yours was what i meant
dahs512: I found the texas one...
dahs512: just for curiositys sake
dahs512: it is called the Mexican bird of paradise
dahs512: we should have had that one during Mexican month
auntyalias: Ok the trick to these flowers in general
dahs512: I just threw a flower together, check it out...that is what i get for coming in late
auntyalias: are they are leaf shapes folded in half
auntyalias: you got your cam on?
auntyalias: ah now you do
auntyalias: Hey Hey Hey
auntyalias: there ya go
jakmiami: pretty nifty denise
auntyalias: I need to do a blend for a bird of paradise
auntyalias: let's do yellow going to red so it'll have orange in the middle
auntyalias: and then we'll make a leaf shape with that boend
auntyalias: blend
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: then we'll cut off slices and build a bird of paradise
auntyalias: ok?
dahs512: woks for me
jakmiami: ok with me
auntyalias: So how about a 10 minute break so I can clear off the work table and start the FIRE BLEND
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: that's what I'm going to call it, for it is definately in the Fire Family there
jakmiami: ok
dahs512: how do i doctor up zinc yellow to be real yellow?
auntyalias: hmmm, how do you change zinc yellow to be cadmium yellow?
auntyalias: add a touch of red, like a booger's worth
dahs512: ok
auntyalias: for cadmium yellow is warmer in tone
dahs512: the only red i have is alizarin
dahs512: is that ok?
auntyalias: use what you got
auntyalias: it really doesn't matter for these flower petals come in all sorts of wild colors
dahs512: it will be everywhere
dahs512: what's the TLS for?
auntyalias: my red was crumbly
auntyalias: old and a bit dried out
auntyalias: I add TLS to the food processor so it'll be more elastic
auntyalias: Ok, I have my two colors pressed and I've got to get a bite to eat
auntyalias: or I'm going to fall over
auntyalias: For those who are claying along... do your blends
auntyalias: I'll be back in a little bit
techi_mom56 joined the room
jakmiami: ok, i'll check in later
jakmiami left the room
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: Happy Birthday Mitch
frogger70301: thnx, just got back in.
frogger70301: so what are we up 2 today?
techi_mom56: happy birthday mitch....huggs...
auntyalias: how's the prep for the shrimping season?
auntyalias: We're fixing to do Bird of Paradise flowers
auntyalias: doing a blend from yellow to red
auntyalias: making a leaf shape
frogger70301: all I got left to do is go get the boiling pot at my moms house.
dahs512: happy birthday Mitch
auntyalias: and then folding the leaf shape in half for the petals
frogger70301: thnx.
auntyalias: I'm getting something to eat
auntyalias: since I'm falling over with hunger
auntyalias: so that's why nothing is going on with my cam. Denise is claying along
auntyalias: so her cam has action, I'm reheating old pizza
auntyalias: breaking my diet big time
dahs512: I'm eating a salad
frogger70301: since we're on a break of sorts, can I show you some thing really quick?
dahs512: please
auntyalias: sure honey, open your cam
dahs512: tiger
frogger70301: got my necklace finished, but sis-in-law left b4 I could give it to her.
dahs512: looks rich
frogger70301: the beads are tiger, but the sheet is my leopard cane.
auntyalias: She left out, didn't she know you had something for her?
frogger70301: no, didn't get to talk with her again.
auntyalias: it looks great honey
techi_mom56: really pretty mitch...
frogger70301: How can I get the spots on my leopard bigger? I reduced it too much.
frogger70301: thnx.
auntyalias: I'm sorry you aren't going to be able to see her expression when she sees it for the first time
auntyalias: When I reduce something too much and have need for the same design larger
frogger70301: I didn't even get to get her adfdress to send it to her.
auntyalias: I slice off a large bit of cane
dahs512: it's pretty anyway
auntyalias: and then press it with my fingers
auntyalias: stretching the design out to be bigger
auntyalias: like the cane slices get stretched out when we press them on sheets, ya see?
auntyalias: Also
auntyalias: slice off some of that pressed sheet
frogger70301: yeah. I took thin slices and pressed to the sheet.
auntyalias: and back it with another sheet of solid color
auntyalias: run it through the pasta machine again
auntyalias: and it will stretch out the spots
frogger70301: ok, I was gonna try that but I thought it might distort too much.
auntyalias: you got nothing to loose in trying
frogger70301: gonna give that a try tomorrow.
auntyalias: also, there's cane slices pressed to sheets that I've backed with more clay
auntyalias: then sliced off a bit and backed it again
dahs512: change directions each time you runit through
auntyalias: and pressed and backed until the design got real big
auntyalias: ya, change the direction of the press
auntyalias: those tiny leopard spots are good for beads and such all, but for something that is going to be seen from a distance
auntyalias: you got to reduce it less I'm figuring
frogger70301: Well, I figured if I couldn't get it, I got the mixes wrote down, so it's do able again.
auntyalias: always leave crumbs behind you for a trail back to the mix
auntyalias: either write it down or do a color card
frogger70301: I'm gonna branch off of your Rumble in the Jungle tin on the box Denise sent me.
dahs512: cool
auntyalias: Cool, a big flower on a tin?
auntyalias: the ad is goofing up on me again. I'm going out of chat and coming back in, brb
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
frogger70301: Well, maybe not a flower. I's thinking doing maybe a tiger paw or something, then leaves scattered, but I got the idea when I's looking at that tin.
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: that Jim Carrie ad just messes me up
frogger70301: me too. I just leave it and scroll up and down.
frogger70301: Can't wait till they get a new one.
auntyalias: I didn't say Hi to Nancy
auntyalias: hey honey
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: oooh Mitch
auntyalias: just lost your cam, but that was wonderous
dahs512: yippee yiiii yahooooo
auntyalias: Lost your cam too Denise
frogger70301: oh, you were still watching, I thought you were getting back to work so I turned it off.
dahs512: i feel like i'm in a yahoo rodeao ridin' the bull
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: i wanna see mitch
auntyalias left the room
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auntyalias: Yiiii Hah
auntyalias: Ride em cowgirls
dahs512: is it an egg?
jakmiami joined the room
dahs512: a bead?
frogger70301: Birthday girl is lucky so far!
frogger70301: egg.
dahs512: i can't tell the size
dahs512: pretty color and texture
auntyalias: that's amazing Mitch
auntyalias: a real work of art there
frogger70301: thnx. That's one of the ones I made for the swap.
dahs512: ioh my very pretty
frogger70301: I'm supposed to be working on the stand right now.
auntyalias: upside down pizza protector works
auntyalias: cover it with clay
shargoose: I'm back, kina
auntyalias: and turn it upside down
auntyalias: and it'll hold an egg
techi_mom56: hi NJ...was just outside taking pictures of the awesome spring flowers
dahs512: Sharon, we all need some velcro, huh
frogger70301: I'm gonna try a ring of clay, then drape some leaves around it.
auntyalias: oh do post the flower pictures
auntyalias: or put them on a page and send a link
auntyalias: I'd love to see them
techi_mom56: yes i will...they are on 35mm but will finish the roll up later...want some pictures of the wild blue iris
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in a little bit folks, going in to sit and relax a while
auntyalias: Kathy
shargoose: Well, it's feeding time at 5PM for 12 critters, and make meal for hubby and....
auntyalias: before you go could you post to the list that you're Tornado Relief Coordinator?
auntyalias: ok, see you later then Sharon, we'll be here all day
bonsaikathy: sure
bonsaikathy: be glad to
shargoose: Denise, glad the smoothing tips helped.
shargoose: Catching up on the log here
dahs512: lol
shargoose: I'm not going, I'm just coming back
dahs512: it works great
auntyalias: Sharon can you send me the log again
auntyalias: I got kicked out again
auntyalias: and didn't get to save
shargoose: I think the waterless handcleaner has some alcohol in it, but not sure
auntyalias: and I think you have everything
shargoose: Yup
dahs512: my add keep going wonky, but Ihave a good harness on this donkey
dahs512: what cha doin' NJ?
dahs512: fold ing the blend?
auntyalias: Ya and then I think I'll cut this fan fold in half
techi_mom56: going to go fix lunch for the big guy....leaving everything going....
dahs512: got, why?
auntyalias: so I can make a leaf shape with the yellow in the middle
auntyalias: Ok Nancy
dahs512: ok
dahs512: boy did i miss that
dahs512: do it again please
shargoose: Still really pretty Denise
frogger70301: sorry about that. Brother just called.
dahs512: closer
dahs512: I'm getting the idea
auntyalias: that's a bird of paradise after a hard night out on the town
dahs512: lol
dahs512: as in smashed
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: but you get the idea, yes?
auntyalias: the red part could be smaller the yellow bigger
auntyalias: but there's so many different types of these sort of flowers
dahs512: yes, i lost the pics we had do you still have that link to paste
auntyalias: we can take liberty with them
auntyalias: I'll get you some links, ya hold up
jakmiami: time to give me eyes a break...see you later maybe
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Tins/Jungle/Shneoa
jakmiami left the room
auntyalias: we still need to work on the concept, but I think we're close
dahs512: so you made a leaf cane with yellow to red blends
auntyalias: ya but I think I could do better frankly
auntyalias: but the basic concept is there
bonsaikathy: NJ I just sent a copy of the post for the group to you, could you please proof read and let me know if it's ok when you get a minute before I send it
dahs512: then make those into a close spoon shape
auntyalias: ok Kathy, brb
bonsaikathy: thanks
auntyalias: waiting for it to show up
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: gosh yahoo is being wierd today
dahs512: isn't it though
auntyalias: here's it with the curved part of the petal going in the other direction
auntyalias: I'll have to find pictures to get it right
auntyalias: Kathy, it looks good to me, ask the list for suggestions for how to organize if they have some ideas, so it's a group effort
auntyalias: but the letter looks fine
bonsaikathy: thanks honey I'll do it
bonsaikathy: hugs
auntyalias: great, thanks for taking on this task
auntyalias: polishing your halo in heaven
bonsaikathy: no problem
auntyalias: my darling girl
bonsaikathy: just my way to give back a tiny amount for all I've gotten from this list in the way of love and support for the past year
auntyalias: well bless your heart anyway. I hope folks will donate and help. If the list can be there for hard times then we're doing a good thing.
bonsaikathy: Changes added and post sent, thanks honey, I appreciate it
auntyalias: Hey Kathy, your brother is online
auntyalias: just knocked on the Friend's door
bonsaikathy: I just saw him come up too
frogger70301: NJ, not to change the subject, but do you remember when you were talking about the fine point bottles to do the faux lampworking?
bonsaikathy: we had the nicest time yesterday for mothers day, my mom, 4 of my brothers some nieces and nephews all got on and did chat at the same time to suprise my Mom
auntyalias: Mitch, yes, I remember, what's up?
frogger70301: Kath, that must have been a blast.
auntyalias: That sounds great Kathy, couldn't do that with my mom, her English typing ain't that strong
bonsaikathy: wonderful
auntyalias: cly me a libber (for Cry Me A River)
bonsaikathy: I have some of those bottles filled with differant glues, they are great
auntyalias: it just wouldn't work
auntyalias: Oh share those bottles with Karen at ClayAlley, let her know where you got them then
bonsaikathy: oh man I've had them for years, if I can find them I'll let her know
bonsaikathy: I have no idea where I got them
bonsaikathy: I have several sizes
bonsaikathy: that cly me a libber is great NJ
frogger70301: I ran across these at Michaels. It has three different sized tips, with little wires to clean them, and two different sized bottles.
auntyalias: Denise your petals are looking great
dahs512: thanks, little pods
bonsaikathy: Oh by the way, my son and his wife split up a while back, that was a good thing not bad, anyway, he's fallen in love with a Japanese girl and today in the mail I got a package from them and she wrote me a letter
dahs512: they will probably blow up in the oven
bonsaikathy: your sentence about your Mom reminded me of her letter, she actually speaks very good English but you can see the Japanese accent in there
bonsaikathy: it was the sweetest letter too
dahs512: that's nice of her to write
auntyalias: You're already used to reading in a Japanese accent with being on this list, yes?
bonsaikathy: yes it was
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: yes
auntyalias: he'll be spoiled rotten if he hooks up with a Japanese National
auntyalias: they are trained to spoil men rotten
auntyalias: American men are never the same after that sort of experience, I'll tell you true
bonsaikathy: she already does, she wanted me to know that she wouldn't hurt him
auntyalias: awww, what a sweetie
auntyalias: also American Men are the BEST thing for a Japanese woman
auntyalias: they open doors
auntyalias: light smokes
auntyalias: pull out chairs at the table
bonsaikathy: I've heard that from a bonsai friend that's married to a Japanese lady, he said they are the best match for american men
auntyalias: all those little things, buy roses, be romantic, hold hands
auntyalias: all those things that Japanese men don't do because they are spoiled
bonsaikathy: very true
auntyalias: American men are more romantic and demonstrate their affection openly
auntyalias: and don't feel diminished because of it
bonsaikathy: you should see the way he wants to ask her to marry him, she
auntyalias: ah Denise working on the green part are you?
bonsaikathy: sorry, she's an avid scuba diver and wants him to get certified, he's planning on getting her friends to write will you marry me with sea shells on a dive
auntyalias: that's so romantic
bonsaikathy: he is that
auntyalias: got to get an underwater camera for that one
dahs512: seeing if i have anything that will work already made
bonsaikathy: Denise those colors are beautiful
auntyalias: you might have grandchildren that look like ME
auntyalias: wow
bonsaikathy: that's true
auntyalias: what a trip
auntyalias: more Rice Crackers
auntyalias: I'll be danged
frogger70301: is that for thge bathing lady?
bonsaikathy: She's very beautiful
dahs512: thanks Kathy
dahs512: yes
bonsaikathy: I hope he has me some grand daughters, lol
bonsaikathy: I have grandsons no grand daughters
bonsaikathy: I love those Denise
auntyalias: with the bonsai thing
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: having a Japanese daughter in law is logical in some way
bonsaikathy: she loves my bonsai that I sent STeven
dahs512: i still have to do the mask
bonsaikathy: she's a classical pianist, so right off the bat they have much in common, he loves music
bonsaikathy: I'm really very excited about it and Jr. loves her
frogger70301: Hold up a sec! Gary, Jr.?
bonsaikathy: she asked him if he wanted to go on a date, and he put his hands on his hips and Said, Yuko I love you very much but I don't want to go out on a date with you
bonsaikathy: cracked me up
bonsaikathy: no, Steven's son
frogger70301: oh, I got confused.
bonsaikathy: she was asking my grandson if he wanted to go out on a date with her it was cute
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: I lost my head for a second.
bonsaikathy: lol
frogger70301: Only getting like two lines of convers at a time.
auntyalias: Denise is digging through her cane stash, what is she looking for I wonder
frogger70301: Something she can use for the green part of her flower?
frogger70301: Maybe?
dahs512: green
bonsaikathy: she's digging deep too, lol
dahs512: that is why the stash keep growing. I need to make new things
dahs512: what was that flower site NJ
bonsaikathy: isn't that always the way it goes Dear
auntyalias: the bird of paradise sites?
auntyalias: which one?
dahs512: no the site that you were looking for bluebonnets
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: Why don't I put up Sharon's log on a page and then we'll be able to get to all those flower links
auntyalias: the blue bonnet links will be on that log page too
auntyalias: all the flowers we've been looking at, Sharon caught the links, let me put it up on a page and we can refer back to it.
auntyalias: brb