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flowers/orchids/05-12-log3: Bird of Paradise  
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auntyalias: Yiiii Hah
auntyalias: Ride em cowgirls
dahs512: is it an egg?
jakmiami joined the room
dahs512: a bead?
frogger70301: Birthday girl is lucky so far!
frogger70301: egg.
dahs512: i can't tell the size
dahs512: pretty color and texture
auntyalias: that's amazing Mitch
auntyalias: a real work of art there
frogger70301: thnx. That's one of the ones I made for the swap.
dahs512: ioh my very pretty
frogger70301: I'm supposed to be working on the stand right now.
auntyalias: upside down pizza protector works
auntyalias: cover it with clay
shargoose: I'm back, kina
auntyalias: and turn it upside down
auntyalias: and it'll hold an egg
techi_mom56: hi NJ...was just outside taking pictures of the awesome spring flowers
dahs512: Sharon, we all need some velcro, huh
frogger70301: I'm gonna try a ring of clay, then drape some leaves around it.
auntyalias: oh do post the flower pictures
auntyalias: or put them on a page and send a link
auntyalias: I'd love to see them
techi_mom56: yes i will...they are on 35mm but will finish the roll up later...want some pictures of the wild blue iris
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in a little bit folks, going in to sit and relax a while
auntyalias: Kathy
shargoose: Well, it's feeding time at 5PM for 12 critters, and make meal for hubby and....
auntyalias: before you go could you post to the list that you're Tornado Relief Coordinator?
auntyalias: ok, see you later then Sharon, we'll be here all day
bonsaikathy: sure
bonsaikathy: be glad to
shargoose: Denise, glad the smoothing tips helped.
shargoose: Catching up on the log here
dahs512: lol
shargoose: I'm not going, I'm just coming back
dahs512: it works great
auntyalias: Sharon can you send me the log again
auntyalias: I got kicked out again
auntyalias: and didn't get to save
shargoose: I think the waterless handcleaner has some alcohol in it, but not sure
auntyalias: and I think you have everything
shargoose: Yup
dahs512: my add keep going wonky, but Ihave a good harness on this donkey
dahs512: what cha doin' NJ?
dahs512: fold ing the blend?
auntyalias: Ya and then I think I'll cut this fan fold in half
techi_mom56: going to go fix lunch for the big guy....leaving everything going....
dahs512: got, why?
auntyalias: so I can make a leaf shape with the yellow in the middle
auntyalias: Ok Nancy
dahs512: ok
dahs512: boy did i miss that
dahs512: do it again please
shargoose: Still really pretty Denise
frogger70301: sorry about that. Brother just called.
dahs512: closer
dahs512: I'm getting the idea
auntyalias: that's a bird of paradise after a hard night out on the town
dahs512: lol
dahs512: as in smashed
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: but you get the idea, yes?
auntyalias: the red part could be smaller the yellow bigger
auntyalias: but there's so many different types of these sort of flowers
dahs512: yes, i lost the pics we had do you still have that link to paste
auntyalias: we can take liberty with them
auntyalias: I'll get you some links, ya hold up
jakmiami: time to give me eyes a break...see you later maybe
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Tins/Jungle/Shneoa.htm
jakmiami left the room
auntyalias: we still need to work on the concept, but I think we're close
dahs512: so you made a leaf cane with yellow to red blends
auntyalias: ya but I think I could do better frankly
auntyalias: but the basic concept is there
bonsaikathy: NJ I just sent a copy of the post for the group to you, could you please proof read and let me know if it's ok when you get a minute before I send it
dahs512: then make those into a close spoon shape
auntyalias: ok Kathy, brb
bonsaikathy: thanks
auntyalias: waiting for it to show up
bonsaikathy: ok
bonsaikathy: gosh yahoo is being wierd today
dahs512: isn't it though
auntyalias: here's it with the curved part of the petal going in the other direction
auntyalias: I'll have to find pictures to get it right
auntyalias: Kathy, it looks good to me, ask the list for suggestions for how to organize if they have some ideas, so it's a group effort
auntyalias: but the letter looks fine
bonsaikathy: thanks honey I'll do it
bonsaikathy: hugs
auntyalias: great, thanks for taking on this task
auntyalias: polishing your halo in heaven
bonsaikathy: no problem
auntyalias: my darling girl
bonsaikathy: just my way to give back a tiny amount for all I've gotten from this list in the way of love and support for the past year
auntyalias: well bless your heart anyway. I hope folks will donate and help. If the list can be there for hard times then we're doing a good thing.
bonsaikathy: Changes added and post sent, thanks honey, I appreciate it
auntyalias: Hey Kathy, your brother is online
auntyalias: just knocked on the Friend's door
bonsaikathy: I just saw him come up too
frogger70301: NJ, not to change the subject, but do you remember when you were talking about the fine point bottles to do the faux lampworking?
bonsaikathy: we had the nicest time yesterday for mothers day, my mom, 4 of my brothers some nieces and nephews all got on and did chat at the same time to suprise my Mom
auntyalias: Mitch, yes, I remember, what's up?
frogger70301: Kath, that must have been a blast.
auntyalias: That sounds great Kathy, couldn't do that with my mom, her English typing ain't that strong
bonsaikathy: wonderful
auntyalias: cly me a libber (for Cry Me A River)
bonsaikathy: I have some of those bottles filled with differant glues, they are great
auntyalias: it just wouldn't work
auntyalias: Oh share those bottles with Karen at ClayAlley, let her know where you got them then
bonsaikathy: oh man I've had them for years, if I can find them I'll let her know
bonsaikathy: I have no idea where I got them
bonsaikathy: I have several sizes
bonsaikathy: that cly me a libber is great NJ
frogger70301: I ran across these at Michaels. It has three different sized tips, with little wires to clean them, and two different sized bottles.
auntyalias: Denise your petals are looking great
dahs512: thanks, little pods
bonsaikathy: Oh by the way, my son and his wife split up a while back, that was a good thing not bad, anyway, he's fallen in love with a Japanese girl and today in the mail I got a package from them and she wrote me a letter
dahs512: they will probably blow up in the oven
bonsaikathy: your sentence about your Mom reminded me of her letter, she actually speaks very good English but you can see the Japanese accent in there
bonsaikathy: it was the sweetest letter too
dahs512: that's nice of her to write
auntyalias: You're already used to reading in a Japanese accent with being on this list, yes?
auntyalias: LOL
bonsaikathy: yes it was
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: yes
auntyalias: he'll be spoiled rotten if he hooks up with a Japanese National
auntyalias: they are trained to spoil men rotten
auntyalias: American men are never the same after that sort of experience, I'll tell you true
bonsaikathy: she already does, she wanted me to know that she wouldn't hurt him
auntyalias: awww, what a sweetie
auntyalias: also American Men are the BEST thing for a Japanese woman
auntyalias: they open doors
auntyalias: light smokes
auntyalias: pull out chairs at the table
bonsaikathy: I've heard that from a bonsai friend that's married to a Japanese lady, he said they are the best match for american men
auntyalias: all those little things, buy roses, be romantic, hold hands
auntyalias: all those things that Japanese men don't do because they are spoiled
bonsaikathy: very true
auntyalias: American men are more romantic and demonstrate their affection openly
auntyalias: and don't feel diminished because of it
bonsaikathy: you should see the way he wants to ask her to marry him, she
auntyalias: ah Denise working on the green part are you?
bonsaikathy: sorry, she's an avid scuba diver and wants him to get certified, he's planning on getting her friends to write will you marry me with sea shells on a dive
auntyalias: that's so romantic
bonsaikathy: he is that
auntyalias: got to get an underwater camera for that one
dahs512: seeing if i have anything that will work already made
bonsaikathy: Denise those colors are beautiful
auntyalias: you might have grandchildren that look like ME
auntyalias: wow
bonsaikathy: that's true
auntyalias: what a trip
auntyalias: more Rice Crackers
auntyalias: I'll be danged
frogger70301: is that for thge bathing lady?
bonsaikathy: She's very beautiful
dahs512: thanks Kathy
dahs512: yes
bonsaikathy: I hope he has me some grand daughters, lol
bonsaikathy: I have grandsons no grand daughters
bonsaikathy: I love those Denise
auntyalias: someone who likes to do Bonsai, you're in the Japanese community already
auntyalias: with the bonsai thing
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: having a Japanese daughter in law is logical in some way
bonsaikathy: she loves my bonsai that I sent STeven
dahs512: i still have to do the mask
bonsaikathy: she's a classical pianist, so right off the bat they have much in common, he loves music
bonsaikathy: I'm really very excited about it and Jr. loves her
frogger70301: Hold up a sec! Gary, Jr.?
bonsaikathy: she asked him if he wanted to go on a date, and he put his hands on his hips and Said, Yuko I love you very much but I don't want to go out on a date with you
bonsaikathy: cracked me up
bonsaikathy: no, Steven's son
frogger70301: oh, I got confused.
bonsaikathy: she was asking my grandson if he wanted to go out on a date with her it was cute
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: I lost my head for a second.
bonsaikathy: lol
frogger70301: Only getting like two lines of convers at a time.
auntyalias: Denise is digging through her cane stash, what is she looking for I wonder
frogger70301: Something she can use for the green part of her flower?
frogger70301: Maybe?
dahs512: green
bonsaikathy: she's digging deep too, lol
dahs512: that is why the stash keep growing. I need to make new things
dahs512: what was that flower site NJ
bonsaikathy: isn't that always the way it goes Dear
auntyalias: which one?
auntyalias: the bird of paradise sites?
auntyalias: Why don't I put up Sharon's log on a page and then we'll be able to get to all those flower links
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: no the site that you were looking for bluebonnets
auntyalias: the blue bonnet links will be on that log page too
auntyalias: all the flowers we've been looking at, Sharon caught the links, let me put it up on a page and we can refer back to it.
auntyalias: brb
frogger70301: gotta go, company's coming.
frogger70301 left the room
dahs512: that's a good pic Kathy
shargoose: Bye Mitch
dahs512: i'm looking for more bird of paradise though
dahs512: that should work
auntyalias: My friend Paulo in Brazil is online and I'm reeling him into chat if I can
auntyalias: brb
bonsaikathy: oh cool
dahs512: that site didn't have it
bonsaikathy: Google Link for bird of paradise
bonsaikathy: that last one has a whole page of pics Denise
bonsaikathy: you should be able to find a good pic on that one
dahs512: thanks
dahs512: we are cookin' now, heh Kathy
bonsaikathy: I did a google search and then click on images at the top of the page and it will bring up a whole page of pics
bonsaikathy: sometimes what you want and sometimes not
dahs512: me too
bonsaikathy: those are some gorgeous birds aren't they
dahs512: great minds.....
bonsaikathy: yup you can even do a bird from that, lol
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: yup
dahs512: lol
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