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Kai Clay Page

Cowboy Kai was heavily documented as he got built. There are other tutorials on this site that deal with covering foil with clay and sculpting faces, so I won't put those pictures up here. This is taking the sculpted doll and giving it hair you can style, clothes you can change, accessories to fill out two different personalities this doll can express: Cowboy Kai and Indian Kai.  

This page has links to the "group" pages. These group pages have 5 thumbnails each. All the thumbnails go to a larger picture. There's text on some of the pictures so checking out the larger picture might help. Each picture has links back to the different group pages listed below. Each enlarged picture is linked one to another. You cannot get lost. If you do I'll have to send out Indian Kai to follow your tracks and bring you back. 

CowBoy Kai group pages:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1) On this page you'll see the photographs used to capture Micheal McManus' smile. The cast and crew of LEXX said it really looked like him. CowboyKai singing I fall to pieces. How the doll looks before being assembled. 

2) This is the page where you see how I planted hair extensions into raw clay to "wig" this doll. This hair can be washed and styled.

3) Here is where we get hair crazy. The Brunnen G hair do is featured and this doll starts to take shape. The whites of the eye is Translucent Liquid Sculpy with pigment. 

4) What's a cowboy without a horse, or at least a hobby horse? What's a horse without a tail? Nude Cowboy Kai on his hobby horse is the finished item, but not his only sartorial statement. 

5) See the traveling "bunkhouse" and after a wee lie down Cowboy Kai becomes Indian Kai. In his hand is the "old hair" from Kai3,  after Kai 3 got hair extension implant in his raw clay scalp. But that's a whole other doll. 

02-26-09: I found some pictures of the remaking of the whip, and the making of the wrist brace for Cowboy Kai. I'll be adding them soon.