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December 2002 Highlights

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Prince of Fire: This is my Nigel Bennett effort for the Face-Off Event.

The face, hands and feet will be carved and filed for detail. Then the face will be painted with Translucent Liquid Sculpey tinted with clay for blush and eye color. Hair will be added last. 


the first curing, large pix below.

Two Tone TLS Elvis Sun Glasses for Prince

Prince of Fire in his Elvis in Las Vegas Hair

What I wanted to stress here with his cape, the gathers about the
neck, the pants that flow and fall, just pressed sheets put on a
doll's body. Sculpt the body...more or less..detailed, get pressed
sheets... pressed at the thinnest setting, taking it down one setting
for each pass, cut out clothing and lay it on the body. This outfit
is mostly squares and rectangles, the cape a modified triangle, only
the crotch, which you can't see, was cut with that J cut that
crotches need, but it can be pieced together.

The trick is to have the doll body all spread out, arms and legs
extended, then cover with clay sheets, THEN pose the doll. The only
reason his left hand is on his knee is because I tore the edge of the
cape and crapped it out more in repairing it, so hide it with the
hand. I didn't know exactly where that hand was going to be until the
corner of the cape got ripped up.