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 Naga man will take you to the Dolls Figures and Faces Main Page if you want to learn more about sculpting original faces and figures. 

2002 ClayMates ready for


  1. Becky/dgrequeen

  2. Dag

  3. Denise in Austin

  4. Dot

  5. Ellen

  6. Eva

  7. JudithK

  8. Karen, of ClayAlley

  9. Kathy of the Bonsai

  10. Kathy/KB

  11. Kay

  12. Lindy

  13. Marty

  14. Merrie

  15. Michelle

  16. Sierran

  17. Syl

  18. Trisia From OZ!

  19. Stephanie/buddhamoon

  20. WilmaJean

What's the Point of A NON SWAP? 

I saw this program on competition and art. It was with a group of middle school aged girls. One group was told that they compete amongst themselves and the winner will get a prize. The other group was told to do their best effort and everyone will get a prize. It was seen in this test that those who thought they were competing against each other for a prize the art was conservative, safe, not inventive. Where as the group that was asked to simply do their best effort and no one goes away without a prize they did innovative and courageous work, they went to lengths that were above and beyond what expected by the testers.

What I got from that is this... encouraging each of you to just do your best effort, providing the tutorials and handholding, all of us knowing we're in this as a team, the reward is our good fellowship and company, then your work will be truer expressions of your personal creative energy.
Go and review the tutorials at OnSite Dolls Figures and Faces. Face Sculpting Rambles, click on the link.
  1. It's time we did some face sculpting.*
  2. Facing the Long Haul of Sculpting *
  3. No Time Limit Learning *
  4. Skin Tones*
  5. Heads on Sticks*
  6. Eva's Foil Skull and Skull Pictures*
  7. Karen of ClayAlley's Wire and Foil Head *
  8. Lindy's Pot Top Head Forming Technique*
  9. Marty's Tin Man Straight From The South*
  10. Karen of ClayAlley's Face Sculpting *
  11. Kathy Weinberg's Face Sculpting*
  12. JudithK's Face Sculpting*
  13. Picking the Face Tute to Suit*
  14. The Eyes Have IT*
  15. Curious Viva la Eva George IS at it again and she asks about eyes and their spacing.*
  16. Clay Eyes, Plastic or Glass*
  17. 10-15-02 updated EyeBalling It with the Elementals*
  18. Eyeball width and how to measure the face with it. *
  19. Trouble with Eyes *
  20. Nostrils or Nose Thrills *
  21. About Noses *
  22. About Noses and Lips *
  23. About Ears *
  24. Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/DemoPix-005.htm check to see how to line up an ear.
  25. NoraJean's Lobster Lady: Once More With Feeling *
  26. 8-30-2002 Live WebCam: Sculpting a Man's Face, The Transcript *
  27. WebCam Sept Clay Techniques 2 Sculpting faces big and small, young and old, male and female. Dressing the Kimono Dolls. Mini Clay Jackets, eyes and ears, and a few stray pinch pots.*
  28. WebCam Sept Clay Techniques-04: Putting this all together. Face Molds, Animal print in face molds, adding elements to faces, leaves, flowers, snakes. Examples of Embellished faces. *
  29. The Elvis Effort - Plans for a WebCam Demo *
  30. Elvis is having a Blue Christmas *
  31. Let's Face IT: Symmetry and Attractiveness *
  32. The Prince Of Fire: As part of the Face-Off * event, sculpting realistic faces, this is my Nigel Bennett effort. A couple of hours of looking at the pictures captured from the TV and using the Easy Breezy Techniques you too can sculpt any face you desire.
  33. 02-19-03a: Log of Face part of sculpting demo *

Index of some of the sections that deal with eyeballs.  *

Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003 *

No reckless eyeballing for us. The Easy Breezy method of making eyeballs is examined here. 

Take a look see and find out how it was done so fast.