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Prince of Fire Face Off Page: the stages of this figure from the start.

Two digi pix of the Shades

06-26-03 DemoLog: Two Tone Shades for Prince Impersonating Elvis.

Epson album of the experiment on these shades. Sharon/shargoose and Mitch took the shots.

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twinmom94002: wb NJ!
auntyalias: Got the new cam installed
kmrhodes: where ya been woman!
auntyalias: boy was that intrusive
ljcswartz: nice to have you back
auntyalias: like a rough date you knew you just had to grit your teeth
and suffer
auntyalias: Karen I can see you
frogger70301: is that th enew cam?
auntyalias: did you see that log from 6/16 and your typing just wasn't
twinmom94002: brb...twins need me
auntyalias: okie dokie, I'm just getting my breath back this new cam
just took me for an install ride
auntyalias: I need to sip my coffee and get over it
kmrhodes: the median furrow?
jude: Calm down, relax. Installs can be traumatic.
techi_mom56: its a great cam but a bear to install
jude: I just spent an hour getting rid of Norton. Geez...
auntyalias: That Median Furrow, boy I didn't see that until I checked
the 157 pix from JudithK
techi_mom56: giggle...i took cat petting break when i was installing
jude: Is that the new cam now?
jude: Must be...great, clear picture!
twinmom94002: she looks great...nice clear pic
jude: You must send the details of it to the list.
jude: Or, to me privately, any way. LOL!
jude: Those glasses are really neat. How about shades? That would be
neat, too.
twinmom94002: he is terrific!
jude: Hat is terrific, too!
jude: Those are great.
ljcswartz: logitech...?? something like that- for the cam
kmrhodes: got it
ljcswartz: quickCam Pro4000
jude: Okie, got it, thanks!
auntyalias: it swivels really easily, changing focus is still a bit
tight to turn but it does get in close
twinmom94002: just like real life...his look completely changes
without the glasses
ljcswartz: it is very clear
jude: Lots of detail now. This is great.
jude: A t-shirt with NJ on it? Hmmm....
twinmom94002: my daughter loves the mermaid
auntyalias: RitaMaid's tummy cracked
ljcswartz: oh noo oo
jude: I bet that hurt.
auntyalias: So we'll hide it with some seaweed
auntyalias: or something
auntyalias: no worries
twinmom94002: emily can't wait to meet you, nj...she wants to show you
the clay dolls she's made
jude: Oh, my! Poor thing!
jude: Give her a pretty girdle!
jude: Hmmm...what I meant was one of those belts they used to wear way
back when.
twinmom94002: a kirtle
auntyalias: Since this is so clear I'd like to show other things
auntyalias: Like the Elvis Cape on Prince of Fire
twinmom94002: does that have any armature or is it just draped?
auntyalias: not only does it drape but it has patterns in the pressed
auntyalias: and it has mica
twinmom94002: it's fantastic...beautiful
auntyalias: no where else can you get this effect, so quick, so easy
and so cheap
auntyalias: Elvis got a pal
twinmom94002: wow...tiny
auntyalias: penny for size reference
auntyalias: her clothing is slathered on with TLS, a touch of tint,
and glitter
auntyalias: it makes for see through nighties for sleeping fairies
auntyalias: should be shades
auntyalias: so let's make some shades for Prince, what sort of shades
did Elvis wear
auntyalias: Big Square ones, ya, two tone
auntyalias: now that's a mini eye wear that's worthy of all y'all
auntyalias: Who's doing screen shots now that we got clear view
auntyalias: this is a better cam
auntyalias: Shall we do roll call?
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301: I don't know how long I can stay. Got some weather
heading in and it don't sound good.
frogger70301: Mitch, south Louisiana.
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA aka Aunt Judy
twinmom94002: Lib, belmont, CA
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
frogger70301: I can take while it don't get too bad.
auntyalias: Ok, I'm using beading wire
kmrhodes: Using 32 gauge brass (?) wire, measure from behind the left
ear to the front of the face
frogger70301: can't see the wire.
kmrhodes: bend wire to go across to the middle of the nose
kmrhodes: adjust the lens against the face for a good fit
auntyalias: now we can lay down some frames before pouring the TLS for
the shades
frogger70301: can it wait a sec?
auntyalias: thin snakes of some sort of color and for this we'll use
black to keep it simple
frogger70301: Gotta put the birdy up, he's making me miss shots.
auntyalias: what ya need Mitch?
auntyalias: got ya
auntyalias: I'll fiddle with getting it really square
frogger70301: ok, done.
frogger70301: he just discovered what fun it is to play with my
kmrhodes: when the glue dries, it dries clear
twinmom94002: UTEE would work, too, wouldn't it?
auntyalias: sure a number of things would work, even 3 day old Future
left out to the air
auntyalias: I'm going to get some black and see if I can't make frames
before the shades
jude: Not the 3 day old Future trick! Wow. LOL!
twinmom94002: hehehe
jude: NJ you have a way of turning a phrase.
twinmom94002: is that clay mixed with tls or diluent?
frogger70301: she's covering the frames with black clay/TLS mixture.
kmrhodes: TLS, I think
shargoose joined the room
twinmom94002: hiya sharon
shargoose: Hi
shargoose: Everyone's playing, huh
kmrhodes: NJ is making shades
auntyalias: I have to cure these and trim them and then put the two
tone lense in
auntyalias: this is where the heat gun that Denise has would come in
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: They will be uneven but you'll take more time to shape
your wire
patab12000 left the room
patab12000 joined the room
frogger70301: hiya, pat.
kmrhodes: Hey pat
twinmom94002: hi pat
auntyalias: I have an idea about using cut out tools for making frames
for mini sunglasses
patab12000: hi
shargoose: That looks like a neat idea for your mermaid, NJ
ljcswartz: neat
techi_mom56 left the room
patab12000: cool
techi_mom56 joined the room
twinmom94002: brb laundry run
ljcswartz: mixing yellow and grey for lenses
auntyalias: aiming for a light brown, but ...
auntyalias: let me go check the timer on the frames
jude: I have got to go, but will be back later.
jude: Bye!
greatauntjudy left the room
shargoose: add ateeney amount of red, NJ to get a brown
shargoose: I mean TINY amount
ljcswartz: I never buy brown clay
auntyalias: burnt umber and raw sienna have their uses
auntyalias: butnt umber for mini food
auntyalias: chocolate ... straight out of the pack it's dark chocolate
auntyalias: raw sienna is good for skin tones
auntyalias: when mixed with other stuff
auntyalias: we have about 10 more minutes before I can put the tile in
the freezer
ljcswartz: I did buy one pack of one of those?
auntyalias: so if you got to put the laundry in the dryer
auntyalias: change the baby
auntyalias: go potty
auntyalias: get something to drink
auntyalias: check your mail
auntyalias: go to
ljcswartz: good idea
auntyalias: because I'm eating a salad sandwich
auntyalias: and I'm going to check the list for a tick
auntyalias: 15 minutes, or there abouts
shargoose: I just thought a little red to the mix you have now would
give them a brown tone
auntyalias: sorry Sharon... was chewing, I'm going to fuss with this
color mix for sure
auntyalias: brb
shargoose: I got shots of you forming the glasses rims
frogger70301: I'm gonna load up the shots I got so far.
shargoose: Also, a few of adding the black to the previous frames
shargoose: I'm going to fed the critters
auntyalias: thanks a million, you Shooter Gals
frogger70301: I got 21, but Tyki made me mess up the first couple.
auntyalias: are they in Epson?
auntyalias: I'll go look at the NEW clearer pix
auntyalias: LOL
frogger70301: getting them in there now.
auntyalias: put the url in the log here when you're ready
auntyalias: thanks again honey
auntyalias: I'll save log since we're waiting
auntyalias: for the cure to be done
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: 5 more minutes, just put it in the freezer
auntyalias: for a quick cool
auntyalias: they will be hella uneven, the frames but it would have
taken more time to make them perfect
auntyalias: so I'm going to chance it
frogger70301: thats what I got so far.
auntyalias: going to go see, brb
kmrhodes: Nice work Mitch
auntyalias: looks great, now let's see if we can trim these frames
before getting them up off the tile
auntyalias: some of the wire is showing on the back but I'm not too
concerned, the slickness of the tile will make the frames smooth on
the front and that's more important
kmrhodes: Gotta go, will try to pop in later on
frogger70301: seems to me that it would have been easier to do the
lens part first, then work on the outside.
kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: I can't find my exacto knife, the way sculpting tools
might help here
auntyalias: Ok, I'll pry it up off the tile
auntyalias: little hairy
frogger70301: trimming the little 'hairs'.
boobearns joined the room
frogger70301: hey, Dorothy.
boobearns: Hi
frogger70301: She's working on some shades.
auntyalias: well, it's a first effort with TLS and clay mix to make
auntyalias: maybe tiny snakes would have been better
frogger70301: NJ, I just thought of something.
auntyalias: I'm still going to add the two tone shades in the frames
though but lay down more TLS and clay to sandwich the wires better.
What Mitch?
claydybug joined the room
frogger70301: If you had some of the little bottles with the tips like
you are always talking about, you wouldn't get all those little hairs.
auntyalias: or mini pastry bags
claydybug: Hey all, it's Patty. I've changed my ID
auntyalias: Oh hey Patty, let me update your Yahoo ID on my Friend's
list then
frogger70301: Hiya, Patty.
twinmom94002: hi patty!
auntyalias: Ok, now I'll make effort to get two tone shades in these
hairy frames
claydybug: Have I missed a lot? Hubby got home early from his trip so
I won't be able to stay too long
boobearns left the room
boobearns joined the room
boobearns: Just to let you know, Katie (can't remember her yahoo ID)
is trying to figure out how to get in here. I've sent instructions for
how to join NJ in chat, but if someone else who is online could help
her, that would be nice. I have to go.
boobearns left the room
jill_z_q joined the room
dahs512 joined the room
claydybug: So the black frame was also made of TLS?
jill_z_q: Hi Denise
claydybug: Hi Denise!
twinmom94002: hiya denise!
auntyalias: TLS and clay mix, not black TLS
dahs512: Lemme go help Katie, I'll be right back
jill_z_q: Hi NJ
auntyalias: Hey Denise, the experiment is getting hairy
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
claydybug: Hi Jill
frogger70301: I sent an invite.
twinmom94002: hi jill
auntyalias: Hey Suzy
auntyalias: can you see today?
claydybug: Hi Katie.
auntyalias: Let's do Roll Call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
dahs512: Hi
frogger70301: Mitch, south Louisiana
claydybug: Patty, Slidell, LA
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
Katie: Katie, NY
dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek, Texas
emato (emato2) joined the room
dahs512: Katie, can you see the cam of NJ's
jill_z_q: Denise is Yall country lol
patab12000: Patricia HouTX
jill_z_q: so is Pat
Katie: no
Katie: just has a picture of "I gratuated in" down at the
jill_z_q: I sent her instructions
dahs512: as in Potter
auntyalias: sent an invite
jill_z_q: In Your buddy list right click on NJ scroll down the menu
and select view webcam
Katie: ok, got it now. thanks
dahs512: yea!
jill_z_q: erm auntyalias
jill_z_q: actually
jill_z_q: I can't see webcam if your asking me
dahs512: how teensy, and the cam is good
Katie: yes
auntyalias: There's a penny for reference. Sorry about that Suzy, I'm
using the new cam that the list bought for us
twinmom94002: the cam is excellent...can almost read the date on the
emato: agree - the cam is very good
auntyalias: ain't it though. The TLS peaking made these shades sort of
hairy, but we can sand that down. I added more TLS after the first
curing and we have the pix for that thanks to Mitch
jill_z_q: One of these days, I will be able to see again, though I
believe its my evil router
dahs512: cause she needs to focus...hee heee
twinmom94002: wow...a NEW penny!
auntyalias: Lex's glasses got sanded
auntyalias: and look a little better now
dahs512: they are terrific
auntyalias: Oh yeah, I didn't notice it was a new penny
auntyalias: ok, I got to get these two tone Elvis shades into the oven
and we got to start on standard black shades for Denise and Neo
lommomy joined the room
frogger70301: back.
jill_z_q: Oh NJ that is a nice CAM!
auntyalias: YOW you can see Suzy?
dahs512: Big group here today
claydybug ponders the meaning of life
jill_z_q: no pondering just do!
claydybug: Wow, That cam is great!!! Where can I get one?
jill_z_q: toodles
jill_z_q left the room
dahs512: So, NJ are you happy with the cam
claydybug: Hey,
dahs512: was it hard to set up?
auntyalias: it took over a half an hour and it was really intensive,
added a bunch of stuff that I am not sure what they do just yet
frogger70301: are you gonna do anything else that you want shots of?
claydybug: who put in the ponders the meaning of life? seriously, it
wasn't me.
dahs512: manual focus?
claydybug: are there two claydybugs in here? patty
dahs512: it's a different color too, that pondering type
auntyalias: do we have a Yahoo chat bug?
dahs512: maybe
ljcswartz: there is a way to put in thoughts.... who remembers??
dahs512: i see 11 in here
auntyalias: shall we do another roll call to see Yahoo ID and first
names? and I have 10 on cam
dahs512: but she didn't
ljcswartz: that is the trick anyway
claydybug: does yahoo hiccup and send other members in? Patty
dahs512: sound off one more time
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco, auntyalias
dahs512: Denise
claydybug: Sounding off, Patty
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
Katie: Do all of you have your real name or ID on the member list?
Mine is Katie, which is ok, but my ID is Crzy4Dzny.
patab12000: patricia
emato: emato (Karin)
ljcswartz: so patricia .. you prefer that to Pat?
dahs512: and we have Libbi and Mitch
patab12000: yea, or short cake, but there are too many of those
dahs512: all accounted for
claydybug: that was wierd
ljcswartz: fess up someone knows about the action... emotes ??
dahs512: I used to, but can't remember
shargoose: Mitch, I'm back
dahs512: NJ is "clearly" making eyebals
shargoose: can do screen shots for awhile
Katie: She's doing a great job too.
dahs512: I'm gonna be commenting on the "clarity" all day long
dahs512: this is so much easier on my eyes
claydybug: doh!!! I'm sorry, it was me. I thought I was adding the
emotions on the smiles. so sorry. Still new at this.
dahs512: lol
shargoose: I like the new cam, NJ
dahs512: still pondering?
dahs512: hee hee
ljcswartz: so how do you do that ??
claydybug: not anymore
claydybug: go to view and click on emotions and the emote window will
show up. Is that what you were wondering about?
claydybug: hubby's calling. will there be a file on this?
ljcswartz: how did you get the text to show
dahs512: NJ is putting teensy cones of irises into a hollowed out cone
in the white of the eye
claydybug: I clicked on one of the words and it just showed up.
dahs512: yes a log will be saved
dahs512: He can see!
claydybug: Looks awesome NJ
ljcswartz busts a move
ljcswartz: ok I have it
claydybug: Have to run as much as I hate to
Katie: bye
dahs512: He was cured before the eyejob, right?
twinmom94002: bye
dahs512: later sweetie
shargoose: bye
auntyalias: having a little bit of hassle with the TLS eyelid, I'm
still learning how to do these. Ciao Patty
dahs512: by Patty
twinmom94002 waves at everyone in the room
twinmom94002: oops
dahs512: but he is cured, right?
heartlandimages joined the room
dahs512: Hey Rob
heartlandimages: hiya
Katie: hi
auntyalias: he is already cured except for the whites and pupils of
his eyes
auntyalias: Howdy Rob and Melissa
dahs512: That is what I thought
heartlandimages: hi NJ
heartlandimages: busy demo this afternoon
ljillustrate joined the room
dahs512: Hi Lori!
claydybug left the room
dahs512: but you made it
dahs512: ?
dahs512: can you see NJ's cam?
rkymtnhy2002 joined the room
Katie: For New York, what time does the demo start?
shargoose: at 3 PM
twinmom94002: 3 p.m
Katie: ok thank-you
dahs512: Lori, you can right click on auntyalias and "view webcam"
dahs512: that's ok add her as a friend by her yahoo id which is
frogger70301: gotta go. unexpected company. loves to talk.
frogger70301 left the room
dahs512: by Mitch
shargoose: Bye Mitch
dahs512: did you do that Lori?
dahs512: NJ this cam is sooo much better
heartlandimages: gotta run, have a good day
shargoose: Bye
heartlandimages left the room
auntyalias: The cam is better
auntyalias: so much so I'm just amazed
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: I should check the timer and start on another set of
shades not using the TLS for frames, but tiny snakes
auntyalias: did everyone check the 21 pictures that Mitch put up?
auntyalias: bending the wire and all?
shargoose: checked out some of them
shargoose: look good
dahs512: Hey NJ can you send a cam invite to ljillustrate please
auntyalias: Denise did you see them?
auntyalias: Sure honey
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to ljillustrate (6/26/03
3:04 PM)
ljillustrate: Guys I have landed! Yeah!
emato: Yes, I checked them out too
dahs512: not yet been busy bringing in the new cammers
auntyalias: that's bending the wire and starting to make frames
dahs512: yeah!
auntyalias: ok, you still have time to check out bending the wire for
frames while we're waiting for the last of this curing
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: now all of you who haven't been here before need to save this
room as a favorite chat room
rkymtnhy2002: Hi Everyone! Just going to be quiet here today and watch
and see what is going on.
shargoose: That's OK
shargoose: Watch all ya want!!
dahs512: Who is it, though? I don't recognize the id
Katie: How do you do save it?
auntyalias: Ya who is rkymtnhy...etc?
dahs512: go to file then favorites
rkymtnhy2002: My real name is Shelly. I just joined this list last
week I think! Very very new to clay.
dahs512: then add room
Katie: done...thanks
twinmom94002: welcome shelly
dahs512: Hi Shelly!
Katie: Hi Shelly
rkymtnhy2002: Hey Everyone. This is great
auntyalias: I have 10 folks in the room and 9 on cam
auntyalias: going to check the timer, brb
rkymtnhy2002: I have never seen or used a web cam that is why I think
this is so great. Maybe I will have to get one.
dahs512: also be sure to add auntyalias as a friend
twinmom94002: *sigh* temp here just hit 100
dahs512: can everyone see NJ's cam now?
twinmom94002: yes
rkymtnhy2002: Yes!
dahs512: if you can't just shout out and we will help
ljillustrate: yes
dahs512: great
Katie: yes
dahs512: I am going to check out this before she stars again
auntyalias: Ok the Two tone shades are in the freezer
auntyalias: I think we'll be more pleased with the two tone part than
the frames but remember, this is an experiment in action, I don't know
what'll come out any more than any of you
auntyalias: it's more fair that way, don't ya think?
auntyalias: LOL

dahs512: I was afraid they were going to be mowed over
dahs512: The really wierd thing is that they only eat one plant
auntyalias: close out old cam windows of mine and open them again
shargoose: They will be beautiful
frogger70301: Where did you fin dit?
shargoose: They were in your yard?
dahs512: next door, front yard
frogger70301: oh, wow.
dahs512: Come on NJ you can focus on that little type
shargoose: How did you know they would be butterfoies and not
something icky?
dahs512: Too pretty to be icky
dahs512: little aliens
emato: From Pearl !!
dahs512: lol
dahs512: I new she could
dahs512: did i say what a great cam that is
dahs512: let's see your fingerprint
emato: $3.44 28 g
auntyalias: LOL, it was all due to the efforts of the claymates
techi_mom56: i agree...! i like the other features it has also
auntyalias: I do like his shades
dahs512: lol
dahs512: what features?
auntyalias: they didn't turn out as icky as I thought they would
auntyalias: I think you can make webpages that have video with sound
techi_mom56: motion detection and snap pic
dahs512: lol
auntyalias: so I have to check that out
dahs512: between the bugs and the glasses i think we are srossing
Katie: My screen is black. Is it suppose to be?
auntyalias: close it and open my cam again
emato: Need glasses to see bugs!
dahs512: close it and open it again
dahs512: by right clicking on auntyalias
Katie: ok
auntyalias: I got booted and that's what happens
techi_mom56: a certain neighbor better not be on my property
dahs512: it will become second nature after you come to a few of
ther\se Katie
Katie: OK, working now.
Katie: Yes
Katie: OK, tried to make a smiley face, not a clown face
dahs512: who and why Nancy?
dahs512: Let's see him from the front NJ
techi_mom56: neighbor kid currently out of jail...broken in here 3
times in the last 10 years....
auntyalias: let me undo the over head set up
shargoose: Want my big German Shepherd?
shargoose: He's a great guard dog
shargoose: But really a big schmooze
auntyalias: very Elvis
dahs512: They are big like Elvis used to wear
emato: My mini Dashound is a good guard dog!
emato: Very COOL
auntyalias: for Prince impersonating Elvis, exactly
techi_mom56: got a black lab...(yeah i know...) but he looks real mean
when he doesnt know kid has been warned..."just because
the car is gone doesnt mean someone isnt here"......
emato: LOL
shargoose: I have an 11 lb English Toy Spaniel who's really more
fierce than the Shepherd!!
dahs512: can you show us how you rig the camera for overhead
Katie: Beautiful job on that chin
twinmom94002: those look really good...the frames are better than i
expected them to be
auntyalias: Denise I just wrapped it around my goose neck lamp and
clipped it in place
auntyalias: When these are sanded and trimmed a bit they will look
even better, these are straight out of the second curing
auntyalias: I do love his chin too Katie, thanks
auntyalias: love to sculpt men
dahs512: me too
auntyalias: a way to oogle them and not get the hubs upset
twinmom94002: hehehe
dahs512: yep
Katie: LOL
auntyalias: you can see where there's some fine tuning to do, but this
will do for now, it's still in the experimental phases
patab12000 left the room
shargoose: Looking good