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 Tim Binder, Art Director of Lexx, whoes name should have been written down in this post to the list. 

From:  "Nora Jean Gatine" <>
Date:  Fri Jun 15, 2001  10:29 pm
Subject:  Success at the LEXX Art Exhibit
Got 22 minutes on this machine..

Everyone from the cast and crew who are in town came to the exhibit. Brian Downey who plays Stanley Tweedle got a Stan Pendant. Xenia Seeburg who plays Xev got a Xev Pendant. All the crew got mini sushi and cheeseburger gifties, in bags, with my card stapled on it.

The writers, directors, art directors, story board and make up artists all got to see CowBoy Kai and Kai 3. Word got out about the "private bits" and then the crowd started to show up and they roared with laughter. They said, "Too bad Michael isn't here" the actor who plays Kai. In a way I was glad he wasn't there ...he'll hear it from ALL his co workers.

Xenia and I had a long conversation about metaphysics and
reincarnation, a well read gal she is.

As all the fans mobbed these folks I sat back with my stuff laid out.
I didn't mob the celebrities I waited until all the photo
opportunities were done and let my friends grab these folks and drag them to see the stuff I made in Atlanta.

They were impressed and I kept on telling them "merchandising is where the real money is made, what about the fans who want memorabilia?" Tomorrow night is the "Social" and these same folks will be there and those who didn't come tonight will want to see stuff so CowBoy Kai and Kai3 will be coming with me.

All the work for the last four months paid off. If the Studio doesn't
bite on the idea of action figures then I've made a fan base with the
LEXX Fans and a couple of doll orders were promised. We shall see what comes of it.

A lot of people took my picture with the stars and big shot crew and
when the photos are developed and sent to me I'll be adding them to
the website.

Just wanted to let all y'all know that it turned out really well and
remember, if you dream a thing and work towards it will
manifest. I found that out tonight.

I'm tired and hungry and excited and we got a new lady in our dorm room, a Japanese lady and I was telling her in my not so rusty now Japanese about it. Fun, I've practiced my Japanese more in this last week than I have in years.

So there it is then,

I'm off to find food and drink if I can at this late hour.

I'll post after the Social and let you know if I made any new

Love ya and I spoke highly of the list and my claymates and MiniScenes and Things so everyone got exposure.