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The 2001 Lexx UnConvention, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Here's the back of my head as I came close to the Salter Street Studios.

One of my Lexx Gal Pals caught this picture of me changing out the batteries in my digital camera.

Here I am at the bridge of the LEXX.

There were 91 UnCon 2001 pictures starting with The Granite, Obrian's breakfast, The Breaker's Art Show (Craft Fair), The Studio Tour and the Social. Either I took these pictures, or they were taken of me or sent to me from Lexx Pals.  But I had to retire the album due to space limitations at Epson Photo Storage.  

Here is Lex Giggeroff holding out his hand as the key to the LEXX. He loves goofing around with the fans.

I asked him if I could use the LEXX characters to teach sculpting, with witnesses present. He said he doesn't care and the only person who would sue me is Paul Donovan, "And if you get so famous that you're on Paul's radar then you've made it, you're successful."

So clayers, remember if you're going to use other people's characters for sculpting polymer clay figures, it's not a bad idea to get permission first.

01-03-12 Update: Lex Gigeroff died on Christmas Eve of 2011 at the age of 49. "Those who live twice as hard live half as long." to quote BladeRunner. Rest in Peace, Lex, your kindness to me will never be forgotten.


Lex Gigeroff,  one of the three creators of LEXX and now a Cult Hero. He came and chatted with me at the Art Exhibit (aka craft fair) at The Breakers and decided we should trade hats for a photo op. He went on for 5 minutes hollaring out stuff in a hill billy accent. He looks better in my hat than I do! tnkx doffy for the pix. 

He was the guy who was made into His Divine Shadow and had the top of his head cut off and brain scooped out.

He was the Wacked out Doctor in the Tunnel's Episode, "They start out screaming and then after a while they stop." 

Jinx took this picture of my art being on exhibit at UnCon at The Breakers, a pool hall next door to The Economy Shoe - the bar where the LEXX crew hangs out at. 

Steve, the manager there, is DA MAN for allowing us to set up at 7pm instead of 8pm as was agreed. 

The Lexx Cast and Crew, including wardrobe and make up, CGI and prop people, got miniature Sushi and Cheeseburger and fries as gifts. I would tell them handing them the mini sushi "This is because my Mother is from Japan." then handing them the mini Cheeseburgers and fries, "This is because my Father is from Mississippi." and then I'd pause "We're the Rice Crackers". Which never failed to make them laugh. All other items the Lexx crew received, pendants and such all were given as gifts. Not one thing was sold to them. 


Success at the LEXX Art Exhibit my post to the list 6/15/01


After the Studio Tour and the Social: my post to the list 6/17/01 Or When Xenia Calls You Come Running.

She looks happy with her pick of pendants. It's not the best likeness of her but she pointed out that the Tiger Tails are turned out like Ram's Horns and she's an Aries. Dang! She's absolutely right! Smart Gal. 

The middle picture is of Xenia picking up the hobby horse I made for Doffy's CowBoy Kai.


Here's a picture of me and Xenia after we got to chat for almost an hour. My thanks to my LexxPals who provided perimeter control while she and I were talking.


This is the pendant that Xenia Seeberg picked out of the few that I made in Atlanta, GA before the UnCon. I only had a week to do LEXX production for the Art Exhibit, aka Crafts Faire.

Here I am with Prima with one of the "Moth" flyers.


06-13-03: My thanks to BlackCloud for sending me the next two pictures. I took a picture of these pictures and the color got all weird. She sent me perfect pictures but I don't have a scanner. So bare with me here. 

Minna Aaltonen Who played Vlad in Episodes 4.8, 4.18 and 4.22, couldn't tell me much about her character at the time of this picture "All I can tell you is I play a very BAD woman." I asked her if playing a "bad" character was fun and interesting and she said, "Oh it was great. You can really just let go and go over the top." Isn't she lovely? I should do a Minna doll some time soon. 

This kind fellow was Tim Binder, Art Director of Lexx, when I visited in 2001. He was very kind. Looking at my work he said, "I'm just a hack. What I do every day, story boards and stuff. This is Art. You're just looking for your big break." I could have kissed him right there and then. "Yes," I choked back tears, "I am looking for my big break." 

RoxyRed 's UnCon 2001 photos are still up for viewing. The picture above is one of her's. I figured since I was in the pix it would be ok for me to use it to link to her photos. In the end of the Studio Tour Rush to grab props I heard tell someone got this Chryopod with a mini Kai inside. I just slapped myself on the forehead for I was rushing for the free pizza. Was getting the low blood sugar faints. Drat, so that's the Pod that got away. 

For more pictures of the UnCon check out  JasonX's site and  StarFireOne.

I'm sure that Mothbreeder doesn't mind that I copied the picture of Brian Downey wearing my hat from  Brian Downey's site. Mothbreeder built it.  I got more chins than the Chinese Phone Directory. Great picture of Brian though.

To the right Jinx and Mothbreeder are striking the pose before the Social at the Uncon2001.

I think they are very striking, in a pimping sort of way.

Anyway, Mothbreeder let me know that this picture below was on Brian's site and I was just so pleased I copied it here, linked it everywhere and dug up this picture of my two Lexxy pals.


Brian Downey accepting my gift of a pendent with his likeness sculpted on it.  Much like the one shown here. 

Doffy's Two Links LexxUnCon 2001 and UnCon II. Here is Doffy at the Protein Regenerator. 

This is Doffy's horse, Lady. I had cut off all that tiger stripe my hair had for the UnCon 2001 trip. This was on the Transformational Equinox Salvage Tour of Spring 2002. Made a new set of moccasins for Cowboy Kai, seen in his full glory, along with a new bullwhip and a brace that didn't work out as I thought it would.