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This experience is interesting because I didn't know I could do it!
And now, having finally gotten started, I realize it's easier than I
thought it would be.  Well, no, not "easy" -- let's say  it's a lot
simpler than I thought it would be.   There is a pattern to it ...
start at the bottom front and work your way up and over.  So far there
seem to be just a few skills to master ... getting a fat lip from a
small ball, making pyramids, smoothing joins, etc.   And most of your
research can be done by looking in the mirror.  I don't think you can
get much more simple than that!  (Can you tell I'm an analyst by

I'm really grateful you dreamed up the FaceOff because it is the first
area I've found that I wanted to try enough to actually break into my
stash and get started in earnest!   I remember that sometime back, you
wrote a newbie welcome about periodically taking out the hoard and
fondling it and circling around it and putting it all back in the
closet!  I tell you, I was laughing so hard I almost fall out of the
chair because you had just described exactly what I've been doing
for months now!!  I look at canes and say: Nice, but not for me.  I
followed your Bead Epic and said: Nice, but not for me.  I look at the
miniatures and marvel how anyone can work so small, but definitely:
not me.   But now I know what I want to do and, after all, developing
direction is half the battle.

Didn't mean to write a ramble.  Off to struggle with the eyes -- they
may be the "window to the soul", but they are the devil's own work to
get right!

Judith K in Miami