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 It's Time We Did Some Face Sculpting

Incremental Face Mold realistic Face Sculpting

The Plan 

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Claymates and especially doll and puppet makers:

It's time we did some face sculpting.

First we do one face and show and tell, we share the process so we
can learn.

Then we take that one face, without expression and make molds and do
faces with expression. From one face that's emotionless, we can add
laugh lines, pull up the cheeks, show the teeth and make it happy. We
can pull the outer edges of the eyes down, pull the edges of the
mouth down, furrow the brow and we have a sad face. Each new face
gets a new mold made. Then show and tell. No swapping as such, but
I'd like to gather the sculptors in a group so we can focus on their
needs as well.

So that's my Fair Warning... we're going to be doing sculpting for
dolls and so let's discuss this and see how many claymates are ready
for this stage of their development. We will remember to mind our
subject lines so those not interested in this yet can blip over our
wrestling with a brow line.

Ya, the incremental mold face thing is what I'd like to do.

I am also going to be giving effort towards techniques of sculpting
real people's faces. How to capture a real person's face. Here are my
first efforts in that direction.


Portrait sculpting is a trick, it's technique, like writing sonnets
or anything else that has limits, but it is the limitation of only
one chin will do, only one set of eyes will do, that limitation is
also like the bars on a play pen. Within the play pen we are safe to
explore and discover. The limits placed on miniaturists for scale and
realism actually frees up the miniaturist to be creative because
decisions on size and color are already done.

Portrait sculpting has been given a bad rap. It's not impossible.
There's techniques that can be learned. We're going to discover
together the particular techniques that are unique to polymer clay
and we're going to name them after ourselves. Ya, that's the ticket.
There's a lot we can discover this way and gather the information for
others coming down the clay road behind us.

So who's up for sculpting? I don't care if there's only 3 out of over
600 list members, know that you will have my undivided attention on
this topic. ok? So don't be shy. We just gotta do this. It's going to
be a long term love affair.

Think of the dolls... dolls with faces that look like your relatives
and friends. Think of the puppets... I still want to wander down that
road, I want my dolls to get up and move about like in "Being John

Oh now I got to dig out that vid.