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--- In MSATClayArt@y..., Kay wrote
> OK - now do I understand this right - I can go at my own pace?
> Sooooo - (example) if Eva La Viva finishes her sculpture and I am
> still trying for a nose .... that's ok? (giggle)

Yes. No time limit. No keeping up with anyone but yourself. The only
thing I'll have expectations on is for folks to test out some of
these Easy Breezy techniques. I'll admit it, all y'all will be beta
testers. Now I'm betting that if one had a step by step tour through
the tutorials, had feed back as needed, one can learn this face

There's a limit to what clay will do, there's a limit to what we will
expect it to do. I'm planning on putting up the lesson/rambles on the
Face Off page so if folks get busy they don't have to go digging
through a mountain of digests or spend all their time on the web
looking for the next installment, it'll be where they can find it.

> I'm in because I really want to learn this. Kay

I'm glad you're in and I'll add your name to the Face Off
Challengers, for you are challenging yourself. There's no one else in
this race. The goal is to learn a thing. We've learned other things
before we can rest assured we will learn this too.

> (Just remember I still have to finish my Chimbos and do my pinch
pots!) he he

Oh that's why this isn't a swap. It's a structured and focused tute
tour. Untested until now. Folks got to find their own way, on their
own time with sculpting, we don't want to spoil the experience by
stressing like we're in some race. There's no semester cut off,
there's no pop quiz at the end of the week. It's just you, your clay,
your efforts. I'm there as RahRah girl and hand holder. I'm there to
spot you as you do a new move, help dust you off when you fall down.
The tutes are all there. There's two tutorials on face sculpting.

I'm going to ask each of the Face Off Self Challengers to go through
those tutorials... slowly, take all the time you need. Go through
those tutorials with your blank head on a stick at the ready,
clayshaper at hand, extra clay to build up fleshy bits. And just go
One, Two Three... stop and roll the edge of the cone shapped clay
shaper over the cheek, ok, next step.

You will end up making the face that is hiding on the inside of your
eyelid, that's part of you. All the first faces I sculpted were all
Asian looking.

What will be a nose to you on this first effort will be what you want
it to be. The color of the skin will be what you want it to be...see
the skin blends on my site, I'll add it to the page.


How big the cheekbones, how high they will be will be determined on
who you're aiming for. Ok, think of archery. I give you an arrow, I
give you a bow. I point to the target. You know theoretically how
this archery is supposed to work. Are you going to hit that mark the
first time out? Of course not, that's ridiculous to think so.

Same with clay. We are going to be going over these little faces,
over and over, experimenting with making expressions from the mold of
the expressionless face. Lots of clay arrows are going to be shot at
that target.

We'll get there, in our own time, finding our own way.

All I'm doing is starting a formal tour into the land of face
sculpting. I'm actually quite stunned that so many of my claymates
are so adventurous. All y'all got grit. That's the truth of it.

I will endeavor to be worthy of your trust and teach you what I know,
with love going back at ya.

all warm and fuzzy