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Heads On Sticks 

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No we're not doing battlement mini scenes out of Elizabeth the First, traitor's heads on pikes and all that.
No Duct tape with these heads. They will be cured a couple of times and the tape will not hold up.
Roll up aluminum foil into a ball the size of 1 3/4ths inch or 5cm wide. It'll be smaller than the finished head because we're going to cover this with clay. Compress the ball real tight and then stick a bamboo skewer in it. Compress around the skewer and then cover the head and stick with more foil. Compress that real tight. Then cover with clay, no features.
You should be able to wave these heads on sticks around in the air like a demented Queen and they should stay put. Test it that way.

Also check out the aluminum foil armature. Where the head is being made. Armature-Grp