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Stoner Index One of the topics that will reoccur. 

The animal print swap is going to be a recurring swap like the
Stoners. So this one should close and we have 7 swappers. I'll start
up another animal print swap started after this one is completed in
two weeks. It's one of those swap themes that has so many permutations it can easily be run again soon. There also people who wanted to take part but were busy while this one was happening so it's going to be run again, and again and again, until everyone on the list has given animal prints the effort they'd like.

The more I think about it the more I like repeating certain swap
themes right on the tail of the last one, especially for these
"natural" mixes. The stones, animal print, flowers, leaves, feathers,
scales, abalone, wood grain all these are swap themes that I'm going
to be hosting on a regular basis.

How I want to run these recurring swap themes will be different than
swaps are traditionally run elsewhere, like we would do things like
anyone else did it, that just ain't going to happen.

I'll gather up at least a half a dozen swappers. Like a pick up game
of basketball, wander around, find a handful of clayers, go for it.
We'll work as long as we need, with the sincere intention of jumping
on that clay. When the majority of the swappers are done it'll end. If
folks get done quickly it'll recur sooner. If clayers challenge
themselves with a task that is difficult to noodle out, we'll all work
on the engineering and see if we can solve the problem and that will
take as long as it takes. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon. No
instant noodle claying, we're scientists with patience that borders on
Zen meditation.

That's why these recurring swaps will be VERY flexible with deadlines,
for we are learning something and that isn't governed by a clock or
calendar. Since they repeat on a regular basis, miss one, join the
next. Deadlines are moot. I have 3-4 claymates who are interested in
doing the Stoner Swap again. When I get a couple more I'll set up the
page and beef up the Stoner's information area on the site. We'll
gather discussions there and I have hand written tutorials sent to me
by the First Stoners that will be going up there to help the Stoners
who come afterward.