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Demo Oct0ber 2002  10-05-2002: Chopped Beads


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frogger70301: Eva, that sounds really cute.

buci131: Hiya Carolyn

chenoa_2b: Hi, how is everyone?

buci131: Nope, I've never tried the wax thing--haven't had any wax to use, but I'm getting very near to buying some so I can try it.

Fearless Leader: ok

dahs512: ok

chelyha: Ok

kmrhodes: ok here

dahs512: wazzup

Fearless Leader: Roll Call, Name and Location and What you want to Review

Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, Any Thing You Want

chelyha: Cheryl, Tehachapi CA

dahs512: Denise in Cedar Creek(Austin)

chenoa_2b: Carolyn, Oregon coast, shoes

buci131: Eva, New Orleans, turkey glaze and any mini-type stuff

kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen - Gettysburg, PA - anything

jakmiami: Judith K, home again in Miami Beach...whatever everyone wants

merrie60us: Hi, Merrie here in Boston, you said if I reminded you, you would show me how to make bead shape (sunrise bead chop beads shape)

chelyha: chop as it relates to tomorrows demo

frogger70301: Mitch, waterlogged in LA.

merrie60us: please

merrie60us: don't care about chop know that just want to learn how to make shape

chelyha: Your pots&pans are too cute NJ

chenoa_2b: The pic is blurry.

merrie60us: are those breads

chelyha: a bead, a loaf of bread and something else

chenoa_2b: a shoe!

merrie60us: shoe bread and something else

Fearless Leader: Those are reminders of what you want to review

kmrhodes: 2 shoes

merrie60us: oh a bead

buci131: a shoe

chelyha: a chop and toss bead

kmrhodes: I see a finger

merrie60us: the shoe

Fearless Leader: The bead is going to be cut down to a log

jakmiami: picture's still blurry

Fearless Leader: the tips cut off to show Merrie how to form a bead

buci131: great bread--a lot better than some of the others I saw from the mini-links site you sent us, NJ

Fearless Leader: LeLax

Fearless Leader: I'm getting things out to remind me what you want

dahs512: Any chance on something

Fearless Leader: the bread is glazed with the same thing I think the Turkey needs to look roasted

Fearless Leader: the shoe is to remind me to make shoes

Fearless Leader: the bead... let's start with the bead and get this show on the road

Fearless Leader: who's the shooter?

Fearless Leader: who's saving logs?

buci131: I can take shots

Fearless Leader: thank you honey

Fearless Leader: logs?

merrie60us: I can try and save logs would like to have a back up thought

merrie60us: though

Fearless Leader: me too

merrie60us: in case I get bumped off

buci131: heehee

Fearless Leader: back up log save?

buci131: those backup thoughts are really good to have

Fearless Leader: Virtual Scribes you know what you need to do

chelyha: If I knew how...

Fearless Leader: click on the screen

chenoa_2b: I am not feeling well... I can try though

Fearless Leader: select all

Fearless Leader: copy

Fearless Leader: paste in an email

Fearless Leader: send it to me

Fearless Leader: easy breezy

Fearless Leader: but my hands will be occupied

chenoa_2b: I never sent you that one, because I couldn't figure out the zipping.

Fearless Leader: so we'd do good to have a couple of claymates saving

Fearless Leader: Yahoo being what it is

Fearless Leader: how big was it?

chenoa_2b: a hundred and some pages.

Fearless Leader: that you had to zip and not put it in an email?

Fearless Leader: yikes

Fearless Leader: LOL

chelyha: when I right click in the chat field I get a menu for preferences

chenoa_2b: You wanted me to zip it and send it in one email.

Fearless Leader: then send it in pieces

Fearless Leader: if zipping is elusive

chenoa_2b: ok

Fearless Leader: I'm so easy

Fearless Leader: really

Fearless Leader: when I right click I only get "select all"

chenoa_2b: I would really be happy is someone else could do back up.

Fearless Leader: anyway maybe all y'all can discuss this while I shape this bead for Merrie

Fearless Leader: ok?

buci131: will do

snooks2312: ok

Fearless Leader: unless there are any questions

merrie60us: yes select all

Fearless Leader: before I do

buci131: not from me

merrie60us: no questions

kmrhodes: I'll help back up while I am here

chelyha: go

dahs512: I'm here

buci131: did that work, Cheryl? Right-clicking on a diff spot in the chat window?

dahs512: let me know what you want me to do NJ

Fearless Leader: sing a song, dance a dance

chelyha: no I just get the preferences menu

Fearless Leader: LOL

dahs512: do do do doooo

Fearless Leader: what do you mean? ;=)

chenoa_2b: I am a little texas cowgirllllllllllllllllll.

Fearless Leader: LOL

Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut down this bead here and shape new ends

Fearless Leader: as for pictures, it's not necessary unless your claymates

chelyha: I'll figure it out one of these times. I want to be able to contribute my share of help

Fearless Leader: hollar out

snooks2312: cheryl, are you clicking on a name?

Fearless Leader: take a shot of that please

buci131: hmmm, I'm not sure what's up then Cheryl

merrie60us: okay was this originally a log

Fearless Leader: and then you can shoot a shot

Fearless Leader: that'll work

chelyha: no I'm just clicking inside the chat field

buci131: got it NJ

dahs512: who's shooting?

dahs512: never mind

snooks2312: oh, was just a thought

buci131: she's shaping the ends of the bead

merrie60us: between her index finger and thumb

chenoa_2b: Pinchinig the ends together.

merrie60us: now she is using an intersting tool looks like a turkey pin to make hole

merrie60us: then shaping with clay tool

buci131: actually, I think she's smoothing the seams with the clay tool

chenoa_2b: smoothing out the seams

chelyha: Ooh, i just realized I have enough money to buy some tools from Karen!

merrie60us: what seams

buci131: oh, from the mirror image

chenoa_2b: it is a natasha bead.

chelyha: the seams from when she turned the bead inside out

Fearless Leader: let's do a bead from a chop log

kmrhodes: Yeah!

Fearless Leader: and show the mirror image

merrie60us: I thought it was a chop bead

Fearless Leader: and then shape

Fearless Leader: color?

buci131: blue

chelyha: something spooky

merrie60us: I got the jist of it

chelyha: so we know what to look for in our chop

buci131: spooky is good

merrie60us: yellow now

kmrhodes: pretty dark, NJ

buci131: the lighting is very dim

chelyha: can you tell I"m looking forward to tomorrow night's demo?

buci131: is it for everyone?

merrie60us: yes

buci131: yep, Cheryl

chenoa_2b: dark here, and bl urry

chelyha: looks dark to me

kmrhodes: whats tomorrows demo

buci131: oh, that's better

dahs512: I can't wait til you get your new camera NJ!

merrie60us: she is showing blocks of chop

snooks2312: I may have to go for the late one

buci131: Karen, tomorrow's is spooky sculpture sheets

chelyha: spooky sculpted sheets

snooks2312: going out of town

kmrhodes: cool

buci131: chop block

chelyha: I love Halloween

kmrhodes: hot flash happening!

chelyha: LOL!

snooks2312: my favorite

snooks2312: time of the year

chelyha: I hate those!

buci131: heehee, Karen

kmrhodes: who's got a fire hose?

chelyha: Yeah, I love fall too

merrie60us: hate what

buci131: hot flashes

chelyha: Hot flashes

snooks2312: yuck, hate them too

merrie60us: eat steamed soy beans and you will never have another one

buci131: had some of those when I was preggers

frogger70301: Well, guys. I gotts go. I feel horrible. Talk with yall tomorrow.

buci131: OK, Mitch--get better dear

chelyha: bye mitch

kmrhodes: bye Mitch

chenoa_2b: night mitch.

merrie60us: feel better

kmrhodes: get better

snooks2312: don't like them either

frogger70301: Bye.

snooks2312: night mitch

Fearless Leader: Bye Mitch

Fearless Leader: feel better

merrie60us: picture color getting better

snooks2312: feel better

ladytex49 joined the room

buci131: Lived in CO and I used to keep the balcony door open i n the dead of winter

merrie60us: not clear though

chelyha: I'm on Zoloft and that causes hot flashes too

kmrhodes: alittle blurry though

buci131: froze my hubby out

merrie60us: soy will help that also

buci131: and he's always hot

frogger70301 left the room

chelyha: will it?

buci131: Hiya Loretta

merrie60us: picture getting much better

Fearless Leader: That's about as good as I can get it

ladytex49: Hi...what is goin on???

kmrhodes: Vit E usually helps

Fearless Leader: which block?

Fearless Leader: up down right left?

merrie60us: yes soy is great for hot flashes eat at least half a cup of steamed soy beans daily

chelyha: hmm, have to try that

Fearless Leader: which?

chenoa_2b: The one on my right!

chelyha: top

buci131: NJ is going to show us how to make a bead from a block of chop

chenoa_2b: yeah!

buci131: looks good to me

Fearless Leader: Ok

chelyha: it looks spooky

merrie60us: was brighter a few minutes ago

dahs512: that'll do

Fearless Leader: let's get a block off of this chop

ladytex49: Hey Idid it without screwing up to badly this time...

Fearless Leader: the lighting will go wonky

ladytex49: what is a block of chop???

chelyha: screwing up what?

merrie60us: it's good enough

Fearless Leader: Chop is this

dahs512: am i ornry, or what

Fearless Leader: hold up

chelyha: those things in the picture

ladytex49: yeah but is it just scraps or what???

chelyha: a lot of different kinds of clay all chopped up and pressed together

chenoa_2b: canes of grave disappointment.

dahs512: chop and toss

merrie60us: just odds and ends of canes etc chopped

ladytex49: ok...I understand now...

chelyha: yes you can use scraps'

buci131: NJ are you getting a link for her?

merrie60us: in food processor

chelyha: cane ends, etc

merrie60us: and then put together

ladytex49: and how long has it been goin on???

dahs512: just started

chelyha: you don't have to use a food processor

ladytex49: Ohh good...

chelyha: we just started

buci131: I don't

dahs512: chop choop chop

Fearless Leader: that's a cane

buci131: just chop and chop with a blade--oh she's going to show us

Fearless Leader: if you chop it up

merrie60us: takes cane end

Fearless Leader: and put it back together

ladytex49: chop choop chop???

Fearless Leader: you can get this

dahs512: whack whack

buci131: I love that Christmas theme you have going there

chelyha: I use all my messed up leaf slices and cane ends

buci131: is that what it is? looks like red and green

Fearless Leader: now

Fearless Leader: if it were a brown cane

Fearless Leader: that's the brown cane by itself

chenoa_2b: loook at that man!

buci131: look at the mirror image!

Fearless Leader: mix with the orange cane from before

buci131: spooky chop

ladytex49: ohh that is errie!!!

merrie60us: cool

Fearless Leader: now

merrie60us: looks tribal and spooky

chenoa_2b: that one bead looks like a mandala upside down.

merrie60us: wierd color

Fearless Leader: some cane

buci131: too cool

chenoa_2b: lol space man!

Fearless Leader: doesn't look good

Fearless Leader: as a cane slice

Fearless Leader: so chop it up

Fearless Leader: and make something else

dahs512: creepy

Fearless Leader: now...

snooks2312: looks cool

Fearless Leader: wonky quilt cane

chelyha: yeah use your dud canes

ladytex49: am tryin this out...

ladytex49 busts a move

chelyha: give them a new life

buci131: be careful-you'll get addicted

ladytex49 waves at Fearless Leader

buci131: I've got a drawer full of diff colored cane ends and bits just waiting to be chopped

Fearless Leader: a bad quilt cane

Fearless Leader: look nice as a chop

ladytex49 screams, "They killed kenny!"

ladytex49: guess i better cut it out huh???

Fearless Leader: now

buci131: we all do it when we first find that part

Fearless Leader: this was supposed to be a doll house cane

Fearless Leader: over stepped my ability to cane

Fearless Leader: but wait

ladytex49: well who is kenny??

buci131: Very cool chop

snooks2312: oh wow

merrie60us: makes a nice bead

buci131: Kenny is the little kid from South Park that used to die every episode

chelyha: ooh that one is cool

ladytex49: ohhh that looks neat...

snooks2312: looks so totally different

buci131: Now he's just dead and doesn't come back

Fearless Leader: now

ladytex49: what or where is south park???

Fearless Leader: mixing a lot of cane bits

ladytex49: I live a very sheltered life I guess...

chenoa_2b: Nora Jean, I like the colors you use in the chops. Mine are different. I don't know what it is, but yours just have something

merrie60us: nice

Fearless Leader: that are related in color family

snooks2312: an adult cartoon

Fearless Leader: like this one in purple

Fearless Leader: when made into beads

chelyha: NJ you just pack yours together, and don't roll and twist it, right?

chelyha: Gives a different look

Fearless Leader: no twist

Fearless Leader: that gives lines

buci131: If you roll and twist it will make lines

Fearless Leader: we want our cane designs to show in every bit of chop

chelyha: how do you keep the air bubbles out?

Fearless Leader: don't pull the chop log either

Fearless Leader: compress

Fearless Leader: from the middle

Fearless Leader: and work out to the edges

Fearless Leader: here

chelyha: well mine do, it depends on how much you twist

Fearless Leader: let's show the new folks

Fearless Leader: what a handful of chop looks like

chelyha: I know you know who taught me to do mine, and she twists hers

chelyha: but I like the look of it not twisted

merrie60us: showing chop

merrie60us: looks like a pile of garbage

dahs512: composte

Fearless Leader: yes

dahs512: lol

Fearless Leader: take cane

Fearless Leader: put it in a food processor

Fearless Leader: for soft lines

Fearless Leader: it gets rounded

chenoa_2b: Justs saved log. Gotta take a break. Hurting to much! BRB

Fearless Leader: if you slice up your canes

Fearless Leader: with a razor

kmrhodes: or the new tool I have

Fearless Leader: you'll get sharp

Fearless Leader: edges

Fearless Leader: and a different look

merrie60us: maybe heat from processor helps also?

chelyha: what new tool?

Fearless Leader: if you have complex canes

ladytex49 asks buci131 "Do you Yahoo?"

Fearless Leader: you'll have complex chop

Fearless Leader: let's take this log here and make a natasha bead

merrie60us: great

kmrhodes: Nj - you could use that 5 blade tool

kmrhodes: to chop up clay if you

Fearless Leader: naw, let's take a handful of this chop

chelyha: what new tool, Karen?

Fearless Leader: and make a log

kmrhodes: didn't have a processer

jakmiami left the room

kmrhodes: the 5 blade multicutter shown there

Fearless Leader: that tool

merrie60us: using five blade new tool

Fearless Leader: ok

merrie60us: cutting

buci131: is that tool deep enough to do a good chop?

merrie60us: ?

chelyha: ooh looks interesting

dahs512: fredie on whels

Fearless Leader: I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do

dahs512: Freddie

Fearless Leader: then I'm going to do it

dahs512: wheels

Fearless Leader: then I'll stop and take questions

Fearless Leader: ok?

buci131: ok

chelyha: ok

merrie60us: okay

kmrhodes: 'k

ladytex49: ok...

Fearless Leader: I'm going to take a handful of this chop

Fearless Leader: and compress the air out only

Fearless Leader: no reduction

Fearless Leader: no pulling or twisting

Fearless Leader: just compress the air out

Fearless Leader: and then I'll slice off a log

Fearless Leader: and that log will be cut three times

Fearless Leader: once in half

Fearless Leader: then each side in half again

Fearless Leader: for four peices

Fearless Leader: each side when cut

Fearless Leader: is opened

Fearless Leader: like a book

Fearless Leader: for the mirror images

Fearless Leader: when they are placed back to back

Fearless Leader: the other two mirror images will be revealed

Fearless Leader: I'll stop at that point

Fearless Leader: are there any questions?

merrie60us: cool

merrie60us: no

snooks2312: nope, ok here

chelyha: none here

ladytex49 hiccups and then searches for a glass of water

kmrhodes: I'm ready to roll

buci131: not from me

merrie60us: compressing clay

buci131: ok so, she's compressing into a block

Fearless Leader: roll from the edges inward

Fearless Leader: from all directions

Fearless Leader: so you don't stretch it

Fearless Leader: just smooth the sides

ladytex49: I guess that sort of makes it a one of a kind thing huh..I mean it would be awfully hard to duplicate that...

merrie60us: pin

merrie60us: takes rolling pini

buci131: yep, Loretta

jakmiami joined the room

merrie60us: can't type tonight

merrie60us: rolling edges?

ladytex49: neither can I but I dont let that stop me..

ladytex49: type I mean...

merrie60us: now looks rectangular

buci131: brb--got one of those stupid large errors from an ad not working right

buci131 left the room

buci131 joined the room

buci131: ok, back

buci131: so she's smoothed the chop\

merrie60us: cutting down center

buci131: now she's cutting the block in half

merrie60us: with tissue blade

chenoa_2b: back

merrie60us: opening like book

merrie60us: see mirror images

merrie60us: cool

chenoa_2b: looks like a bulldog

merrie60us: now, take two pieces lay flat on table

buci131: that's my fave part--that's the part I could do all night

ladytex49: looks liek what the phychiatris tell ya to say what first comes to your mind...

dahs512: rorchack

buci131: that's part of the charm of these things--everyone sees something diff

merrie60us: then cuts two pieces in half lenthwise again

buci131: cutting the halves in half

merrie60us: so now have four pieces

snooks2312: looks like a cool moth

merrie60us: take them and put together in mirror image

snooks2312: or an angel

ladytex49: an alien...

buci131: Fido~

snooks2312: puppy

buci131: angry Fido

merrie60us: now what is she doing

buci131: she's putting the two pieces she just made back to back

merrie60us: compressing?

snooks2312: putting the four mirroe images togethr

merrie60us: what do you mean back to back

snooks2312: mirror

Fearless Leader: watch

Fearless Leader: cut a block in half

Fearless Leader: cut those two pieces in half

Fearless Leader: each side

Fearless Leader: take two and open like a book

merrie60us: any two

Fearless Leader: left side open like a book

merrie60us: got it

ladytex49: this is amazing..

Fearless Leader: right side open like a book

Fearless Leader: then

Fearless Leader: dig

Fearless Leader: put them back to back

Fearless Leader: and you'll get the other two mirror images

Fearless Leader: like this

merrie60us: got it so it's like one is on top of the other

merrie60us: but back ot back

merrie60us: I understand thank you

merrie60us: compressing

Fearless Leader: now in another color

buci131: so the smooting seams we were talking about earlier was the seams on the mirror images, Merrie

chelyha: oh yes I just tried it here it's great