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September and October 2002 Highlights:

October 2002 WebCam Index. :Tiny Shoes, Foods- Watermelon, Grapes, Salad. Glitter Girls TLS and Glitter experiments. Chop beads and color cards. 

* 10-12-2002: 3pm Demo Last Half, figuring out sliced turkey and assembling a salad.

* 10-12-02-1: First Half of the Log for 9pm Demo, review of Watermelon and beginning of grapes. 

* 10-12-02-2: Second Half of the Log for 9pm Demo, Completion of Grapes, Iced Holly Review and Experiment with Mica Flake inclusions, Mica with TLS. 


Friday Night Review 10-11-02

* Mini Food

* Bread: New Pix after Old, fyi. 

Saturday Demo:



* Ice Holly prep, mixing glitter in TLS

* 10-12-02 Demo Picture From Friday The Salad, from Saturday: Watermelon, Grapes and Iced Holly

* From Saturday: Experiments with TLS and Mica Glitter

* Holly Daze on Ice and the Sleeping Dancer, TLS with colored clay and matching glitter experiment. 

* Log: 10-06-2002: Early Saturday: Spooky Sheet Sculpting-1
* Log: 10-06-02: Early Saturday: Spooky Sheet Sculpting-2
* Log: 10-06-2002: Late Saturday: Spooky Sheet Sculpting-3
* Log: 10-05-2002: Chopped Beads, Natasha Beads without the Twist * Check the web section

Chop Index  


* 10-05-2002: Tiny Shoes-1

* 10-05-2002: Tiny Shoes-2

* Screen Shots: Tiny Shoes
* Log: 10-05-2002: Turkey Glaze, Cook's Mix, TLS Gravy, Color Cards, Pot Therapy,  Spooky Stuff  * Screen Shots:

Turkey Glaze1 pix

For glaze use Toasty Top


* Web Section:

Color Cards

The Diner

First Sheets and Spooky Stuff

October 4, 2002 Friday Review *