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Demo Oct0ber 2002 10-05-2002: Tiny Shoes-1


buci131: yep, those are the ones

buci131: then put a complimentary color or design on the end--very cool

buci131: I really like those

buci131: thank you

buci131 enthusiastically cheers for Fearless Leader


ladytex49 enthusiastically cheers for Fearless Leader


ladytex49 grabs Fearless Leader and dances around the room

snooks2312: we lost NJ

buci131: oops, lost her webcam

bonsaikathy: Ok everyone, I'm beat, it's been a lonnnnngggg day, hugs all, will try to wait up tomorrow night if I can stay awake

chelyha: ok, nitey nite

buci131: ok, later Kathy

buci131: sleep tight

jakmiami: it was all that enthusiastic dancing!

ladytex49: g'nite Kathy...

chenoa_2b: saved log

snooks2312: nite Kathy

bonsaikathy: no that's the 14th, haha

msatclayart left the room

Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room

bonsaikathy: this was just work

snooks2312: welcome back NJ

bonsaikathy: talk to you later

bonsaikathy: night NJ

Fearless Leader: Night Night Kathy

chenoa_2b: missed you NJ

bonsaikathy left the room

merrie60us: goodnight cathy

Fearless Leader: YM froze up

Fearless Leader: had to log off and get back on

merrie60us: no webcam

snooks2312: thought you got kicked off again

buci131: is it break time yet?

Fearless Leader: good time for a break

Fearless Leader: great minds

buci131: gots to go to the powder room

buci131: heehee

Fearless Leader: ya, potty break

snooks2312: potty time too

Fearless Leader: 5 minutes and then we'll go on to the next thing

chenoa_2b: How long of a break, my back is killing me

Fearless Leader: the next thing will be determined by time zone

Fearless Leader: those at later time zones go first

Fearless Leader: brb

ladytex49: what is the enxt thing?

chenoa_2b: brb

merrie60us: Thank you be back

jakmiami: i vote for shoes

ladytex49: me tooo..

techi_mom56: laugh...i am ready...i had a nap! just tried the natasha thing...its got eyes!!!

Fearless Leader: sort it out by time zone, Eva needs to see glazed turkey

Fearless Leader: that takes a minute

Fearless Leader: shoes are a longer deal

Fearless Leader: for I make them like a cobbler would

ladytex49: ok...

jakmiami: OKAY, I'M EDT

jakmiami: where's everybody else?

techi_mom56: pdt..oregon

ladytex49: same as Eva...

jakmiami: brb

Fearless Leader: there, brb

techi_mom56: and hubby is at work

snooks2312: I'm central - so anything goes

snooks2312: Manitoba - Canada

jakmiami: rather a bit north though!

ladytex49: mine went to bed...

buci131: mine, too

buci131: CST

snooks2312: about 1 1/2 hors from the North Dakota border

ladytex49: Good keeps 'em outta trouble..

buci131: heheh, he's gotta be at work tomorrow at 5am

buci131: and pick somebody up on the way

ladytex49: I got up this a.m. at 4...has been a long day...he has my you get up and cook him breakfast??

buci131: hell no

ladytex49: my kinda woman!!!

buci131: heehee

ladytex49: Neither do I...he gets up at 5 M-F...

buci131: nope, I spend all day with The Kid

snooks2312: I kick mine out of bed and go back to sleep hehehe

buci131: I don't kick, just wait for him to go, then steal his pillow

ladytex49: I growl at mine to turn off that damned alarm and get outta there...

buci131: I like lots of pillows

buci131: I don't usually wake to his alarm

buci131: which is nice

merrie60us left the room

snooks2312: if I don't push him out, he won't move and then is

snooks2312: late for work

ladytex49: I do cuz he has it turned up so loud I bet it wakes the enighbors...

buci131: sounds like Judith wins the time war--what do you want to see first J?

jakmiami: shoes!

buci131: cool

buci131: I'm game--I've never seen them done

ladytex49: shoes!!

snooks2312: cool.

chelyha: I'm on the west coast so I go last

ladytex49: NJ said that the turkey glaze just takes a minute but the shoes takes some time...

jakmiami: lookit...she's got little feet!

buci131: shoes without the turkey glaze

buci131: heehee

snooks2312: I've done mini oness

buci131: mini feet or shoes?

snooks2312: shoes that is

ladytex49: I have done sneakers out of clay...

snooks2312: feet too

buci131: or mini number ones


chelyha: ooh that's what we need to see her do is hands and feet\

jakmiami: another night, pls! I'm barely awake now


buci131: fine by me Judith

chelyha: no you all have the choice, like i said I am in CA



chelyha: I'll watch whatever

snooks2312: I have a book called Fimo Leather

jakmiami: how do you get those little faces in?

ladytex49: really??? where'd ya get it?

snooks2312: shows how to do shoes, but kinda klunky]

buci131: Linda B sent a list thru the list

techi_mom56: uh attack...gotta move my "table"

buci131: I'm just playing to see what they look like

buci131: all these cat people

chelyha: cat attack!

snooks2312: in Saskatoon a long time ago, it's by Esther olsen

buci131: sounds interesting Jan

chelyha: yeah, we are everywhere

ladytex49: yeah my MIL would not evacuate the otehr nite cuz of her cats...

buci131: I used to be one

jakmiami waves at everyone in the room


chelyha: I don't blame her

snooks2312: a cat?

techi_mom56: we have now been join by Stranger..BIG orange tabby male...he adores me

chelyha: I wouldn't leave without mine

jakmiami: just trying out the 'emote user' stuff

snooks2312: or a MIL?

Fearless Leader: back

buci131: I almost said not a cat, a cat person

ladytex49: She only has 8 opf them...I can't breathe when I go see many in the house...

chenoa_2b: back

snooks2312: 8, I thought 2 was bad enough

chelyha: I am taking care of babies that someone left as well as my own

Fearless Leader: ok claymates, what's the decision?

snooks2312: Scooter's cold, and is now sitting on the monitor

Fearless Leader: What shall we do next, it's by latest time zone

buci131: Shoes

buci131: not a MIL, that's for sure--my daughter's a little young for marriage (18 months)

buci131: for Judith

techi_mom56: i have 3 indoor/outdoor...rodent control officers

chelyha: I'm in your timezone NJ so they will choose

buci131: who's falling asleep and in the latest time zone

buci131: then turkey glaze

Fearless Leader: another pair of Leopard High Heels then

ladytex49: I promised my rottweiler I would get him another kitten and I will...

buci131: cool

Fearless Leader: because I like it so much

chelyha: that sounds fine.

Fearless Leader: let me get set up and I'll let you know when we're starting for real

buci131: I hope you mean as a friend Loretta and not supper

chelyha: Anything you do is great

chelyha: I was just thinking that

buci131: [-o>

ladytex49: Of course as a friend, he had to pet cats and another dog killed them...he was heart broken...

chelyha: oh that's awful!

Fearless Leader: I want to show you something first

Fearless Leader: Monarch Butter Fly Wing Choppped Beads


chelyha: ooh! Cool

techi_mom56: i am trying to figure out how the copy their coat other cat loves my black lab...

chelyha: too bad you'r e in texas Loretta, I have two adorable babies here

buci131: those are very pretty

chelyha: who need homes

buci131: she's in Louisiana, actually

chelyha: someone left them

ladytex49: I am Louisiana..mail 'em

chelyha: Oh, sorry, but still

buci131: she just uses that handle to confuse everyone, heehee

Fearless Leader: I count 7

chelyha: HA!

ladytex49: Lynette...

Fearless Leader: but have 5 on cam

Fearless Leader: Roll call please

Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco

chelyha: Cheryl in CA

techi_mom56: thats how i got the 2 tabby boys

chenoa_2b: now all I have to do is catch some butterflies! lol

buci131: Eva New Orleans

ladytex49: Loretta in Louisiana...

chenoa_2b: Carolyn Oregon coast

jakmiami: judith k holding up her eyelids

snooks2312: Janice in manitoba

techi_mom56: where on the oregon coast...

buci131: Nancy, where are you?

chenoa_2b: Coos Bay, North Bend

techi_mom56: i am just west of astoria

buci131: oh

chenoa_2b: ohhh! so close!

techi_mom56: cool...we love tenmile lakes....

buci131: who's not on cam?

chelyha: how close?

techi_mom56: several hours..

chelyha: maybe you could get together for a clay day

chelyha: oh, I guess that won't work then

buci131: and take pics for us

chenoa_2b: I would love it!

ladytex49: Eva and i are gonna get together for a clay day or 2 someday...

buci131: you got that right

techi_mom56: we go fishing down there several times a summer..

buci131: with Mitch

buci131: Ok, can everyone see NJ's cam?

chenoa_2b: In oregon, hours is not like other places

ladytex49: I can...

chelyha: I can not see the cam

chenoa_2b: I can

techi_mom56: thats right!...

snooks2312: I can see

buci131: did you right click and restart it after she had to leave Cheryl?

snooks2312: had to close and reopen though

chelyha: ok now I can

chelyha: me too

chelyha: yeah i had to restart it

snooks2312: those shoes look cool

techi_mom56: got it...

buci131: goody

techi_mom56: wow...

ladytex49: I have some revlon type dolls that need gonna make em outta clay...

chelyha: who came up with this webcam thing?

snooks2312: brighter light shows the pattern better

buci131: couldn't just see a necklace of little feet?

buci131: NJ did--I think

snooks2312: wouldn't that be neat

buci131: she's done it before we started doing it here

ladytex49: Yeah and you can put one in your mouth and say you have a foot in your mouth...

chelyha: whoever did it's the best Idea anyone has had in a long time


buci131: In fact, I think she used to do it when the voice stuff worked

chelyha: it's so cool!

techi_mom56: done that a few times...

buci131: so she could clay and speak the instructions instead of having to type them in

buci131: yep, it is

chelyha: that would be great if we could all be on voice

ladytex49: doesnt the voice stuff work anymore?

buci131: not through Yahoo

buci131: we've tried

ladytex49: Nawwww we are women and we would all hafta talk at one know how we are..

buci131: they seem to have screwed it up on their end and haven't fixed it yet

chelyha: that figures...

chenoa_2b: besides I don't have sound


chelyha: probably true, Loretta

buci131: actually, we did have a chat room briefly that had voice, but it was a really irritating service, so we've come back to YM

Fearless Leader: ok

buci131: oh, just have everyone with their mikes off except NJs

ladytex49: I have sound but guess I crossed wires when I hooked this back up after the move..cuz it ain't workin now..

Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut some leopard cane

Fearless Leader: and press it to make a sheet

Fearless Leader: so I can cut out the pieces I need to make a high heel

Fearless Leader: over the toe

chenoa_2b: ok I am ready to see it all! I am NOT going dancing tonight!

chelyha: I missed this last time.

ladytex49: what happened???

chelyha: oh crap we lost her again!

chenoa_2b: web cam went black.

snooks2312: lost NJ again

chenoa_2b: NJ???????????

ladytex49: it went black or did I go blind???????

snooks2312: went black

chelyha: no she got kicked off again

buci131: Judith, you still with us? Not falling asleep at the keyboard are you?

chenoa_2b: says web cam is not going

buci131: NJ has to reboot, she'll be back as soon as she can

ladytex49: ok...

chelyha: she has to restart

buci131: shut down your webcam windows

snooks2312: gotcha

ladytex49: I am gonna get a coke...brb

buci131: then, when she comes back up and has the tv next to her name we can reopen

chelyha: ooh get me one too!

jakmiami: hallo..?

chenoa_2b: got me some iced coffee..

buci131: Oh, good, you're still awake Judith

chelyha: that sounds good, I ate a candy bar. That was my treat

ladytex49: a coke or iced coffee??

chelyha: either is good but Coke is my favorite

buci131: NJ got booted so she has to reboot her machine. She'll be back as soon as she can--don't know if you caught that message or not, Judith

chenoa_2b: Iced coffee made with chocolate milk. lol

jakmiami: ok

snooks2312: hey, I can do the iced coffee thing

chelyha: ooh that sounds yummy!

snooks2312: thanks were outta coke

snooks2312: brb

buci131: coffee is evil

chenoa_2b: It is tooo good! lol

buci131: smells wonderful and tastes terrible

ladytex49: dont know what it is but coffee makes me really sick to my stomach...coke doesnt bother me..but coffee does...

buci131: I rest my case

buci131: heehee

chenoa_2b: Not this stuff! lol But I know, people who drink coffee will die.

techi_mom56: darn...i am out of icecream...

chelyha: well as long as you get your caffeine somehow...

buci131: mainline it?

ladytex49: yep gotta have the caffien...for sure...

buci131: like sugar and chocolate

chenoa_2b: I got goo goo cluster ice cream

chelyha: yum'

ladytex49: nope..mainlining is out cuz I have them itty bitty veins that wiggle...

chelyha: Caffeine is very bad for us women but sometimes I need it

techi_mom56: coffee with sugar and chocolate creamer...ummmmy

ladytex49: yeah it makes PMS worse..I know that ofr a fact...

chelyha: that is for sure!

jakmiami left the room

chenoa_2b: cinnomon chocolate and creamer and coffee. ummmm!

chelyha: oh stop!

jakmiami joined the room

techi_mom56: got that over with in january...i hate surgery

chelyha: we're drooling

snooks2312: thanks for idea

chenoa_2b: I have to do decaff, cause otherwise I jump all over!

chelyha: what surgery?

ladytex49: how about cinnamon and hot chocolate???

techi_mom56: but boy i dont miss the pms

jakmiami: i'm back

buci131: now, that works for me Loretta

chenoa_2b: But coffee press is sooo good!

snooks2312: have the Nescafe iced coffee, just add milk

buci131: good Judith

buci131: Wondered if you just had to go

chelyha: you can drink decaf

chenoa_2b: yes! too good

buci131: Oooh--irish cream hot cocoa

buci131: yummy!

chenoa_2b: cinnomon, butter rum, latte

ladytex49: Ummmmm that sounds yummy for sure..or will when the weather gets cooler anyway...

snooks2312: yummers

chelyha: it's starting to here

techi_mom56: i gotta find something...

chelyha: get cooler

chelyha: finally!!!

buci131: oh, please--the weather doesn't really get cooler down here

snooks2312: is cooler here already

buci131: ok, maybe a little cooler

snooks2312: no snow yet,but soon

jakmiami: speaking of food, has anyone had a chance to check out the mini sites NJ posted? Anything of interest?

chelyha: I used to live in San Diego and it was the same all year round

buci131: I'll just turn my air conditioner down really low so I can feel like it's winter

ladytex49: yeah winter lasts 3 weeks and spring 3 days and fall was last week...the rest of the time it is summer...

buci131: yep, Judith--I checked quite a few out

buci131: some are really great

msatclayart left the room

Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room

buci131: She's baaaaaaack

chenoa_2b: Yeah! here she is!

ladytex49: Yeah I do that too..cuz I am basically a winer teh cold weather..

chelyha: San Diego is where it can be 80 degrees on christmas day

techi_mom56: yeah we just have two season...warm and wet.... and cold and wet

snooks2312: I've been to check out a couple

buci131: totally opposite from the last place I lived--Gunnison CO--five days of summer, a week or two of FAll and the rest was winter

chenoa_2b: or is that, wet and wetter? lol

snooks2312: we have two seasons too - winter and construction

buci131: That's Oregon, hmmm

techi_mom56: and summer starts on the 5th of july...giggle

buci131: well--I won't be moving there. Not a big rain fan

Fearless Leader: let's get the cam up ladies

techi_mom56: yes but its ooohhh so lovely...

Fearless Leader: if you got a black screen

chelyha: Tehachapi is the first place I've lived where it snows in winter

chenoa_2b: I live in what they call the bannana belt.

Fearless Leader: shut the cam window

Fearless Leader: and open it up again

snooks2312: cams up

buci131: already did the shutting, just waiting for you to reopen

Fearless Leader: good

jakmiami: that was fast work!

Fearless Leader: now

Fearless Leader: toes

chelyha: got it

Fearless Leader: covering toes

Fearless Leader: is like

ladytex49 Hey Fearless Leader you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file

Fearless Leader: covering a shoulder

ladytex49: I did that already...

Fearless Leader: what does the top of a sleeve pattern look like?

Fearless Leader: it's curved, right?

techi_mom56: i have been over tehachipi...awesome

snooks2312: rounded edge

chelyha: that emotion thing doesn't work for me either

jakmiami: the curve of the shoulder

chenoa_2b: a deep U

chelyha: curved, yes

Fearless Leader: because it's covering up the shoulder cap, right?

buci131: yep

chenoa_2b: yep

Fearless Leader: the tip of a shoe

chelyha: yes maam

ladytex49: yep...

Fearless Leader: is just

snooks2312: yup

Fearless Leader: like

Fearless Leader: that

Fearless Leader: a curved piece because we're covering toes

Fearless Leader: and after covering the toes

Fearless Leader: we got to get the pattern to reach

Fearless Leader: around the side of the food

Fearless Leader: foot

chenoa_2b: lol

Fearless Leader: to get at least half way up the food

Fearless Leader: foot

Fearless Leader: LOL

chenoa_2b: lol

Fearless Leader: I do too much mini food

Fearless Leader: and not enough feet

buci131: thinking about that turkey glaze, aintya

snooks2312: NJ must be hungry

chelyha: I knew she'd say that

snooks2312: LOL

Fearless Leader: ya, really, just put the dinner left overs in the fridge

Fearless Leader: ok,

Fearless Leader: so we got this curved bit with arms

Fearless Leader: for the toe

ladytex49: I had pork chops, eggs and hashbrowns and biscuits for supper tonight...ummmmmmmm

Fearless Leader: we need another curved bit to cover the heel

Fearless Leader: we need a sole

Fearless Leader: those are the three basic pieces of any shoe

chenoa_2b: I got soul!

Fearless Leader: change the color

ladytex49: me toooo..

Fearless Leader: change the texture

Fearless Leader: add flowers

Fearless Leader: add laces

Fearless Leader: it's all those three basic bits

Fearless Leader: and then embellishments

Fearless Leader: the heel is negotiable

Fearless Leader: so is the back of the shoe

Fearless Leader: for we can have slippers if we want

Fearless Leader: the covering for the toe is optional

Fearless Leader: Egyptians had a mushroom plug thing

Fearless Leader: they put between their big toe and the next

Fearless Leader: no lace

chenoa_2b: what about boots?

snooks2312: like an open-toed sandal

Fearless Leader: no toes

ladytex49: am I missing something?? I restarted but all I have is a pair of shoes toe to toe on a white background

Fearless Leader: just hold on to this handle on the sole of your shoe

Fearless Leader: with your toes

Fearless Leader: no

Fearless Leader: you're not missing anything

Fearless Leader: because I'm typing

Fearless Leader: this is how it goes, when I'm typing the picture will be static

Fearless Leader: or it's too spooky to consider

Fearless Leader: LOL

buci131: heehee

ladytex49: ok...

Fearless Leader: T2 and the third hand in the helicopter trick

Fearless Leader: ok

Fearless Leader: now

buci131: you're actually an alien with four arms, right

Fearless Leader: Shiva and a thousand arms

chelyha: claying with one hand and typing with the other...scary thought

snooks2312: lol

Fearless Leader: that's me

Fearless Leader: so while I was rebooting


Fearless Leader: I cut out these three pieces to show you

snooks2312: we don't call her fearless leader for nothing

Fearless Leader: to get the sole

Fearless Leader: take a foot and put it on clay

Fearless Leader: that's the easiest way

ladytex49: she's got soul...

chenoa_2b: I got me two feet made just for this!

ladytex49: is that foot already cured?

Fearless Leader: yes foot is cured

Fearless Leader: see the foot print on the sheet?

chenoa_2b: Yep, it is cowboy kie's

buci131: nope, too dark

chelyha: no too dark, but go on

buci131: yes

chelyha: oh ok now I see it

ladytex49: I see it..

snooks2312: i see it noe too

snooks2312: cut out the sole

Fearless Leader: see this piece?

snooks2312: soles, left and right

snooks2312: yup

buci131: that's the toe

Fearless Leader: that's to cover the toe

chenoa_2b: yes

Fearless Leader: blunt cut at the end of the arms

ladytex49: yeah...

snooks2312: looks like a boomarang

Fearless Leader: for that's where it will meet the heel cover

jakmiami: you mean the top piece?

Fearless Leader: the v is so you don't have your upper foot all covered