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Demo Oct0ber 2002  10-05-2002: Tiny Shoes-2

Fearless Leader: the v is so you don't have your upper foot all covered

Fearless Leader: ya, top over toe boomerang pattern piece

Fearless Leader: I shall attach it to the sole after I cut out another one

chenoa_2b: log save

buci131: what did she do? did she use the foot to fig out the size fo the toe?

chelyha: not sure...

chenoa_2b: Can you make patterns out of stiff paper to use again and again?

ladytex49: that is what it looks like to me...

chelyha: yes, card stock

ladytex49: I would think so...

buci131: she showed us that for the clothing

buci131: don't know why it wouldn't work for shoes

Fearless Leader: those are the heel covers

snooks2312: it does

Fearless Leader: I'll blunt cut their arms too

chenoa_2b: two boomerangs and to half circles

Fearless Leader: those are the basic shoe pieces

buci131: what thickness are these cane slices?

chenoa_2b: a pair of shoes in the rough!

Fearless Leader: half way

Fearless Leader: in the middle setting

buci131: thanks

Fearless Leader: if there's no questions I'll put one of these shoes together and stop at the heel

chelyha: go

chenoa_2b: go for it

ladytex49: go for it..

buci131: good here

snooks2312: good here

buci131: oh, I forgot to ask if she used the foot to measure the toe for the shoe

buci131 left the room

buci131 joined the room

buci131: using the foot to do it

chenoa_2b: is she putting the cover over the edge of the sole? Or is she butting them up to it?

chenoa_2b: ok, overlapping

ladytex49: butting them it looks like

snooks2312: even with the sole

buci131: now the heel

buci131: and then removes before it gets stuck on the foot

chenoa_2b: did she overlap on those seems on the side?

Fearless Leader: questions

buci131: I don't know, my cam view got stuck again

chenoa_2b: did you overlap on the side seams?

jakmiami: did you measure for the topcap?

Fearless Leader: enough so they will stick together yes

buci131: thanks Judith

Fearless Leader: let me show you how I get the toe pattern

chenoa_2b: how do you avoid smearing?

chenoa_2b: lol a clog!

buci131: she's put here toe piece on the foot and trimmed away the excess

buci131: then trimmed out the inner part a bit so it doesn't cover the whoel foot

Fearless Leader: smearing... hmmm

jakmiami: got it...thx

Fearless Leader: I don't seem to get smears

Fearless Leader: because I make effort to press

chenoa_2b: do you smooth the seam?

Fearless Leader: not to drag

Fearless Leader: my fingers over the clay

Fearless Leader: I'll come in and press

Fearless Leader: jiggle seams out

chenoa_2b: ok

buci131: do the clay jiggle

Fearless Leader: but I don't drag my finger tips over the clay

buci131: it's a dance

ladytex49: jiggle jiggle jiggle...

chenoa_2b: lol got that jiggle down!

Fearless Leader: Ok, any questions about non jiggling shoe patterns?

Fearless Leader: LOL

ladytex49 grabs buci131 and dances around the room

buci131: think I got it

buci131: heehee Loretta

jakmiami: then the back piece is done the same way?

snooks2312: got it

Fearless Leader: Yes Judith, depends

buci131: the heel?

chenoa_2b: jinx jakm

Fearless Leader: on if you're doing a sling back

Fearless Leader: or a mule

Fearless Leader: or a slipper

Fearless Leader: or a lumber jack boot

Fearless Leader: ya see?

Fearless Leader: lay the clay on the foot

Fearless Leader: and cut your patterns off like that

Fearless Leader: to start

Fearless Leader: after a while

Fearless Leader: you'll know the pattern shapes

Fearless Leader: you want to use

Fearless Leader: think of this in pearl

ladytex49: Do you cure the shoes on the foot?

Fearless Leader: or a golden green

chenoa_2b: can we make patterns out of stiff paper?

jakmiami: yes, i see. is the heel done separately?

Fearless Leader: no I cure them without the foot

Fearless Leader: Yes card stock is our friend for mini patterns

buci131: unless you're dressing a doll, right?

ladytex49: then how do you put them on the foot w/o breaking them?

buci131: then just cure it on the foot

chenoa_2b: ok

Fearless Leader: now I'll do the heel if there's no questions about this basic pattern

chenoa_2b: I got it.

Fearless Leader: dolls are another story

Fearless Leader: if I am going to do a doll that the shoes are coming on and off

Fearless Leader: I do it

snooks2312: ok here

Fearless Leader: in GoodWill glove leather

Fearless Leader: find a lone glove

buci131: oh, ok

Fearless Leader: at GoodWill

Fearless Leader: the older the better

Fearless Leader: makes the best purses and shoes and vests for dolls

Fearless Leader: I use fabric tack

Fearless Leader: trick with boots

chenoa_2b: what about leather wallets and purses?

Fearless Leader: with ankles that don't flex

ladytex49: yeah I have a very thin leather coat...I have made shoes outta leather...

Fearless Leader: yes that too, anything, saddle bags even

Fearless Leader: boots

Fearless Leader: for ankles that don't flex

Fearless Leader: have to have an overlapping opening at the front of the boot

Fearless Leader: and then lace them up like Native Americans

ladytex49: but the leather needs to be pliable...supple I think is the word I am looking for..

buci131: that makes sense

Fearless Leader: that's what I did for Cowboy Kai

chenoa_2b: When are you going to write a book?

Fearless Leader: did him boots and moccisans

Fearless Leader: LOL

Fearless Leader: books... hmmm

Fearless Leader: how about DVD instead

Fearless Leader: I can do my stand up comedy and Karaoke

buci131: doesn't need to, just take all these logs and rambles and put them together in a book

Fearless Leader: as well

chenoa_2b: don't have a DVD player.... Yet!

Fearless Leader: Karen of ClayAlley is printing up my tutes for sales

buci131: yep, DVD is still a great idea

Fearless Leader: I'm planning video, cd and dvd

Fearless Leader: actually

Fearless Leader: books are going to be pamphlets

Fearless Leader: $5.00

Fearless Leader: for a tute with a ramble

chenoa_2b: Good! I need something I can go back to again and again! lol

Fearless Leader: that sort of thing

Fearless Leader: see Karen of ClayAlley and request a particular tute

Fearless Leader: she'll print it up

Fearless Leader: that's the plan anyway

chenoa_2b: Ok

ladytex49: yeah that is what I like...cuz I can lay it on my work table and refer back to it...

Fearless Leader: ok, let's get the heel on this shoe here

Fearless Leader: it's really easy

Fearless Leader: a cone of clay filler

ladytex49: ok

Fearless Leader: a sheet of leopard to cover

Fearless Leader: stick it on the heel

Fearless Leader: and bend the shoe into the high heel shape

Fearless Leader: easy breezy

Fearless Leader: if there's no questions I'll go do it

chenoa_2b: lets go!

buci131: none here

ladytex49: lets goooo

snooks2312: ok

buci131: cone of filler clay

buci131: wrap in leopard

buci131: cut to size

buci131: smooth a little

chenoa_2b: no seams

buci131: oops, not yet

buci131: now she's putting the cone back in and wrapping again with cane. trimming a little more

buci131: I think I lost her again...grrrrrrrr!

buci131: there she is

buci131: attach heel to shoe

buci131: with a little excess cane on the end of the heel to overlap the back of the shoe

chenoa_2b: shaping the heel

chenoa_2b: shaping the shoe into a high heel

buci131: trimming the heel

chenoa_2b: slicing off the excess from the heel

buci131: I think to do spike heels you'd have to use wire to add strength

ladytex49: yeah I would think so too..

chenoa_2b: now she is trimming off some of the upper shoe.

chenoa_2b: I love those little shoes!

buci131: earrings, necklace, charm bracelet

chenoa_2b: I just can't see cowboy Kie in them though. lol

ladytex49: yep...

buci131: everything can be turned into jewelry, heheh

ladytex49: yes it can...

sylsnovelties joined the room

chenoa_2b: Do you see how she just rips that little shoe all over! How does she avoid finger prints?

buci131: Heya Syl

ladytex49: Hi Syl...

chenoa_2b: Hiya Syl!

snooks2312: hi Syl

sylsnovelties: Hi, I didn't know if anyone would be in here! NJ's cam doesn't show up on the list.

chelyha: Hi Syl

Fearless Leader: That's odd

chelyha: she's been having problems with yahoo

buci131: She's been bumped a couple times, had to come in and out

buci131: reboot, etc.

jakmiami: NJ, that's super! Thank you...

sylsnovelties: Yeah, I figured you had done finished

Fearless Leader: So that's one shoe

buci131: yep, thanks, NJ--wunnerful stuff

chenoa_2b: I am going to try making one tonight!

buci131: Man, Carolyn, do you ever run out of juice?

chelyha: very cool. But I am falling asleep sitting here.

chenoa_2b: lol I sleep till around noon! lol

chelyha: I'm in the earliest time zone too!

chelyha: but I didn't sleep well last night

buci131: oh, I see--obviously don't have an 18 month old in the next room

buci131: heheh

chenoa_2b: my baby is 24! lol

chelyha: no no kids except of the feline type

ladytex49: am up at 4 a.m....long day...

Fearless Leader: Ok so we have to glaze the turkey for Eva

Fearless Leader: if we're done with the Shoe Review

buci131: yippee

chenoa_2b: let me save log

ladytex49: ok...on to the turkey...

Fearless Leader: ok

snooks2312: ok here