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10-12-02 Demo -1: First Half of the Log for 9pm Demo, review of Watermelon and beginning of grapes. 


bonsaikathy: Hi There

techi_mom56: my computer is still messed up...using hubbies...a way faster with a huge moniter..oh darn!!!!

Fearless Leader: LOL

bonsaikathy: Won't be able to stay in here long tonight, I'm about to drop, but will stay up as long as I can

bonsaikathy: hehe

Fearless Leader: Hey Kathy, you're up late

bonsaikathy: how's it going NJ

Fearless Leader: fed, rested

bonsaikathy: Just got home from work a little bit ago

techi_mom56: he got the monitor from our was too big for his he traded his dad for the new moniter+some cash..i love this monitor

bonsaikathy: we have a 17" and I love it

techi_mom56: would you believe its a 21".....i also discovered something tonight...i have been so engrossed with clay in the evenings i havent had junk food snack out in days....always got clay on my hands

bonsaikathy: maybe that's what I need to do to lose weight, haha

Fearless Leader: mini food making keeps one slim

Fearless Leader: I don't eat junk food very much because my hands are busy with clay

techi_mom56: u and me both...gained back the weight i lost in january (surgery and hospital stay)

bonsaikathy: my problem is the meds I take for the Lupus and the pain makes it difficult to still hike like we used to.

techi_mom56: i cranky back slows me down too

bonsaikathy: but I'm working on it,

bonsaikathy: NJ, you have made this stuff addictive for me, I love claying now, but it truly is thanks to you, you just inspire me non stop

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Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room

Fearless Leader: does your cursor ever disappear while using this chat room

Fearless Leader: mine does

bonsaikathy: techi_mom56: u and me both...gained back the weight i lost in january (surgery and hospital stay)

bonsaikathy: my problem is the meds I take for the Lupus and the pain makes it difficult to still hike like we used to.

techi_mom56: i cranky back slows me down too

bonsaikathy: but I'm working on it,

bonsaikathy: NJ, you have made this stuff addictive for me, I love claying now, but it truly is thanks to you, you just inspire me non stop

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Fearless Leader: does your cursor ever disappear while using this chat room

Fearless Leader: mine does

bonsaikathy: yes it has before, there's what you missed from your last post

techi_mom56: i am really upset...we may have to change to an hmo...and i dont think they will be thrilled with the pain relief plan my current doc has me on....its working but i am sure its not what they will like

Fearless Leader: You're welcome Kathy

Fearless Leader: thanks for copying the text

bonsaikathy: oh I know how that is, the Voltarin the dr. has me on is close to a 100$ a bottle for 30 days

bonsaikathy: your welcome

Fearless Leader: So I'm just going to start

Fearless Leader: since it's time

bonsaikathy: I try not to take it more than I have to, it makes you gain weight, is hard on my stomach but boy does it get rid of the pain

bonsaikathy: ok

Fearless Leader: Shall we go over watermelon?

bonsaikathy: looking forward to it

techi_mom56: sure ...

bonsaikathy: ok

bonsaikathy: I'll stick around as long as I can stay awake NJ

techi_mom56: my watermelon is going to be green is a pearl

Fearless Leader: Since you know how to make blends I'll just go over the steps and show you how the steps look from the trim from this afternoon, that'll be quicker, ok?

bonsaikathy: ok

techi_mom56: sure..

Fearless Leader: so we need different shades of red mixed with translucent

Fearless Leader: for the watermelon meat is really different reds

Fearless Leader: lighter around the seeds

Fearless Leader: a little darker around that

Fearless Leader: then those seeds are like bullseyes

Fearless Leader: done to lace cane

Fearless Leader: are you following so far?

bonsaikathy: yes

techi_mom56: yes

Fearless Leader: so you take that lace cane

Fearless Leader: reduce and slice into sections and add together again

techi_mom56: k

Fearless Leader: ok

bonsaikathy: ok

techi_mom56: k

Fearless Leader: after you've reduced that you surround that with a three color blend

Fearless Leader: that'll give you the rind

Fearless Leader: so white or black seeds

Fearless Leader: surrounded by the lightest red mix

Fearless Leader: surrounded then by a mid range red mix

Fearless Leader: reduced and made to lace cane

Fearless Leader: then surrounded by the darkest red mix

Fearless Leader: that darkest red mix

Fearless Leader: ok?

Fearless Leader: is the mix on the end of this three color blend

techi_mom56: k

Fearless Leader: what this watermelon cane needs is the yellow and green stripes

Fearless Leader: for the outside

Fearless Leader: which gets added only after you've reduced it to mini size

Fearless Leader: those are the cured and finished bits from this afternoon

bonsaikathy: looks great NJ

Fearless Leader: the difference between uncured and cured watermelon

Fearless Leader: is dramatic because of the translucent

Fearless Leader: are there any questions?

bonsaikathy: no

techi_mom56: nope not yet

bonsaikathy: it's very easy to follow along usually

Fearless Leader: Ok, so we can review grapes?

bonsaikathy: yes

techi_mom56: yes

Fearless Leader: LOL, thanks Kathy, I make effort to keep it easy for folks

NikiT (azstitcher2001) joined the room

bonsaikathy: Hi Niki

NikiT: la la la! Hi!

bonsaikathy: NJ just reviewed watermelon and is now working on grapes, just to bring you up to speed

techi_mom56: hi niki

Fearless Leader: ok, thanks Kathy

Fearless Leader: Hey Niki

bonsaikathy: welcome

bonsaikathy: oooh scrumpious looking grapes, they look good enough to eat

techi_mom56: i wasnt going to work on mini's but my mom makes doll houses and so i am going to surprise her for xmas...

bonsaikathy: good idea

NikiT: hiya.. just got back from barnes & Noble... picked up a book called " Creative Cash: How to profit from your special artistry, creativity, hand skills and related know-how"

Fearless Leader: Cool Niki, if you find some interesting bits share it with the list.

bonsaikathy: cool, you'll have to let us all know how it works for you

NikiT: figure it's worth a peek

Fearless Leader: Nancy I just read about your Mom's Doll Houses

Fearless Leader: oh girlfriend

techi_mom56: i gotta find that one...

Fearless Leader: is she going to be chunked a bunch

NikiT: will let ya know.. it's some 265 pages (not including resource pages) so it may be a couple of weeks.

bonsaikathy: yeah, you'll be able to fill it with all kinds of food, haha

techi_mom56: yeah especially since we havent been getting along very well....she said some mean things about my hubby....that are not true

NikiT: are those grapes cured?

Fearless Leader: Niki, these were made in the afternoon demo and cured during my dinner break

NikiT: cool.. i thought they looked different so figured they were cured.

Fearless Leader: did you see the page link I sent through the list?

NikiT: earlier, ya

Fearless Leader: with the watermelon, these grapes and the iced holly

techi_mom56: they are great

techi_mom56: yes

Fearless Leader: this is it, that bunch of grapes

NikiT: i was watching the earlier demo, sorta

Fearless Leader: shall we start building another bunch?

bonsaikathy: are you still going to do the iced holly tonight

Fearless Leader: yes and the leaves are treated the same way as the grape leaves

techi_mom56: ahhh

Fearless Leader: DemoPix-021.htm

techi_mom56: i caught the tail end of the holly

Fearless Leader: There's what was made this afternoon and then cured and finished

Fearless Leader: I'm using this generic floor polish and it's sort of milky in that picture between the grapes

Fearless Leader: it's cleared up now

Fearless Leader: so let's start with the cane

techi_mom56: k

Fearless Leader: there's a weird sound out side my window

Fearless Leader: I'm going to check it out

Fearless Leader: brb

bonsaikathy: ok

techi_mom56: i understand that one...i live out in the woods...

bonsaikathy: I couldn't believe what I saw outside my window today, a bobcat of all things

Fearless Leader: I live in the city, weird stuff happens

bonsaikathy: I sent a pic of it through the claypic group

Fearless Leader: it was my neighbor, she was shaking out a heavy coat

Fearless Leader: but it sounded like I dunno, like a couple of things wrestling

Fearless Leader: I saw the Bobcat

bonsaikathy: haha

Fearless Leader: I'd have shit

Fearless Leader: YIKES

bonsaikathy: I about did

bonsaikathy: it was beautiful, just sat there and looked in the window at me

Fearless Leader: I'm a city girl, wild life is roaches, pigeons, rats, black birds and sea gulls

bonsaikathy: lol

techi_mom56: cool...i seen them out hubby saw a mountain lion...thought it was another bobcat till it dawned on him it had a long tail.....

Fearless Leader: We're on their menu

Fearless Leader: that's why I don't scuba dive

Fearless Leader: vegetables in the sea bigger than me

Fearless Leader: I'm humble

Fearless Leader: I'll stay on land thank you

techi_mom56: dont walk the dog after dark...grin

bonsaikathy: it was really beautiful

Fearless Leader: hey, don't go into bad neighborhoods looking like you got a dollar

Fearless Leader: ah well, ok let's do some grapes

Fearless Leader: what I found was missing on mini grapes was the stems

Fearless Leader: I thought, hey

Fearless Leader: the grapes aren't hanging on thin air

Fearless Leader: they got to have branches

Fearless Leader: left over leopard spot chop is good for quick branches

Fearless Leader: see?

Fearless Leader: cut a slice like this into lengths

techi_mom56: k

Fearless Leader: then roll those slices into branches

Fearless Leader: when you get an assortment of branches rolled out you lay out a skeleton of the bunch of grapes, shall I do that and we go from there?

techi_mom56: yes

bonsaikathy: so far up to now I've saved all the text but try as I might I've not been able to do screen shots so if someone else knows how that would be great.

Fearless Leader: we got shots from this afternoon

bonsaikathy: oh good

Fearless Leader: I'm not going to sweat the night owls

Fearless Leader: it's hard enough to stay awake

bonsaikathy: yup

Fearless Leader: and keep track

Fearless Leader: so it's ok, just relax, save logs so I don't miss questions

Fearless Leader: being turned away from the monitor

Fearless Leader: ok?

bonsaikathy: ok

techi_mom56: k

bonsaikathy: will do

dbluwitch26 joined the room

bonsaikathy: Hi there, don't recognize the user ID so will introduce myself, I'm Kathy, NJ is working on the stem of grapes at the present time

bonsaikathy: Nancy and Niki are also in here along with NJ

Fearless Leader: It's Dag I believe

Fearless Leader: right?

dbluwitch26: I'm sorry this is dag just got focused on the grapes and didn't even say hi sorry

Fearless Leader: LOL

Fearless Leader: it's ok

bonsaikathy: Hi Dag

Fearless Leader: So this is the cane I'm using for the grapes

dbluwitch26: hi all i'm late just fed pa and tuned in again, made my melon and grapes and leaves earlier and i'm still amazed i did it

Fearless Leader: Did you cure them Dag?

Fearless Leader: See the difference in the color from cured to uncured grape cane?

dbluwitch26: they look so fantastic i'm gettin way tooo cocky about it all

Fearless Leader: get cocky, I promote sassy clayers

Fearless Leader: we can't be artists if we don't have some grit

Fearless Leader: ya know?


Fearless Leader: Sassy is all our Middle Names on the ClayArt list

Fearless Leader: if someone says

dbluwitch26: oh thanks i'll just continue getting carried away

Fearless Leader: "I don't know if I like that." about something you made

Fearless Leader: you say

Fearless Leader: "So point being?"

Fearless Leader: who cares

Fearless Leader: screw anyone elses' nay saying

Fearless Leader: we know what we want

Fearless Leader: following our bliss in that Joseph Campbell sort of way

Fearless Leader: right?

Fearless Leader: RIGHT?!

snooks2312 joined the room

techi_mom56: right

dbluwitch26: RIGHT

Fearless Leader: Janice, howdy honey

Fearless Leader: I'm giving them the sassy artist pep talk

Fearless Leader: LOL

snooks2312: hi all

dbluwitch26: gotta admit even pa was quite impressedi did all that in such a short time and good too

snooks2312: sorry I'm late

Fearless Leader: we reviewed the watermelon

Fearless Leader: and are assembling the bunch of grapes

bonsaikathy: Hi Janice

snooks2312: did I miss much?

Fearless Leader: the watermelon review, there's screen shots being put up and there's a tute, trick of it is the three color blend for the rind

dbluwitch26: my watermelon turned out so juicy and my grapes look edible but my leaves absolutely sparkle

snooks2312: oh cool

bonsaikathy: you go girl

snooks2312: those look good enough to eat LOL

Fearless Leader: so to make a mini bunch of grapes

Fearless Leader: use your left over leopard chop for branches

Fearless Leader: cut slices and roll

Fearless Leader: left over leopard makes great branches in a pinch

Fearless Leader: with me so far?

snooks2312: yup

Fearless Leader: DemoPix-021.htm

Fearless Leader: Here's the finished items from this afternoon

Fearless Leader: there's still some milky floor finish on the grapes

Fearless Leader: but you can see the branches

Fearless Leader: which I think makes a bunch of grapes look more realistic

snooks2312: looks very neat

Fearless Leader:food-grape-grp1

Fearless Leader: if you're new to grape construction please open this page

Fearless Leader: it's the How To

snooks2312: have been on that page before

Fearless Leader: so the purple is just red and blue, then mixed with translucent

Fearless Leader: the core has less translucent

Fearless Leader: the surround of the bulls eye has more

Fearless Leader: same purple

Fearless Leader: just more translucent

Fearless Leader: the surround on grape bulls eyes is thicker than you'd usually make for a bulls eye

techi_mom56: ahhh...okay...

Fearless Leader: but we want juicy grapes

Fearless Leader: so the translucent part will be a bit thicker, as thick as the core at least

Fearless Leader: make it what ever size you want but reduce the cane to mini size

Fearless Leader: like that

Fearless Leader: then you slice and just roll the slices on your work tile

Fearless Leader: which I'll do if there's no questions

Fearless Leader: no questions?

dbluwitch26: slice away

snooks2312: slice away

Fearless Leader: Okie Dokie