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Demo Oct0ber 2002

10-12-2002: 3pm Demo Last Half, figuring out sliced turkey and assembling a salad.

Fearless Leader: ok cool
Fearless Leader: so any other bread questions or are we ready for a
buci131: break time
faye_shelton: i'm cool with it
Fearless Leader: ok, folks... I'm going to take 5 minutes or so and
I'll be back for Short Order Claying, so gather up your requests.
lindaslists joined the room
Fearless Leader: and tell me when I get back
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buci131: Hiya Linda and Teri
buci131: We're on break now
lindaslists: Yummy bread. Sylvia says I need to lay off it for a
buci131: You can have this kind
teri56: hi guys
buci131: it's good for ya
lindaslists: LOL
jakmiami: hi teri
snooks2312: back
buci131: Of course, you realize I'm not actually suggesting you eat
it, right?
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lindaslists: She said I had an allergy to it and it makes me tired. I
drastically slowed down on it other that a slice or 2 a day(used to be
more) and I feel much better
buci131: That's great
lindaslists: the real kind
lindaslists: how long is the break?
buci131: oh, an hour or so
buci131: just kidding
buci131: long enough for people to powder their noses
lindaslists: ok, BRB, need a new pepsi
buci131: old one not good enough for you?
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
buci131: Syl you're back--again
buci131: I thought it was pretty funny that Kathy said she had to
leave and you left
sylsnovelties: I had to reboot. Sheesh! Everything froze!
buci131: grrrrr
sylsnovelties: drives me nuts! I always miss something good
buci131: yeah, we figured out how to make turquoise from cobalt while
you were gone
sylsnovelties: Oh?
buci131: just kidding again--we were still doing food
buci131: I'm in a terribly teasing kind of mood tonight
sylsnovelties: I still haven't tried!
sylsnovelties: I love teasing!
buci131: that's okay--no pressure--I'll expect you to let us know how
to do it tomorrow morning
lindaslists: back, decided on green koolaid and cottage cheese. Not
together though.
buci131: is green a flavor?
sylsnovelties: The piece of black I have is about a half inch by a
half inch and I don't want to waste it trying the blue! heeheehee
lindaslists: best one(lime)
buci131: oh--you need more clay, dear
sylsnovelties: I know!!! I'm down to bits and pieces now! heeheehee
buci131: I'd offer to play around with it but not with a show coming
upon me so quickly
lindaslists: You still here Teri? I have a question for you.
sylsnovelties: I'm so excited for you Eva! Is this your first?
teri56: I'm here
snooks2312: how'd your presetup work Eva?
buci131: Yes, it is Syl
buci131: We do it tomorrow
sylsnovelties: I love doing the craft fairs. We have 2 next month!
lindaslists: I have tons of canes ends. Do you want them for the
donations box?
buci131: That's cool--any tips for me Syl?
teri56: sure Linda - I had some a couple of months ago, and they were
very popular
buci131: don't take any wooden nickels, etc.
Fearless Leader: back
lindaslists: I don't use them up very fast and they are great ends
that some one can use. I keep them seperated in bags. I'll send you
some with the swap.
Fearless Leader: time for Short Order Claying, we can repeat the moves
shown earlier for our late name it.
buci131: I do--turkey slices (do you see a theme with me right now?)
lindaslists: Raisin bread?
teri56: that sounds great, thanks Linda
buci131: have a request that is
sylsnovelties: Just have a ball!
lindaslists: that looks good
buci131: oh you rolled it with the black specks in it
sylsnovelties: Have a variety too.
jakmiami: turkey sounds good...
buci131: Thanks Syl--yep we got that
buci131: jewelry, votives, pens, placecard holders, etc
Fearless Leader: it's been so long since I've seen a turkey slice, I
do Japanese thanksgivings now a days
lindaslists: My Ramadan cane turned out great NJ. I'll send you a cane
of it.
Fearless Leader: Oh I'd love it too much. Thanks Linda
jakmiami: what is a japanese thanksgiving consist of?
Fearless Leader: sushi
buci131: I'm thinking pinkish white with some trans in it, but I'm not
totally sure how to do it
Fearless Leader: and more sushi
buci131: heehee
jakmiami: oh
Fearless Leader: let me go get my family circle mag for November
sylsnovelties: Eva, you got pics of the card holders?
buci131: well at least it's not raw turkey
lindaslists: Trans and blue mix for the cresent moon with a star in
the middle and filled in the trans/w bleach
Fearless Leader: it'll have a picture
Fearless Leader: brb
jude: Stuffed tofu?
buci131: not yet--I'm still working a little on them Syl
buci131: Although there is one of the sunflower placecard holders on
our site
buci131: under Household--I think it's near the bottom of the page
teri56 left the room
buci131: I guess Teri doesn't like stuffed tofu
jude: I don't blame her.
buci131: me either
snooks2312: me either, I'll take turkey any day
jude: I love turkey.
sylsnovelties: I saw it Eva! Looks great!
buci131: thanks Syl
buci131: I'm working on roasted stuffed turkeys right now
jude: Yum!
buci131: I thought for napkin rings I could do a little plate of
turkey dinner to match the placecard holders
sylsnovelties: I'm getting hungry for turkey!
buci131: but I have to figure out the turkey slices
lindaslists: that would be so cute
buci131: I thought it would be fun, too
buci131: oh, there's some turkey
snooks2312: pics look good NJ
buci131: with stuffing--got that, I think
jakmiami: don't forget the cranberry sauce!
buci131: oh, yeah--I actually did cause I don't eat it
buci131: have to do the jellied kind
buci131: with the ridges in it from the can
snooks2312: lol
Fearless Leader: it's not white turkey meat
buci131: that's fine
Fearless Leader: it has a bit of red in it
buci131: it's turkey slices
snooks2312: darks the best
buci131: that's what I was thinking
Fearless Leader: what's the trick with any sliced meat
buci131: I don't know
Fearless Leader: is to roll sheets of clay so it's layered like muscle
lindaslists: texture
snooks2312: i don't know
buci131: oh, that's also waht I was thinking
Fearless Leader: and texturize the slices with a tooth brush for
Turkey is a flakey meat
lindaslists: Ah! Wild Turkey-LOL
buci131: that's good--I hadn't thought of that
buci131: what do you suggest for the sheet colors?
lindaslists: I'm kind of flaky right now too
Fearless Leader: Eva, have you borrowed Angie Scar or Sue Hersher's
mini food books?
buci131: it's that green koolaid
buci131: nope
buci131: Hey, I can do that now
jude: Linda, GASP! Funny, I was gonna say
lindaslists: yup
Fearless Leader: ok, now Sue and Angie both deal with cooked meat
jude: Linda looks kinda flaky!
lindaslists: LOL
Fearless Leader: Sue has baked ham with a bone sticking out of it and
Angie does some cooked meat. Write to Mitch and see who has those
books right now or if they are available
buci131: ok
buci131: will do
buci131: If she's got 'em, I'll have to pay her a visit, heheh
Fearless Leader: but these "Ladies" magazines are the best for
Fearless Leader: I keep years of Family Circle and Bon Appitite
Fearless Leader: just for the pictures
Fearless Leader: so are there any other requests?
dahs512: salad?
dahs512: just for fun
Fearless Leader: ok
Fearless Leader: let me get the canes
wi1dangl joined the room
snooks2312: hey thats a new one
dahs512: i thought so too
snooks2312: where'd he come from Linda
lindaslists: I have a bunch that are from the yahoo messanger icon
wi1dangl: evening are tonight?
snooks2312: very cute. I love Halloween
Fearless Leader: That's tomato, I'll press a slice so you can see it
dahs512: Hello Lynn
dahs512: teensy shrooms
wi1dangl: Hi...i'm late...but i'm busy watching a movie
dahs512: She is assembling a salad
jakmiami: carrot, celery rib, onion...
Fearless Leader: hard boiled egg
dahs512: hee hee
lindaslists: cool
buci131: NJ--FYI: Kay's having probs and can't get back into Explorer
to participate in the chat but she is watching your webcam
jakmiami: what's that?!
Fearless Leader: ok Eva, thank you for telling me and tell her Shim
Poi Poi
Fearless Leader: purple onion, Judith
dahs512: is it purple onion
Fearless Leader: I got to get a platter, brb
Fearless Leader: big platter from Pot Therapy
Fearless Leader: who hasn't seen the coffee pot?
dahs512: show me
Fearless Leader: the top stays on if it's bumped in the room box
dahs512: neato
Fearless Leader: but it does come off
lindaslists: that is so cute- I'm chatting with Kay-LOL
dahs512: oh my!
Fearless Leader: taper the inside of the neck
Fearless Leader: taper the rim of the pot top
Fearless Leader: and you'll have lids that don't fall off too
Fearless Leader: but we were making a salad, oh this is silver premo
straight out of the package
Fearless Leader: for Pot Therapy
Fearless Leader: now I don't touch the cane slices here
Fearless Leader: I use tools instead
Fearless Leader: taking two cone shaped clay shapers Zero size, I use
them like chop sticks
Fearless Leader: thought I'd warn you ahead of time, it's Benihanna
dahs512: ?
buci131: I gotta bug out everyone--thanks bunches NJ. You'll probably
be seeing some familiar stuff in the not too distant future.
Fearless Leader: let me get this frame adjusted
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Eva
dahs512: by eve
buci131: Night all
snooks2312: night Eva
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Fearless Leader: I didn't want to start until the ladies got back
Fearless Leader: tell me when you're ready Denise and Syl
dahs512: boing...boing!
jude: Ladies? Oh, Syl, huh? hehehehehe
Fearless Leader: shall I go over how these different canes were made?
snooks2312: sure
jakmiami: that would be helpful
sylsnovelties: alright Jude!
Fearless Leader: this ribbon is the celery cane pressed at the
thinnest setting on the pasta press
sylsnovelties: I hope I can stay!
Fearless Leader: that's made with green with 3 or more times
translucent and no color translucent sheets stacked
Fearless Leader: with the translucent hanging off the end there
Fearless Leader: I took a slice and ran it through the pasta press at
the thinnest setting
Fearless Leader: this ribbon
Fearless Leader: is green with translucent done as a blend with dark
Fearless Leader: it's sliced in slivers and those slivers are rolled
Fearless Leader: by themselves and rolled with each other
Fearless Leader: for Spring Onion
Fearless Leader: Tomato is white snakes
Fearless Leader: done as a bulls eye with red mixed with a lot of
Fearless Leader: then done as lace cane, just sliced stacked reduced
to the size you need
Fearless Leader: make two half circle logs
Fearless Leader: make a sheet of that red with translucent, a little
darker than what's around the seeds
Fearless Leader: and make a vein
Fearless Leader: and put the two half circles together, and surround
with the vein colored mix
Fearless Leader: reduce to size, this is pressed big so you can see it
Fearless Leader: are we ok so far?
jakmiami: yes
dahs512: yes
snooks2312: yes
Fearless Leader: purple onion is white with purple done as a bulls eye
Fearless Leader: added sheets around it
Fearless Leader: so it's like white snake, two or three sheets of
purple and white surround
sylsnovelties: Could that be used for purple cabbage too?
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: then you reduce that one bullseye
Fearless Leader: until you get a length of cane you can slice into 6
Fearless Leader: stack them, put a vein in between the stacks
Fearless Leader: surround and reduce
Fearless Leader: it's easy as dirt
Fearless Leader: ok?
snooks2312: yes
jakmiami: yep
lindaslists: ok
Fearless Leader: anyone?
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: Tell me how this slice of hard boiled egg is made?
jakmiami: yellow yolk surrounded with a little green surronded with
dahs512: bullseye
Fearless Leader: there ya go
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
sylsnovelties: yellow inside bulls eye and surrounded with white!
lindaslists: I think there is some translucent instead of white
Fearless Leader: carrots are not all orange going through and through
Fearless Leader: they have a yellow core, the larger the carrot the
more fiberous that core
snooks2312: is that a touch of yellow in the middle
Fearless Leader: in Middle Eastern Cooking they cut that yellow core
dahs512: lighter towards the middle
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snooks2312: answered before I could finish typing. lol
Fearless Leader: before cooking the Tajine in Casa Blanca
Fearless Leader: so we do a jelly roll blend
Fearless Leader: to get our carrots, right?
snooks2312: I think so
Fearless Leader: LOL
snooks2312: yellow to orange blend
sylsnovelties: I did mine today a bit different. I wish I would have
waited one more day.
Fearless Leader: yellowish orange on one end and orange on the other
snooks2312: gotcha
Fearless Leader: do a blend
Fearless Leader: make a ribbon
Fearless Leader: jelly roll
Fearless Leader: do a dance
Fearless Leader: and fart
Fearless Leader: you're done
Fearless Leader: easy breezy
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
Fearless Leader: LOL
snooks2312: LOL
sylsnovelties: I did a yellow center and wrapped with an orange sheet.
snooks2312: I've done it that way before too
snooks2312: this looks much easier
sylsnovelties: Oh good! they actually don't look too bad!
Fearless Leader: stalk of celery
Fearless Leader: green with translucent layered with translucent
Fearless Leader: stack, slice, curve into the C shape
Fearless Leader: call it a day
dahs512: then little slices
Fearless Leader: mushroom slices
Fearless Leader: aren't difficult
sylsnovelties: You mix green with trans and then a sheet of trans and
Fearless Leader: they are just so danged small
snooks2312: browns
Fearless Leader: for Celery, Syl, sure do, just make sure there's
translucent at the end for that pale attachment part of the celery
sylsnovelties: Ahhh ok.
snooks2312: sorry, on the mushrooms already, LOL
sylsnovelties: I have to go potty before I pee my chair. brb
Fearless Leader: potty break
Fearless Leader: and then I'll assemble this salad
Fearless Leader: brb
snooks2312: oh Linda, love the coffee cup
lindaslists: LOL
Fearless Leader: I'm back
Fearless Leader: shall we do a roll call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco, Making Salad
chelyha: Cheryl inTehachapi, ate too much for dinner
lindaslists: Linda Bohrn in Ely Nevada chatting with Kay-LOL
snooks2312: Jan here, Manitoba, Canada, watching
faye_shelton: Well, g'night, ladies. I got the east coast sleepy eyed
blues. Thanks for all.
jude: jude in tehachapi watching NJ making salad
chelyha: good night
snooks2312: night
Fearless Leader: Night Night Faye
jakmiami: judith k. miami beach
faye_shelton left the room
Fearless Leader: 6 still needing to do Roll Call so we know you're
Fearless Leader: or 5 as the case may be now
dahs512: Denise in Austin, or there abouts
chelyha: I'm amazed at how small this food is
wi1dangl: l vz Lynn in Atlanta here...
chelyha: and how you do it without any distortion
lindaslists left the room
chelyha: but actually my leaf slices get pretty small sometimes
Fearless Leader: Syl's still not back?
dahs512: musta drank a lot of water
jude: She's still online, I think. Just away.
snooks2312: went potty
jude: Yes.
jude: Lasix break.
NikiT: niki in az.. at work.. so only paying half attention.
Fearless Leader: I'll play with my food then
Fearless Leader: Oh
Fearless Leader: Who remembers
Fearless Leader: in Young Frankenstien
Fearless Leader: when he "touched" his food
Fearless Leader: "You didn't even touch your food!"
sylsnovelties: bak
Fearless Leader: "Here," slapping his hands in his dinner
Fearless Leader: "I TOUCHED my FOOD!"
Fearless Leader: ok, so we're all here then?
chelyha: yeah I remember that
chelyha: that is a great movie
dahs512: yes
lindaslists joined the room
Fearless Leader: ah Linda is back
Fearless Leader: coolness
lindaslists: got logged off with you while chatting with Kay. etting
her know what you are doing and showing her my candy
Fearless Leader: Ah thank you Linda
sylsnovelties: Candy looks good enough to eat!
Fearless Leader: I'm going to cut up this salad, now there's two camps
for salad, those who tear and those who cut the lettuce
lindaslists: thanks
Fearless Leader: it's easier with this ribbon of lettuce leaf to cut
it into bits
Fearless Leader: I'll cut the celery, carrot and spring onion, and
then assemble
wi1dangl left the room
sylsnovelties: Are they all from the same ribbon?
sylsnovelties: well, not the carrot.
chelyha: I just got here. Is this stuff cured yet or not?
chelyha: I'm assuming not
sylsnovelties: Raw
chelyha: Ok, thanks
sylsnovelties left the room
dahs512: poor Syl
chelyha: I had my first creme brulee tonight
chelyha: Oh my god it was good
dahs512: what is creme brulee
sylsnovelties joined the room
chelyha: It's a really rich custard with burnt sugar on top
dahs512: wb syl
chelyha: very tasty
dahs512: i was thinking it sounded like burnt crean
dahs512: m
chelyha: they put sugar on top and carmelize it with a little torch
jude: Newest kitchen tool...a blow torch.
chelyha: oh so she is using two tools like chopsticks
chelyha: very cool
jude: Any dressing for that salad?
jude: TLS and white for Ranch?
chelyha: yes Jude it is a delicious dessert but very rich
dahs512: blue cheese, please
jude: Oil and vinegar would be a little more tricky.
chelyha: I'd say so
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chelyha: did she make all these parts while you all watched?
dahs512: no, had the canes ready
chenoa_2b: using tools like chop sticks makes it neigh on to
impossible for me! lol
lindaslists: love the elegant silverware
chelyha: yeah I can use them but not correctly
dahs512: The utensils are precious
chelyha: yes it's cool
chelyha: a healthy lunch
chelyha: we wouldnt' gain any weight eating that!
jude: That's terrific, NJ!
Fearless Leader: there
chelyha: I can't believe how small it is!!!
Fearless Leader: I'm don
dahs512: looks ood
dahs512: g
jakmiami: Applause!
dbluwitch26: ooooh just in time for dinner, looks terrific
chelyha: that is soooo cool!
Fearless Leader: now one could put bacon bits on it and salad dressing
Fearless Leader: now beaders, all these mini techniques can be used on
beads too
dahs512: blue cheese
chenoa_2b: It needs a book for reading while munching..
chelyha: I just love the little hamburger you gave me
chelyha: it's about the cutest thing I've ever seen
chenoa_2b: Perfect! lol
dahs512: nj how do you get the extra trans on the end of the celery?
lindaslists: What's that on the penny
chenoa_2b: The book is on the penny
dahs512: is that a mouse?
Fearless Leader: yes, wee mousie
Fearless Leader: eating salad
lindaslists: Oh
chelyha: oh my god that's great
lindaslists: Mr Jingles
chenoa_2b: I can see that wee mousie is ready for the wee girly! lol
Fearless Leader: take a mini book and cut it into fourths
Fearless Leader: for smaller books like this
jakmiami: wait a miniute, is the book pc or just a pc cover???
chenoa_2b: Is the book made out of PC?
Fearless Leader: paper book
Fearless Leader: fuzzy mouse
chelyha: I got my clay shapers
Fearless Leader: ain't they cool?
chelyha: they are really small
Fearless Leader: clayshapers
jakmiami: hmmm, i'll have to see about the book...
chelyha: I haven't tried them yet, but I will this weekend
chenoa_2b: Nora Jean, how do you shape your silver ware?
Fearless Leader: so I'm done, I promised the family three hour demos
will be my limit
Fearless Leader: so I don't burn out
chenoa_2b: That is a good idea!
lindaslists: ok
Fearless Leader: I use my fingers to roll the handles, exacto knife to
do the fork
Fearless Leader: Ya, I was over extended
Fearless Leader: so that's the Friday Night Review
Fearless Leader: Tomorrow's New Technique
chenoa_2b: Thank you NJ!
Fearless Leader: Iced Holly
jude: thanks!
chelyha: Iced Holly?
Fearless Leader: so Pearl, Translucent and gold leaf if you have it
chenoa_2b: Ohhh yes!
Fearless Leader: want the url?
jude: Great demo!
chelyha: sounds interesting
lindaslists: Great. I'll try to get there
dahs512: Night Nj and thanks
dbluwitch26: what time for the holly
jakmiami: Well, I appreciate it all. I've got a log and lots of pix,
so will see about getting them loaded before the weekend is out.
chelyha: yes please
lindaslists: YES!
Fearless Leader: 3 and 7
Fearless Leader: my time, two shows
snooks2312: thanks NJ, greta demo
dbluwitch26: thanks
jakmiami: night all
snooks2312: great, should see ya all tomorrow night too
chelyha: me too
lindaslists left the room
jude: Night all!
snooks2312: night everyone
dbluwitch26: night night
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Fearless Leader: night night
dbluwitch26 left the room
jakmiami left the room
snooks2312 left the room
chenoa_2b: Night NJ

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.