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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Saturday, up to the first break

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chenoa_2b: How are you feeling NJ?
boobearns: hope your sniffles are almost better NJ!
chenoa_2b: Hey that is Sue black isn't it? Co owner?
boobearns: isn't that pretty!
Fearless Leader: I'm much better thank you, just sleep deprived is
Fearless Leader: this isn't coming up with the right colors, drat. Let
me fiddle
boobearns: I'll be popping in and out, as the kids (and sick hubby)
seblack991234: Yup I am here....Suz
chenoa_2b: Hi! I am Carolyn... Glad to have you hear, and I want to
thank you for starting this group in the first place.
seblack991234: My name is really Suzanne. Just get lazy and type Suz.
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boobearns: hi Mitch
chenoa_2b: Hi Mitch!
Fearless Leader: Well, that's close enough for government work. We'll
give folks some time to get to the chat room.
seblack991234: Well, I got to talking to Nora Jean and found out how
talented she was and we went from there.
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frogger70301: Hey, all.
Fearless Leader: Hey Mitch
seblack991234: Howdy.
chenoa_2b: NJ that is super looking! Like a net over some satin! I
love it!
Fearless Leader: She created the clay art list because the
MiniScenesAndThings list was so interested in Polymer Clay for
Fearless Leader: This is fish scale, the technique I'm going to be
showing this week end
seblack991234: Yes, that is part of the truth....the rest is because
NJ is wonderful in clay.
Fearless Leader: there's a lot one can do with the basic technique
Fearless Leader: Thanks Mom... LOL
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm still getting prep done here, brb
chenoa_2b: Gotta say good bye to bro. BRB
seblack991234: This is so much more fun than reading emails with no
frogger70301: Isn't it.
seblack991234: Plus I can run away to chase after a grand daughter and
no one knows I am gone. LOL
frogger70301: Oooh, we painted our mails today!
chenoa_2b: ok, I am back.
seblack991234: You did?
frogger70301: nails, sorry.
Fearless Leader: I figured since I was sick in bed I'd paint my nails.
frogger70301: Nice color.
chenoa_2b: lol I wanted to see the painted mails! lol
seblack991234: Pretty
Fearless Leader: I'm going to post to the list that we're ready and
then I'll come back and start making our first cane
chenoa_2b: Do we have shot takers and log catchers? Honestly I am not
going to be much goodd at that. No sleep, and to much turmoil going on
around here.
seblack991234: Should be packing. Have to be out of here in two
weeks...but this seemed to be much more fun. LOL
frogger70301: I have to get some eggs done, but I can do the logs. I
seem to be about the only one that doesn't keep getting booted.
chenoa_2b: A NJ demo is hard to beat I tell ya. This group has some
great teachers.
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frogger70301: Hey, Cheryl.
chenoa_2b: is that Cheryl H?
frogger70301: Yeah.
chelyha55: yes, I'm getting set up
Fearless Leader: Roll Call, name and location
chenoa_2b: Hi Cheryl!
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
chenoa_2b: Carolyn, Oregon
seblack991234: Suzanne outside of Houston.
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi CA
Fearless Leader: And Paulo in Brazil is watching on invisible mode
Fearless Leader: oh, he just turned on his webcam
Fearless Leader: shin2br
chenoa_2b: Hya Paulo!
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frogger70301: Now that did NOT look like a sickly smile! I think NJ
played hooky this weekend!
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Fearless Leader: I'm trying to get paulo to come to the room
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chenoa_2b: When I saw her I just wanted to run up and hug her! lol
seblack991234: I keep getting booted.
Fearless Leader: Paulo is coming to the chat
Fearless Leader: I've missed him terribly
chenoa_2b: Ya!
Fearless Leader: he does beautiful work
Fearless Leader: he opens hospitals in Brazil for crippled children
seblack991234: Wow. How neat.
chenoa_2b: How wonderful!
Fearless Leader: and he's been a benefactor for the list for clayers
who need clay and ain't got money
Fearless Leader: our angel
seblack991234: Ohhhhhhh.
frogger70301: That is so sweet.
chenoa_2b: Now that is a truely caring person.
Fearless Leader: That's why I'm all gushy about him in the Rumble in
the Jungle section
Fearless Leader: Ok, let's get started we have our half dozen
Fearless Leader: ok?
frogger70301: sounds good to me.
chenoa_2b: ok
seblack991234: Ready and waiting.
Fearless Leader: So I pressed a bunch of sheets
Fearless Leader: blue and silver
Fearless Leader: Now we're going to do a blend
Fearless Leader: go get coffee if you know this part already
frogger70301: Right here.
frogger70301: Paulo?
seblack991234: Do you have your web cam screen on too?
Fearless Leader: Help her get the cam
Fearless Leader: Paulo is Shin21br
lindaslists: Right click on Fearless leader and select view webcam
Fearless Leader: and those who can do description duties while I clay,
I'd appreciate that
frogger70301: Blue and silver blend?
Fearless Leader: ok, now we can roll this into a jelly roll with the
silver in the center or the blue in the center
frogger70301: Do you see where the list of people in the room is?
Fearless Leader: Dream2b100, what's your name?
chelyha55: Welcome Lisa
seblack991234: Howdy Lisa
frogger70301: Do you have the newest messenger?
Fearless Leader: Ladies, can you help Lisa sort this out pretty
chenoa_2b: Hi lisa
frogger70301: I"ll try to help.
lindaslists: To the right of the screen is a list of people in chat.
Look there or look for msatclayart demo
Fearless Leader: Just sent Lisa an invite to see the cam
chenoa_2b: Hiya Kay...
lindaslists: who's that
chenoa_2b: Who is that int he back ground? Is that just the "friend"?
Fearless Leader: Alissa waves HI
Fearless Leader: she's our overnight guest
chenoa_2b: Hi Alissa!
lindaslists: the sleep over friend
lindaslists: LOL
frogger70301: I thought I saw someone in the back.
seblack991234: Hi Alissa
lindaslists: Hi Alissa
Fearless Leader: Sorry about that, I was helping Paulo, he's on a Mac
and I had to send him the directions
chenoa_2b: I don't mind waiting for him.
Fearless Leader: So I'm going to make a jelly roll with this blend
Fearless Leader: I'll do another blend so we can see the silver on the
center and the outside
chenoa_2b: Does Alissa get to clay along with us?
Fearless Leader: She's doing laundry and then Said and her are going
to a basketball game
chenoa_2b: ok
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seblack991234: She sure is pretty.
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Fearless Leader: Now I'll slice these jelly roll canes length wise
into fourths, but I'll take any questions at this time.
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to dream2b100 (11/17/02 at
1:41 PM)
dream2b100: Hi I hate to disturb you but I can't see a thing, Lisa
Fearless Leader: Just sent Lisa and Mary invites to see the cam
chenoa_2b: are you going to use both of the rolls or just the one?
Fearless Leader: Lisa, can you see the little TV icon on my name?
Click on that and you'll be able to open my cam
Fearless Leader: UpMary2002, are you getting the cam?
dream2b100: NNo
frogger70301: I'll help you.
Fearless Leader:
chelyha55: you can pull up yahoo messenger and right click on
msatclayart, and click view webcam
Fearless Leader: Here's all the directions on how to access the cam,
if you're on a Mac you will have to do it a little different, I'm
going to be on all week end
chelyha55: that's how I do it
Fearless Leader: so go read the directions and the ladies here will
help you but I got to get back to the demo
Fearless Leader: Carolyn, I'm going to use both canes
Fearless Leader: to show how it looks different with the colors in
reverse order
chenoa_2b: ok
Fearless Leader: ok, so I took a jelly roll blend cane and sliced it
into four pieces lengthwise
Fearless Leader: any questions to this point?
chelyha55: no
chenoa_2b: nope
seblack991234: nope
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Fearless Leader: Ok, now we stack these sections with the point going
in the same direction
Fearless Leader: Now I'm going to reduce this and slice it into
sections and stack them again, so we have multiple scales
Fearless Leader: ok?
chelyha55: ooh, sounds cool!\
chenoa_2b: are you maintaining the triagnle shape?
chenoa_2b: yes you are
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chelyha55: Hi Dorothy
boobearns: Hi
boobearns: what is NJ working on?
seblack991234: A cane.
boobearns: thank you
chenoa_2b: fish scales
chenoa_2b: I can't tell how she is laying those out on the sheet.
chenoa_2b: thank you
Fearless Leader: So I took the slices and laid it on a sheet of
matching blue
seblack991234: Looks like she is just lapping over a little bit.
Fearless Leader: and now I'm going to press this
Fearless Leader: it'll all mash together in the pressing
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boobearns: pretty!!
chenoa_2b: wow
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frogger70301: That would look good on a tin with a rose the color of
NJ's nails.
chenoa_2b: where is Jude?
Fearless Leader: Now let me show you some other sheets done in the
same way with some small differences
boobearns: kinda looks like alien skin
NikiT: pretty.
Fearless Leader: This one is my favorite
NikiT: looks almost like feathers
chenoa_2b: it is so pretty
Fearless Leader: Now if you had surrounded the cane with a contrasting
color you'll get a different look. Yes it can function as feathers as
well, Niki
Fearless Leader: Now that we have this jelly roll cane with the silver
on the outside
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Fearless Leader: if we surrounded it with something dark and then did
the cutting, what will we see?
Fearless Leader: I don't know yet, I'll find out when you do
chenoa_2b: lol
Fearless Leader: so let's just surround it with a sheet of this blue
Fearless Leader: see what that does, ok?
chenoa_2b: ok
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chenoa_2b: Are you touching on this tomorrow?
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Fearless Leader: yes, this is the new technique I want to share this
week end
Fearless Leader: so if you have to go, it will be repeated
chenoa_2b: Ok, I haven't had any sleep at all in the last 24
Fearless Leader: Tomorrow then honey, or late tonight
seblack991234: Bless your heart.
Fearless Leader: it'll be repeated
chenoa_2b: Mind and body are not agreeing! I want to stay, my eyes are
falling alseep!
chenoa_2b: Thanks so much. And get better ok?!
chenoa_2b: Adios all! Love ya!
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Fearless Leader: Now in this example I didn't reduce and repeat the
Fearless Leader: just took the cane, sliced in fourths, staked, sliced
and now we press
Fearless Leader: Now see the difference with reducing it and repeating
the pattern and not doing so
Fearless Leader: big difference
Fearless Leader: same technique, just repeated. Like I'm always
saying, complex designs are just a lot of simple elements repeated
Fearless Leader: any questions at this point?
Fearless Leader: is everyone away from the keyboard?
Fearless Leader: if there's no questions at this point I'm calling a
Potty Break
chelyha55: no I'm here
chelyha55: I'm making stuff too
chelyha55: and watching you
Fearless Leader: 15 minute potty break and I'll start up again at the
half hour
Fearless Leader: and I'll save this log at this point