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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

November 2002 Highlights

11/19/2002 Fish Scale Examples (11 Screen Shots with chat)

11/20/3003 FISH SCALES (28 photos)

Fish Scale Cane page


  1. Saturday, up to the first break

  2. Saturday, up to 3:30 pm, second break

  3. Third Break to 5:30pm

  4. From FeatherCane to Half Past Dinner Break

  5. Back from Dinner Break to 9pm break

  6. 9:45- 11:45, Denise doing a tin, me doing chop to the end of the Demo


  1. Sunday 11-17, start to first break

  2. Sunday: To Second break at 3:30pm

  3. Sunday, 3:30 to After Dinner Break: Niki shows her dragons, screen shots are being learned, open cam claying for my clay break.

  4. Sunday: To 7pm break,

  5. Sunday, 7-7:30, The start of the Stripies

  6. Sunday, From 7:30 break to end of demo, with edits