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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Third Break to 5:30pm

Fearless Leader: so I'll save log here.
Fearless Leader: be back in a quarter hour...
chelyha55 left the room
dbdove joined the room
Fearless Leader: DbDove, you Did IT!!
dbdove: hehe lol
Fearless Leader: Good going, now let's give you an invite to see the
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to dbdove (11/17/02 at 3:45
Fearless Leader: ATTA GIRL \(*o*)/
dbdove: thanks bunches
dbdove: this is gonna be a neat thing
Fearless Leader: Now I'm going to take an extra couple of minutes to
Fearless Leader: brb
dbdove: np thanks
Fearless Leader: Roll Call, Name and Location please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
dbdove: dbdove Florida
daytonlinda: Linda in Dayton Ohio
merrie60us: Merrie Boston
NikiT: niki, phx az
dbdove: sorry dbdove (Linda)
Fearless Leader: Is Mitch and DaytonLinda around?
Fearless Leader: or have they gone off to eat?
daytonlinda: yes
Fearless Leader: sorry
Fearless Leader: you answered roll call,
daytonlinda: ate fast!
Fearless Leader: gobbled it down
Fearless Leader: you betcha
Fearless Leader: the Biological break
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: had it all going on. LOL, keystone cops here during
frogger70301: I'm still trying to get Lisa here.
Fearless Leader: What seems to be her problem Mitch?
Fearless Leader: after an hour of helping, she just has to read the
directions. It's not fair to you if she's unprepared to meet us half
Fearless Leader: That may sound harsh
Fearless Leader: but it's not fair to you. She can go study the How To
Fearless Leader: There's a level of self direction and self motivation
for people to get here. It shouldn't take an hour to explain.
Fearless Leader: Somethings wrong on her end, like a too old version
of Yahoo Messenger
frogger70301: No, it's just that she was going in through the web.
Fearless Leader: Who's up for seeing this fish scale in other colors?
Fearless Leader: not just blue and silver?
merrie60us: me
Fearless Leader: let me see what sheets are already done
chelyha55: me
Fearless Leader: got some gold
dbdove: me too
Fearless Leader: powder blue, touch of pearl in it
dbdove: eating here so if I don't talk for a min i'm not being rude
Fearless Leader: copper
seblack991234: Suz here...had to take care of Emmy, my grand daughter.
Fearless Leader: want to do a three color blend? or use the copper as
a surround sheet?
merrie60us: ooh three colors
Fearless Leader: pick what you want to see
daytonlinda: blend
merrie60us: surround sheet
Fearless Leader: we're doing variations on a theme, so let's put this
technique through it's paces
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: both,
daytonlinda: cool
merrie60us: Okay
Fearless Leader: ok, let me clear the deck to do the three color blend
kmrhodes joined the room
Fearless Leader: Karen from ClayAlley
Fearless Leader: hey honey, got any specials going on
Fearless Leader: any over stock you want to move
Fearless Leader: share it with the folks here
Fearless Leader: while I get ready to do this three color blend
kmrhodes: Hey NJ... trying to see the web cam
kmrhodes: ah, I see it!
Fearless Leader: ah good
dream2b100 joined the room
kmrhodes: I just got my alley goop ready to go
kmrhodes: mold made in 6 minutes
Fearless Leader: wow
kmrhodes: that should have been Molds - with an S
daytonlinda: dang. i dont get paid til next week!
kmrhodes: this stuff is awesome!
chelyha55: what are you talking about?
kmrhodes: I have plenty so will save you some
kmrhodes: I just got in a new mold making material - putty actually
kmrhodes: mix 1 of each part A & B
chelyha55: when will you have it for sale?
kmrhodes: press against your master
kmrhodes: set up in 6 minutes
kmrhodes: For sale now
chelyha55: how much?
kmrhodes: will be getting it on site this weekend. $27.50 for a pound
chelyha55: ok, will check it out. Thanks!
kmrhodes: where's teri?
kmrhodes: she's making me a bunch of copper findings to sell
kmrhodes: chains, ear wires
dbdove: been trying to get on the clay alley site and can't bring it
up don't know what is going on, is it me? lol
kmrhodes: I did update it so you might have to refresh the screen
frogger70301: No, I'm having that prob too. Not just you.
daytonlinda: ALlley goop is MUCH cheaper than brand X -- I just bought
some of that, 4 oz for $20ish
dbdove: well at least i'm not alone then lol
kmrhodes: just as good as brand X or should I say, brand M
frogger70301: I've refreshed up to 5 times.
dbdove: sorry for that big type
kmrhodes: my web server physically moved
dream2b100: I finally got on but the picture isn't clear thank you so
much mitch
kmrhodes: they might be having problems
frogger70301: Any time, hon.
kmrhodes: oh and you can bake right in the mold in the oven!
kmrhodes: up to 600 degrees
frogger70301: Well, guys. I've got to go for a bit. Hubby is waiting
for me.
frogger70301: Bye, all.
kmrhodes: bye Mitch
seblack991234: bye for now
kmrhodes: bye
chelyha55: bye
dbdove: bye
frogger70301: I'll try to get back a little later.
frogger70301: Bye.
frogger70301 left the room
dream2b100: buy mitch
merrie60us: bye
kmrhodes: so good to see all of you!
daytonlinda: back in 5 min -- need to throw in laundry if i want clean
underwear in the am
kmrhodes: gotta have clean undies
kmrhodes: Anyone seen the movie, Sixth sense?
NikiT: yup
merrie60us: No but it is on tonight
dbdove: yep sure have
kmrhodes: about a little boy who sees dead people
kmrhodes: is it good
Fearless Leader: it's great
dbdove: VERY good
Fearless Leader: got to see it a second time
kmrhodes: okay, at 8 pm I gotta go see it
NikiT: what colors did you just blend, NJ?
kmrhodes: which gives me 45 minutes with my clay buddies
merrie60us: I think one sheet is copper
Fearless Leader: it's a powdery blue with a touch of mica
Fearless Leader: and then gold
merrie60us: and one is light blue
Fearless Leader: that got blended
NikiT: i guess the colors are a little off, so it was hard to tell
NikiT: (colors in the cam window, that is)
dbdove: here too
merrie60us: Yes mine look like peach and pink
kmrhodes: yeah, the gold looks orange
Fearless Leader: the copper will be a surround sheet
dream2b100: Now that you are allthrough and I finally got on how can I
see this demo again?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to roll that blend into a jelly roll
kmrhodes: NJ - what colors did you start with?
NikiT: she isn't done yet, but i think she said she'll have another
demo tmw or later tonight
Fearless Leader: we're just starting the fish scale cane from the
Fearless Leader: I just did the blend,
Fearless Leader: now we roll it up into a jelly roll
merrie60us: She rolled out the clay
Fearless Leader: slice it four times down its length
Fearless Leader: stack it
merrie60us: one is a blend
Fearless Leader: and then twirl around
dream2b100: oh thank you
Fearless Leader: moon walk backwards
Fearless Leader: and quack like a duck
Fearless Leader: naw, just kidding
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: the meds are taking hold! LOL
dbdove: lol
merrie60us: Roll from light to dark or vice versa or it doesn't
kmrhodes: NJ - theres a glare on the web cam
dream2b100 left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm going to turn off one setting and see if that
kmrhodes: black screen
merrie60us: too dark
merrie60us: better
dbdove: tooooo dark
merrie60us: but still dark
kmrhodes: better
kmrhodes: still dark
merrie60us: good
kmrhodes: who wants ice cream?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to slice this down its length
Fearless Leader: so I have four sections
Fearless Leader: then I'm going to give each section a copper surround
sheet before stacking them together again
Fearless Leader: any questions at this point?
kmrhodes: no
merrie60us: Is the roll light in center
dbdove: nope
merrie60us: and dark on outside
merrie60us: or dark on inside and light on outside?
merrie60us: thanks
Fearless Leader: I have the gold in the center
dbdove: I've got to work on the blending I seem to have trouble there
and it looks so easy lol
Fearless Leader: for the blue contrasted with the copper will maybe be
Fearless Leader: it's easy as Dirt, the blends
kmrhodes: easy for you
dbdove: lol
dbdove: i don't know what i do wrong but it just doesn't blen well
dbdove: blend
kmrhodes: mine all look like mud
dbdove: same here
Fearless Leader: ya, it's easier for me because I don't believe
there's anything with polymer clay that's too hard for me to do
Fearless Leader: if you believe you can do a thing
Fearless Leader: it makes doing the thing easier
dbdove: very true
Fearless Leader: for you don't have to get out of your own way of
kmrhodes: mind over clay
Fearless Leader: or fear of failure
Fearless Leader: for we stop ourselves for fear of failure, when in
exploration there is no failure
dbdove: no it's not fear, it just fails lol
Fearless Leader: did Colombus fail to find India, ya
Fearless Leader: but he found SOMETHING
kmrhodes: I find mud
Fearless Leader: that that was good enough for government work
dbdove: me too lol
merrie60us: lol
Fearless Leader: We'll be going over a blend again
daytonlinda: blends were the first thing i did when i got my pm. i
dbdove: and more mud lol
Fearless Leader: and we'll find out what you're doing to mix the clay
too much
dbdove: good i'll be watching
kmrhodes: I think I just mix past the point of no return
Fearless Leader: it's like tossing a salad, you got to mix things up
but you're not aiming for V8, a light touch is needed
Fearless Leader: let's cut this jelly roll blend cane and put some
surround sheets on the four lengths, ok?
kmrhodes: 'k
Fearless Leader: chat amongst yourselves, and if you don't know what
I'm doing or why
Fearless Leader: ask the people here
dbdove: I go by the directions on the sites and it just never ends up
the way it looks there
Fearless Leader: they've been through the demos before and they can
explain when my hands are busy
dbdove: k
Fearless Leader: do babies come out of the womb doing the tango?
Fearless Leader: why not give yourself time for your baby steps
kmrhodes: no, the cha cha
Fearless Leader: we were all new to some technique or another
Fearless Leader: LOL, can can
kmrhodes: LOL - moon walk
dbdove: practice practice practice
daytonlinda: the only thing i have had a major prob with is turquoise,
what a mess
Fearless Leader: it's a process. Check out my archives, through my
website, go to the oldest one, and see my first clay things
Fearless Leader: they are rough
Fearless Leader: but they are my baby steps and I'm not ashamed of
Fearless Leader: I had to go through those steps before I got here
Fearless Leader: and so does everyone else, so buck up Cowgirl, you'll
be doing fine, but you got to practice, for sure
merrie60us: Thank you I needed to hear this tonight
kmrhodes: my first step was air dry clay - what a sight!
Fearless Leader: we all need to tell ourselves that each day
Fearless Leader: I started out with concrete and plaster for my step
dad was a brick layer
Fearless Leader: we started where we could, but one has to master the
few basic steps
Fearless Leader: blending is key
Fearless Leader: it has to be mastered
dream2b100 joined the room
Fearless Leader: now let's cut this cane and start fiddling about
sylsnovelties joined the room
kmrhodes: one slice down the middle lenghwise
kmrhodes: then slice the halves lenghwise
kmrhodes: placing all four pieces onto a sheet of clay
kmrhodes: slicing the clay sheet between each peice
kmrhodes: rolling the piece of cane around the sheet of clay
merrie60us: one roll and slice off excess sheet
dream2b100 left the room
kmrhodes: putting cane pieces side by side? no off set
merrie60us: stacking like a quilt
kmrhodes: one on bottom, then 2 then top one
kmrhodes: compress cane
kmrhodes: is she pulling cane to make it longer?
Fearless Leader: yes
kmrhodes: thank you NJ
merrie60us: ls that a triangular shape for the cane?
kmrhodes: compress and pull can till you get it the length you want
Fearless Leader: triangles fit against other triangles easily
Fearless Leader: squares fit together
Fearless Leader: like quilting
Fearless Leader: we build patterns
Fearless Leader: so now I'll slice this four times and stack it again
Fearless Leader: like making lace cane from a bullseye
merrie60us: Measure four equal pieces and cut log
Fearless Leader: now we can slice bits off of this cane and press
Fearless Leader: which we will do
kmrhodes: can we get a close up of the log
Fearless Leader: and then I'm going to cut, stack and reduce again and
press another sheet
dbdove: oh nice
dahs512 joined the room
kmrhodes: very nice
Fearless Leader: pressing will show it better, but I want you to see
the difference
kmrhodes: is she running the slices thru the pasta machine?
Fearless Leader: the slices were too fat
merrie60us: Looks that way
Fearless Leader: so I pressed them
kmrhodes: putting slices onto a sheet of clay
kmrhodes: cutting excess clay from shee
kmrhodes: sheet
kmrhodes: rolling sheet with cone slices with a rolling pin
kmrhodes: rolling thru pasta machine
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sylsnovelties joined the room
kmrhodes: ahhhhh
merrie60us: WOW
dbdove: very very pretty
NikiT: looks almost stain-glassed like
dbdove: it sure does
sylsnovelties: That is very nice!!
kmrhodes: gotta go and set up for the movie
dream2b100 joined the room
kmrhodes: will try to check back in later
dbdove: bye bye
sylsnovelties: Bye Karen
merrie60us: bye enjoy
kmrhodes: Later Gator (s)
sylsnovelties: I came in late, this all started with a jelly roll?
kmrhodes left the room
Fearless Leader: ok, that's one variation on a theme
merrie60us: yes
sylsnovelties: Wow
Fearless Leader: Syl, it was a jelly roll blend
Fearless Leader: sliced lengthwise for four lengths
Fearless Leader: then they were surrounded by a third color
sylsnovelties: Thanks! I caught part of it.
Fearless Leader: giving it that spider web hit
Fearless Leader: let me experiment with this square cane
Fearless Leader: shape it in an oval
sylsnovelties: I love this.
Fearless Leader: do slices of that
Fearless Leader: see how it looks different
Fearless Leader: ok trick here
Fearless Leader: this is going in the direction of a feather
Fearless Leader: or rather a wing of a bird
Fearless Leader: if I reduce this oval so it's a cone shape
Fearless Leader: small on one end
Fearless Leader: large on the other
Fearless Leader: my feathers will have different sizes, yes?
dahs512: yes
chelyha55 left the room
seblack991234: yup
sylsnovelties: It always amazes me how NJ is not gentle with the clay.
I'm always afraid I'm going to ruin something.
dahs512: The way she has assembled the ovals the remind me of the way
feathers are placed on a wing
dbdove: neat looking
sylsnovelties: Wow, that looks great!
dbdove: oh so pretty
dahs512: phoenix like
dahs512: what cha gonna do with it now?
dbdove: hubby said "thats neat"
daytonlinda: looks like silk scarves
sylsnovelties: Yup, I was thinking silk too.
NikiT: i think i'm going to have to get myself a new pasta machine.. i
dislike how mine never seems to be clean no matter how much I clean it
before rolling clay. it keeps me from being able to roll large sheets
like NJ does here..
NikiT: it's not clay-dirty, either. I think there is something wrong
with it.
sylsnovelties: That's a bummer!
dahs512: Mine does that sometimes
NikiT: yeah. i got it on ebay.. sellers claimed it was brand new, but
the box was extremely beat up, and one of the thin metal pieces that
fits under the rollers seems to be bent.
daytonlinda: gotta go. i am going to try some of this after i get
laundry folded. thanks nj
dahs512: I got some good screen shots at the last
daytonlinda left the room
dbdove: Beautiful job NJ
Fearless Leader: thanks honey, I wish I could get the right lighting
Fearless Leader: it's the gold just jumps out of that dusky blue
dbdove: It's hard on a web cam
dahs512: I think I got acouple of good ones
Fearless Leader: but there are the basic elements
Fearless Leader: jelly rolled blend
Fearless Leader: sliced and surrounded
Fearless Leader: then reduced
Fearless Leader: and then gone crazy
Fearless Leader: Thanks Denise, I hope you got some good shots, my
lighting sucks big time
Fearless Leader: also the sun is going down and I'm having to adjust
to dusk
Fearless Leader: let me get some other lights on around here. We're up
for our next break
dahs512: I realize now that i have a webcam how tricky the lighting
can be
Fearless Leader: I'll break at the half hour and come back a quarter
merrie60us: Be back
Fearless Leader: Ya, I'm so glad others are doing webcam demos too
merrie60us left the room
Fearless Leader: now folks know that the lighting is difficult
dbdove: I have a webcam but don't know enough to show anyone anything
Fearless Leader: I'llt ake questions at this point
Fearless Leader: you can show us your current work and we will
encourage you, left and right
sylsnovelties: I like watching anyone do anything!
dbdove: just been doing beads pens and altoid tins
Fearless Leader: ANYTHING? hmmmmm
dbdove: lol
dahs512: Webcams open up a whole new way to learn
dbdove: now now
Fearless Leader: the international society of circle jerks?
Fearless Leader: he he he
sylsnovelties: heeheehee I better watch that~1
dahs512: no, just peeping toms
Fearless Leader: I'll give you the url that'll knock your eye out
Fearless Leader:
sylsnovelties: I'd love to see your pens!
Fearless Leader: go unmoderated
dbdove: when you do blends, ...............
Fearless Leader: and see more than you ever wanted to
dbdove: lol
dahs512: I'm too scared
Fearless Leader: why scared, what's a forest of waving penises to be
scared of
NikiT: LOL
Fearless Leader: they aren't going to come out of the monitor and tap
you on the forehead
dbdove: do you do it like i've seen the instructions, in triangles?
dahs512: Let's just say i don't want to encourage them
Fearless Leader: triangles were a bad choice back there
sylsnovelties: I love this triangle look.
Fearless Leader: I should have stayed with squares, the wing cane is
oval shape
dbdove: that's how i was told and i just can't get it
dahs512: Should I put my cam on or is tha t distracting, NJ?
Fearless Leader: do what you want to do, not what folks tell you
Fearless Leader: your eyes will tell you true
dbdove: true
Fearless Leader: your hands will follow their own path
Fearless Leader: screw what others say
Fearless Leader: including me
dbdove: i agree
dbdove: no
dahs512: lol
dbdove: lol
dbdove: you do good
Fearless Leader: ya, because we all got to find our own favorite
sylsnovelties: Turn it on Denise, I can watch 2 at once!
Fearless Leader: our own favorite designs, some folks like rounded
things in purple
Fearless Leader: some folks like the repeating lines
dbdove: no i mean the blending, with the triangle way
dbdove: do you know what i mean?
Fearless Leader: Oh yes now I know
dbdove: k
Fearless Leader: well a blend doesn't have to be surgically accurate
Fearless Leader: sometimes I fold a square in half
dbdove: true
Fearless Leader: and press a sort of triangle
dbdove: oh ok
Fearless Leader: slap two together and start to blend
Fearless Leader: they are going to be mixed anyway and folks get too
anal rententive about measuring stuff
Fearless Leader: toss it about
Fearless Leader: grip it with THE FIST OF DOOM
dbdove: k
Fearless Leader: hit it
Fearless Leader: call it bad names
dbdove: lol
Fearless Leader: be the Alpha Dog in the pile
dbdove: well now i have a grandbaby here can't do that
dbdove: lol
Fearless Leader: you vs your clay, beat it into submission
dream2b100: gotta go my eyes are killing me thank you all
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night
dbdove: bye bye
Fearless Leader: come by early tomorrow
Fearless Leader: so who didn't see the blue and silver examples?