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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments


From FeatherCane to Half Past Dinner Break


Fearless Leader: so who didn't see the blue and silver examples?
sylsnovelties: Me!
dahs512: me
techi_mom56 left the room
dbdove: be back in a little bit not leaving just gonna go try
Fearless Leader: Syl, let me show you the blue and silver sheets
sylsnovelties: blue and silver jelly roll blend?
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: that's it without reducing
dahs512: ooooooh, pretty
sylsnovelties: Very nice.
Fearless Leader: if you reduce it and slice and do like a lace cane
sylsnovelties: Like the one you did before?
Fearless Leader: yup, just different colors
sylsnovelties: ok, gotcha!
Fearless Leader: here are some sheets I made last night
dahs512: it's just a silver to blue?
Fearless Leader: yup
Fearless Leader: this afternoon's sheet
sylsnovelties: so, so pretty!
sylsnovelties: Would make a nice feather for a blue bird!!
Fearless Leader: now if we did it with sheets and not a blend
Fearless Leader: but if we reduced it and cut and stacked it again
Fearless Leader: see how the mica shift makes zig zag designs?
sylsnovelties: sure does.
Fearless Leader: how the light reflects off of the silver with these
stacked sheets done as chevron flips
Fearless Leader: it's just too yummy
Fearless Leader: that is the building block of this sheet
Fearless Leader: just stacked sheets
Fearless Leader: chevron flip
Fearless Leader: center vein
Fearless Leader: reduce, slice and stack
Fearless Leader: then press
Fearless Leader: it's really simple to do, but folks look at the
finished sheet
Fearless Leader: and their eyes glaze like donuts
Fearless Leader: and that's not necessary
Fearless Leader: break down the pattern to it's elemental bits
Fearless Leader: like this square here with the center vein is the
element that builds this
Fearless Leader: Time for a break for me
Fearless Leader: if there's no other questions
sylsnovelties: okie, mine can wait.
Fearless Leader: ask now honey
sylsnovelties: Ok
Fearless Leader: while it's on your mind
sylsnovelties: When I cut slices and put on a sheet and through the
PM, they distort and don't look good at all. Should I have a smaller
pattern on my cane or thinner slices?
Fearless Leader: thin out the sheet you're putting things on
Fearless Leader: take your cane slices and run them through the press
as well
Fearless Leader: you can pull and tug them into the shape you need
Fearless Leader: then before you press
Fearless Leader: roll it with a roller, side of a mayo jar
Fearless Leader: so they are all the same level
Fearless Leader: then when you press it
Fearless Leader: start out with the widest setting
Fearless Leader: press
Fearless Leader: narrow the setting one step
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Fearless Leader: turn the sheet
Fearless Leader: and then press again
jill_z_q: hihi
Fearless Leader: do that for all four directions so the stretching of
the pattern is even all the way around
Fearless Leader: Hey Suzy
sylsnovelties: Ok, that helps!
sylsnovelties: I will try it again!
Fearless Leader: if you thin things out bit by bit
Fearless Leader: you're not jamming thick slices on a thick sheet at a
narrow setting
Fearless Leader: that is what makes the designs smear
Fearless Leader: it's too shocking to them
Fearless Leader: little by little is the best bet
Fearless Leader: with this particular sheet it's too big to to into
the press
sylsnovelties: Great, thanks NJ!
Fearless Leader: so I just tugged and pulled at it
Fearless Leader: like pizza dough
sylsnovelties: It's gorgeous!
Fearless Leader: but I like this one the best
jill_z_q: I think they are all just wonderful! hehee
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sylsnovelties: Denise I lost your cam.
NikiT: same here
dahs512: hmmmm
sylsnovelties: The other day she said she would unpause, I think.
sylsnovelties: NJ, that is a huge sheet!
Fearless Leader: close her cam window and open it again, does that
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NikiT: that worked
sylsnovelties: I clicked on restart and that did it.
sylsnovelties: I love the colors of your chops!
dahs512: I always make a chop block of my cane scraps
dahs512: for later
sylsnovelties: I just want them to be mine! heeheehee
Fearless Leader: Oh Cool Denise. I'm on break now
sylsnovelties: I love that!!
Fearless Leader: Yummy, looks like a goddess or demigod
NikiT: NJ did you see the last dragons that I did a couple weeks ago?
Fearless Leader: Probably not Niki, I was financially distracted
Fearless Leader: and hustling and grubbing
NikiT: i sent them to the pix list...
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'll go back and check. I might have and then
with Old Timer's Disease it didn't make it to my long term memory
dahs512: Happy birthday Niki
Fearless Leader: could be the bong too, but I digress
dahs512: lol
NikiT: so if you want to go back thru & look.. i used chop & toss for
the big one.
Fearless Leader: Ya, happy birthday, it's tomorrow isn't it?
NikiT: bd is not mine..
sylsnovelties: Oh that's right! Happy Birthday!
NikiT: no, that is the other niki .
Fearless Leader: Ah, Niki, in Florida
Fearless Leader: That's right, my lexx pal
dahs512: oh
Fearless Leader: probably on No Mail
NikiT: hehe
Fearless Leader: Happy UNbirthday Everyone!!
Fearless Leader: YEAH
Fearless Leader: Tiger
Fearless Leader: I love it when folks do my tutes
Fearless Leader: I really do
Fearless Leader: It makes me feel like a grandmother
Fearless Leader: all ticklish
Fearless Leader: your tiger cane is my grandchild of clay
dahs512: my cam is stuck
Fearless Leader: hmmm, give it a kick?
Fearless Leader: shut it and open again
Fearless Leader: oh you're moving now
NikiT: pix i sent were on 10/28
Fearless Leader: That tiger slice looks like my first effort. Then I
realized that the pearl on the outside is more like the tiger
Fearless Leader: Ok, thanks Niki. Ya that was a hairy time for me.
dahs512: I did it by looking at your old tiger
Fearless Leader: copying my mistakes
Fearless Leader: lock stock and barrel
Fearless Leader: ain't that a bitch
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: my bad
dahs512: i like your mistakes
Fearless Leader: Thanks honey, I love it when folks like my mistakes
Fearless Leader: they are then redeemed
Fearless Leader: and not wasted effort
Fearless Leader: ooh what's that?
Fearless Leader: like autumn leaves on white?
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sylsnovelties joined the room
dahs512: was to be leopard, but too yellow
Fearless Leader: It would make wonderous chop though
Fearless Leader: two leopard breast covers in a bag?
Fearless Leader: oh Eggs
Fearless Leader: well they could be breast covers
Fearless Leader: give them some straps
NikiT: heh
Fearless Leader: now THAT'S a concept
Fearless Leader: the new clay sensation that sweeps the nation. Denise
Fearless Leader: beautiful work honey
Fearless Leader: really, like those expensive purses
Fearless Leader: HE HE HE
Fearless Leader: YAH
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: exactly, it's just so crazy it just might sell
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Hey bring that back
Fearless Leader: kiwi or cabbage?
Fearless Leader: green stuff
dahs512: begonia-like
Fearless Leader: ya ya
Fearless Leader: ripple edges are calling me
dahs512: trans wrapped
Fearless Leader: they would look totally cool with the rippled edges
dahs512: for layers of garden
Fearless Leader: Nice, very very nice
dahs512: where i got the colors
Fearless Leader: I'm not going to take a dinner break, but I'm going
to be doing my own clay stuff during the next two hours
Fearless Leader: my schedule was 6-8 dinner break, but I'm going to do
personal claying instead
Fearless Leader: if y'all don't mind
dahs512: cool
dahs512: clay play
Fearless Leader: so I can natter and look at stuff
dbdove: neat
NikiT: cool
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dahs512: I want to make a cab or large bead with layers of floral and
dahs512: What color should the background be?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
dahs512: anybody?
merrie60us joined the room
jude: Howdy!
dahs512: hey jude
tedi382001 left the room
jude: You have some purdy schtuff there!
sylsnovelties: oh boy, good question Denise!
dahs512: I bet you get tired of hearing that
merrie60us: What are we doing now
jude: It crops up from time to time.
dahs512: to the beatles tune
jude: Right.
sylsnovelties: NJ is doing some of her own claying and Denise has her
canes out and is going to do something with them.
merrie60us: two webcams at once?
Fearless Leader: I'm on a clay break
sylsnovelties: Yup
NikiT: hm. all this webcam stuff makes me want to dig out the cheapy
creative webcam J got a couple years ago and see how well it works.
merrie60us: how do I see both at same time?
dahs512: I'm claying with NJ
sylsnovelties: Yeah, Niki, try it.
dahs512: a virtual clay play
Fearless Leader: open both cams, reduce the size of the chat screen
NikiT: they will open in separate windows
sylsnovelties: I have the chat window about half screen and then one
webcam on top side and one on bottom side.
dahs512: yes
NikiT: well, I will, but I am at work now so it'd have to wait.
Fearless Leader: This is a ManFaced Tiger
Fearless Leader: Nagaman got cured
Fearless Leader: and I'm smoothing out the rough spots
dahs512: You've been dressing him
Fearless Leader: Centaur man got cured and is being messed with
Fearless Leader: Centaur man got a butterfly saddle
dahs512: he he hee
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dbdove: be back a little later. Thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella
dbdove left the room
merrie60us: Denise we can't see what you are doing with your hands
when you are working on the canes
dahs512: aha
dahs512: that durn lighting
sylsnovelties: I am glad I watched you making these beads. I have not
been doing mine like that and it shows!
techi_mom56: i do like that blue flower...
Fearless Leader: she's flipping us off
Fearless Leader: well I never
sylsnovelties: Me too.
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: heeheehee
dahs512: i like that finger
sylsnovelties: Is that just the side of your blade to smooth it?
merrie60us: looks like a metal knitting needle or something like that
sylsnovelties: oh, ok.
merrie60us: are those slices really really thin
dahs512: i call it a poker thang
merrie60us: a hole maker
sylsnovelties: Ahh, the technical name for it
sylsnovelties: They look paper thin.
dahs512: i ran this slice through the littlest setting on the pm
sylsnovelties: That is thin alright.
merrie60us: and it didn't distort?
dahs512: i had it pretty thin already
sylsnovelties: Most of my slices are chubs!
dahs512: i think thinner better
sylsnovelties: I think so too.
dahs512: in fact, i try to press it out even farther with the tool
merrie60us: the thinner the better
merrie60us: Do you cup your hands when you roll
merrie60us: is that white or translucent?
merrie60us: curious minds want to know
dahs512: both
merrie60us: thanks
dahs512: maybe shhets would be easier and then wrap the beads?
dahs512: sheets
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NikiT: with sheets you have to deal with the folds
merrie60us: shave them off
dahs512: but you could cover a bad spot with a slice
NikiT: when placing on a spherical object
NikiT: true enough
dahs512: NJ what are you doing?
dahs512: is she wiping?
merrie60us: Looks like she is rubbing something on her figure
merrie60us: might be acrylic paint to give it an aged look?
dahs512: or smoothing?
Fearless Leader: buffing
merrie60us: oops
dahs512: oh
Fearless Leader: I file these things, then dry sand them, then buff
them with fabric
Fearless Leader: it gets a bit of a sheen, but it's not all HECKA
shiney like I dipped it in Future
merrie60us: file with what?
Fearless Leader: I buffed Nagaman
Fearless Leader: jeweler's files I'll show you
merrie60us: I like his face
Fearless Leader: I do too, that's why his pictures is on the List's
merrie60us: Denise how many layers do you apply and are you putting
some of them on top of each other?
Fearless Leader: his sense of Wonder, like he's saying "Whoa..."
merrie60us: nice cheekbones
dahs512: First time other than this
merrie60us: ?
dahs512: and i didn't like that
merrie60us: I like the one in your hand
dahs512: in fact li think I'll add a layer to this
merrie60us: Is it already baked?
sylsnovelties: So, if you don't like the looks of it, you just shave
off another cane slice and cover it some more?
dahs512: yes
dahs512: and yes
merrie60us: when the slices are so thin after baking, when you sand
can you sand them off?
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: Do you sand?
merrie60us: Sorry for so many questions
dahs512: yes
dahs512: see here
sylsnovelties: Questions are the only way we can learn.
dahs512: almost sanded through
sylsnovelties: If you don't ask them, I probably will. heeheehee
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sew_short: Hello
frogger70301: I know I'm a bit late, buy Hey Kay.
sew_short: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: Sorry for taking so long to say Hi. I'm trying to get a
little caught up.
sew_short: Well, I just finally got on and got NJ/s cam up
Fearless Leader: I'm still on dinner break
Fearless Leader: instead of eating I'm finishing off some sculptures
sylsnovelties: We are double watching tonight.
frogger70301: Do you realize Denise has hers on too?
Fearless Leader: filing and dry sanding and buffing. Yes I'm watching
her while I work
sew_short: Yes, I'm watching hers too
merrie60us: Oh Denise very nice!!
frogger70301: NJ, I'm sorry I was mia for the first part that I was
frogger70301: hey, I saw her make that cane the other day!
Fearless Leader: no worries Mitch, you were doing a good deed
frogger70301: I was watching, though!
sew_short: Would you believe I put some skin on my Face Off today????
frogger70301: You on a roll woman!
Fearless Leader: Cool Kay
sew_short: Just loaded my dble 6 lb rock tumbler too
Fearless Leader: I'm in a sculpting mood as of late
frogger70301: So when do we get to see it?
sew_short: Those look great
frogger70301: Kay, did you notice the nails?
sew_short: I posted a picture of the rocks and the tumbler on the Pic
merrie60us: I did nice!!
sew_short: Nails ! WOW .... Did we doll up or what?
Fearless Leader: I couldn't clay, so I laid in bed and did my nails
frogger70301: Merrie, whatcha working on?
Fearless Leader: if I'm going to be horizontal, I should doll up
sew_short: That right NJ
merrie60us: Denise, how many canes do you think you are using?
sew_short: Way to go
merrie60us: I am working on my first Kaleidoscope cane
sew_short: What is Denise doing?
merrie60us: having trouble reducing so I am letting it rest
merrie60us: her webcam is on
merrie60us: a layered bead
sew_short: ok
dahs512: re covering a cab of dissappointment
sylsnovelties: Neat Merrie
sew_short: lol
merrie60us: We will see, it was a lot of work preping and then I put
it together
dahs512: I just figured out something
merrie60us: and then I may hav destroyed it
frogger70301: what?
merrie60us: trying to reduce it
sylsnovelties: oh no
merrie60us: we will see...
sew_short: Oh No Merrie - and what? to Denise
frogger70301: Just remember there's always C-N-T!
merrie60us: chop n toss
sylsnovelties: Lost your cam Denise
merrie60us: me too
Fearless Leader: she got booted
Fearless Leader: close your cam window for her
Fearless Leader: and open it up a new when she comes back
sew_short: Yeah - Denise, you stopped in mid typing
Fearless Leader: I saw her ID go off line
Fearless Leader: heard the door creak and slam
Fearless Leader: so I looked
Fearless Leader: so she went off line, she'll be back
sylsnovelties: I still show her in the room.
Fearless Leader: this list is not reliable
sylsnovelties: Spooks?
Fearless Leader: here in this room
Fearless Leader: people are still there in phantom form
Fearless Leader: and then leave out like a half an hour later
sylsnovelties: yahoo for you1
Fearless Leader: I've come to ignore this list for the last work on
who's here
Fearless Leader: she's back
merrie60us: brb
Fearless Leader: be here in a tick
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Fearless Leader: here she is
merrie60us: no web cam