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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

Back from Dinner Break to 9pm break

Fearless Leader: here she is
merrie60us: no web cam
sylsnovelties: Kay, I saw your Tiff Rock! I like that.
Fearless Leader: if denise's cam is still black for you, close that
window and open her cam again
merrie60us: Fine now thank you
sew_short: Thanks - how about that dandy tumbler?
dahs512: ok here i am
sylsnovelties: I like the tumbler.
dahs512: what i discovered was that closer objects are larger
dahs512: i wanted perspective on theis
dahs512: this
sew_short: Can see it better
Fearless Leader: brb
merrie60us: back
dahs512: you have to put the farther away layers of little things on
it first
merrie60us: I don't understand
dahs512: in this case top to bottom
sylsnovelties: smaller canes first and larger ones later. Gives it the
merrie60us: So like leaves first and flowers second and trans third
dahs512: the tiniest flowers first
sylsnovelties: It can be the same cane, but the smaller ones on first
and the bigger ones on the next row.
sylsnovelties: Reduce the cane to different stages.
dahs512: i want the tiniest leaves to slightly cover the flowers so I
should have put the leaves on last
dahs512: then the large flowers
merrie60us: So small flowers large flowers and then leaves
dahs512: i think so
dahs512: only if you want that kind of perspective
merrie60us: I will have to experiment with this one. First I have to
make a lot of flower canes already have loads of leaf canes in tiger
prints and more..
sew_short: I have to go lie down for a few minutes. Have a headache..
think some rain must be coming
sylsnovelties: Hope the headache gets better!
sew_short left the room
frogger70301: Nite guys. I'm gonna turn in a bit early tonight. See
yall tomorrow.
frogger70301: Bye.
merrie60us: g nite
sylsnovelties: Nite Mitch
frogger70301 left the room
merrie60us: what time tomorrow
Fearless Leader: well my hours tomorrow was posted to the list
Fearless Leader: I don't know when Mitch will be on though
merrie60us: I will check on your hours on list thanks
dbluwitch26 joined the room
sylsnovelties: It says sunday at 1pm pacific.
dbluwitch26: wow, big group tonight ...hi all
merrie60us: so that's 4 pm for me perfect time
sylsnovelties: Howdy
merrie60us: NJ what are you doing
merrie60us: can't make it out
merrie60us: buffing?
dahs512: yes she is
sylsnovelties: She was buffing.
dbluwitch26: i like your playmates, interesting group
dahs512: NJ your gang is going to a party
dbluwitch26: what party games you think they'll play
sylsnovelties: Reindeer games?
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I like to make sculptures in pairs
dbluwitch26: i like that, syl
Fearless Leader: so they are interacting with each other
Fearless Leader: then you can build a story around how you pose them
Fearless Leader: but the man faced tiger is such a kick
Fearless Leader: he has an aluminum foil armature just like the
humans, so does the snake man
Fearless Leader: with the Nagaman's snake body I just twisted his legs
Fearless Leader: MerFolks, Nagaman, will stay in proportion if you use
a human sized armature and then made adjustments
Fearless Leader: so there'll be the same sort of structural mass as if
they had legs
Fearless Leader: or were walking on two feet
Fearless Leader: with the centaurs, use one and one half armatures
Fearless Leader: two lower halves
Fearless Leader: and you have a quadraped
Fearless Leader: brb, I'll start the fish scale demo in one half hour
dahs512: ok
sylsnovelties: ok
merrie60us: Denise do you sand by hand or tumble your beads
dahs512: hand
dahs512: i have a tumbler i got for my son (yeah right) that i still
have to try
dahs512: does it work good?
merrie60us: Yes it does but lately I have been having a problem
probably unrelated ....
merrie60us: my beads are not staying perfectly round.
merrie60us: I roll them let them rest and then
dahs512: in the tumbler?
merrie60us: go back and they have flat spots
dahs512: oh
merrie60us: no I don't think it's the tumbler
dahs512: put them in the fridge
merrie60us: I use a kid's one I bought in Michaels
dahs512: premo?
dahs512: what kind of clay?
merrie60us: some were premo and some were sIII
merrie60us: I thought maybe the sIII was the problem
dahs512: sculpey is softer
merrie60us: I will try again and let everyone know
dahs512: not as good
merrie60us: I have the kato clay maybe I will try that the reason I
have been putting off using it
merrie60us: is if you make canes and do not use up right away
merrie60us: The canes are difficult to use at a later date
dahs512: warm them
dahs512: i will hold a cane before i mess with it
dahs512: let me show you my old canes
merrie60us: Wow
dahs512: try to save some of every one you make
dahs512: one of the first
merrie60us: That is cool
dahs512: ugly mermaid
dahs512: i mixed all kinds of brands in this one
dahs512: so she distorted when i reduced it
merrie60us: that's what I have heard
merrie60us: Is that a cat
dahs512: this one i reduced by rolling the edges with a roller instead
of smashing and pulling
merrie60us: how did that work
dahs512: the outside shrunk
dahs512: the inner part stayed big
dahs512: pre nj leopard
merrie60us: Why do you save pieces of all your canes?
dahs512: you never know when you might want just a piece or to see how
you did it
merrie60us: Is that a rose?
dahs512: that and i tended to make huge canes and couldn't use them
dahs512: yes
merrie60us: That's what happens to canes are very large
merrie60us: I love that rose
dahs512: i made the mistake of using granitex in the mix
dahs512: it has fibers and is hard to slice
merrie60us: Oh but how does it look
Fearless Leader: pretty
seblack991234: Really nice.
dahs512: i cant slice it without baking it first
dahs512: tubular
seblack991234: Running back and forth chasing down 3 grand kids. What
are you making Nora Jean?
dahs512: the mermaids face
merrie60us: What do you mean? you bake and then slice?
Fearless Leader: silver, gold, black,copper, and pearl sheets stacked
Fearless Leader: so I did a chevron flip with one bit of it
seblack991234: Wow...a fellow Texan?
Fearless Leader: I have some black, pink and lime green I'm going to
do the chevron flip with as well
Fearless Leader: Denise got booted again
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
Fearless Leader: so I'll cut and stack these metal clay colors
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Denise
dahs512: sorry bout that

Up to 9pm break

merrie60us: nice colors
dahs512: here is my beach cane
Fearless Leader: Thats really trippy
Fearless Leader: a crab!
seblack991234: Love the lobster.
Fearless Leader: it's crab season here in San Francisco
dahs512: go longhorns
dahs512: when you are starting I'll stop NJ
dahs512: Are you ready?
sylsnovelties: I love your beach cane Denise, that must have been so
hard to do.
sylsnovelties: Can you point it at the camera again, please?
seblack991234: What do you make with your mixture canes?
dahs512: a bax full of
dahs512: box
seblack991234: LOL
seblack991234: Nora Jean...that is beautiful.
Fearless Leader: it's ok, but destined for the chop pile
seblack991234: I would love a dress out of that. But clay may not do.
Fearless Leader: this is one of my favorite "fabric" tricks
seblack991234: I can see why.
merrie60us: Nice fish
Fearless Leader: black, gold and pearl
Fearless Leader: hey a fish
Fearless Leader: makes me want to get a bowl of rice
Fearless Leader: yum
sylsnovelties: I like the fish.
jude: I love that fish.
dahs512: thankschop and toss ends
merrie60us: NJ what are you doing? Chevron?
Fearless Leader: still playing around with the fish scale technique
Fearless Leader: but with these lines, it won't look like fish scales
dahs512: 'what colors did you use
Fearless Leader: pink, lime breen, black
Fearless Leader: lime green
jude: Oh, my! Looks like a pile of squid!
Fearless Leader: LOL
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: yum, no wonder it looks good to me
jude: Put some flour on those guys and get them into a skillet!
Fearless Leader: Jude you were with me when I made some of these
weren't you?
Fearless Leader: one sheet tin covering
Fearless Leader: so the designs match at the hinge?
sylsnovelties: I was!
jude: Probably.
jude: Yes, I was!
sylsnovelties: I love those colors, Denise. Looks like candy. An all
day sucker!
techi_mom56: thats a nice tin NJ..nice pattern
jude: Looks like Solitaire on the other web cam! Neato!
Fearless Leader: it was just sheets like this
Fearless Leader: made into the chevron flip
jude: Love that flip.
Fearless Leader: but then sliced and pressed on a sheet in series of
Fearless Leader: so the first layer gets stretched out and the last
layer the design is tight
jude: The red one looks like a fabric print. Pretty.
merrie60us: What does first layer is stretched out last layer is tight
Fearless Leader: see how this layer is stretched out?
merrie60us: yes
Fearless Leader: as I add cane slices on top of it, that design will
stretch out more
sylsnovelties: When she puts it through the PM, the shape will get
bigger and bigger. Then when she adds canes to it, they will look like
a tighter weave.
merrie60us: oh
Fearless Leader: and the layers that get added are less stretched out
dahs512: neat idea
dahs512: gives dimension
jude: Prospective, yes?
merrie60us: Is this sheet going through pm
sylsnovelties: She will run it through the pm.
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader: screwed up
Fearless Leader: I forgot to widen the press rollers
Fearless Leader: it got messed up
sylsnovelties: It looks great to me!
Fearless Leader: I'll have to do it again and do it right this time,
sorry about that
dahs512: you widen it just one?
Fearless Leader: I'll be able to utilize it some where but it is not
the example I wanted to share. LOL
Fearless Leader: I had it on narrow from the last pass of the last
merrie60us: Denise can you holdup that red sheet
Fearless Leader: I was wondering why it was resisting me. LOL
dbluwitch26 left the room
merrie60us: boy am I tired I can barely type
merrie60us: Is that chop and toss?
dahs512: yes the throught the pm
dahs512: I am trying to do something like NJ
sylsnovelties: It still looks like an all day sucker to me, Denise!
dahs512: claying along
bonsaikathy joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
jude: Food again, syl?
sylsnovelties: of course!
jude: Didn't you get dinner?
sylsnovelties: Actually, I didn't! heeheehee
jude: Ah, ha!
sylsnovelties: Anyone watch the Carol Duvall Christmas special today?
bonsaikathy: So what's being demos this evening?
jude: I missed it, Syl.
sylsnovelties: She just got out of the hospital and wasn't there. Her
producer had to take her place.
jude: Hospital?
sylsnovelties: Yup
Fearless Leader: yow
jude: They say why?
Fearless Leader: yes, did they say why?
jude: <--nosy
sylsnovelties: I didn't catch the first minute and she was already on
the phone saying she got out just in time for the phone call.
jude: GASP! You missed the beginning?
dahs512: nj are you doing a blend
sylsnovelties: just the first minute!!
jude: I doubt they would say why, anyway.
dahs512: NJ?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: sorry wasn't facing the monitor
jude: Rainbow!
dahs512: not doing the stack?
Fearless Leader: a dirty gold and a flat green
Fearless Leader: going to do the fish scale again
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: I got annoyed with the stripes for a minute
Fearless Leader: grrr
bonsaikathy: what's the demo tonight
Fearless Leader: the fish scale
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: we start out with a blend
Fearless Leader: then we roll it to a jelly roll
Fearless Leader: slice down the cane length wise into fourths
Fearless Leader: then put the cane back together with the pointy ends
going in the same direction
dahs512: closer?
dahs512: ok
jude: Is Denise doing a blend, too?
dahs512: yes
dahs512: trying to catch up
merrie60us: unfortunatly for me I cannot keep my eyes open another
minute so I will have to say goodnight see you tomorrow. Thanks
everyone for allthe friendship and knowledge shared here tonight.
dahs512: sleep tight
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!
merrie60us left the room
Fearless Leader: sweet dreams honey
bonsaikathy: night
jude: Night.
dahs512: NJ you are repeating the positioning?
dahs512: yes you are
dahs512: show the end
dahs512: ok you shaped it into a square?
Fearless Leader: now to slice off some and press, ya the square seems
to work better
Fearless Leader: when pressing to a sheet
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: for over all coverage, but I lay them out like
seblack991234 left the room
seblack991234 joined the room
sylsnovelties: Denise are you doing the same sheet that NJ did?
dahs512: yes
jude: I like that tool.
jude: What is it?
dahs512: poker thang
dahs512: ,lol
jude: Ah, yes...another technical term.
sylsnovelties: Technical talk
dahs512: i think it is a needle too maybe for leather
dahs512: l
jude: That was my first guess.
dahs512: Nj how thick are your slices
sylsnovelties: Denise, I will be watching real close when you put the
cane together. I missed a bit of it when NJ did it.
jude: I missed it too. My sister got online and is driving me nuts.
bonsaikathy: NJ that is really pretty, I love it
dahs512: i'm gonna leave this mess on here to see what effect it will
jude: I like that.
jude: I do that on purpose sometimes.
bonsaikathy: cool, experimenting is great
dahs512: i like variences
jude: Me too.
chelyha55: everything doesn't have to be perfect
jude: I gave up trying to do perfect.
chelyha55: sometimes the little things like that turn into the coolest
dahs512: right
jude: Besides, if it's perfect they don't think you really did it.
dahs512: do i reduce this at all?
Fearless Leader: was that question for me?
dahs512: quiz
dahs512: lol
dahs512: but yes
Fearless Leader: at that point I'd do the cuts
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: to make it into four lengths
bonsaikathy: NJ what are you making???
Fearless Leader: I'm going to press this sheet for fish scale patterns
sylsnovelties: Ahhh
jude: I see now.
chelyha55: did I see you do one where you wrapped the pieces before
you stacked them?
Fearless Leader: variations on the theme
chelyha55: Ooh, that is purty
Fearless Leader: you can surround the four lengths
dahs512: di i forget to do something?
Fearless Leader: with a solid sheet
Fearless Leader: or you can leave them naked
Fearless Leader: perfect Denise
Fearless Leader: just perfect
dahs512: buff it is
Fearless Leader: totally buffness
chelyha55: I'd like to try one with the wrap.
bonsaikathy: very pretty
dahs512: reduce?
jude: I think NJ wrapped each before putting them together. But, I
kinda like it without.
Fearless Leader: I'll show the late night folks the other examples
Fearless Leader: either or
Fearless Leader: dig it
chelyha55: I finally tried a variation on that feather cane
Fearless Leader: if you surrounded each of the four sections
Fearless Leader: with stacked sheets cut on the edge
Fearless Leader: you'll have dots going around each scale
Fearless Leader: let me show you some variations on this same theme
chelyha55: that would be cooll
jude: Leopard spots.
jude: Maybe.
dahs512: i shouldn't surround this though should i?
chelyha55: oh those are nice
jude: I think it's up to you. whatever you want to do, whatever it is
bonsaikathy: wow, now that's beautiful, it looks irridescant
Fearless Leader: this is pressed when the design is big
Fearless Leader: reduced to an oval shape
Fearless Leader: my personal favorite
Fearless Leader: here is a large thin sheet of that same cane
chelyha55: that looks like water
chelyha55: like the bottom of a pool
jude: It does.
chelyha55: very pretty
Fearless Leader: pressed when big
Fearless Leader: and reduced and repeated a lot
dahs512: this is hard
bonsaikathy: I hate to have to do this but it's midnight here and I
have to work my day off tomorrow so as beautfiul as everything is I
have got to go to bed. Take care everyone, hope someones gotten some
screen shots.
chelyha55: that one looks like a blanket
sylsnovelties: Nite Kathy
chelyha55: goodnight Kathy
dahs512: so i nudged it a little
jude: Night Kathy.
Fearless Leader: nighty night
dahs512: nite Kathy
Fearless Leader: so this is all variations on a theme
dahs512: any suggestions on reducing oddly shaped canes
bonsaikathy left the room
Fearless Leader: see why I favor the square
Fearless Leader: reducing a pie shape is a pill
Fearless Leader: but dig
dahs512: how did you reduce this?
Fearless Leader: hold your fingers around the cane like this
Fearless Leader: pull and turn
Fearless Leader: pull and turn
Fearless Leader: if you want to keep a rounded back
Fearless Leader: roll that rounded back on your work table
Fearless Leader: and pinch the pointy top
Fearless Leader: like that
Fearless Leader: brb