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11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

9:45- 11:45, Denise doing a tin, me doing chop to the end of the Demo

dahs512: lol
dahs512: brb
Fearless Leader: Denise's cane looks just like mine, coolness
dahs512: not quite
Fearless Leader: the main thing about this whole demo
dahs512: what next?
Fearless Leader: is simple elements, when repeated, look complex in
the end
Fearless Leader: also
Fearless Leader: when you make a jelly roll blend cane
Fearless Leader: think
Fearless Leader: slicing it
Fearless Leader: reforming it
Fearless Leader: also
Fearless Leader: for dragons
Fearless Leader: snakes
Fearless Leader: wings
Fearless Leader: a number of natural things this simple technique is
just so handy
Fearless Leader: going to get some orange juice
Fearless Leader: brb
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: how you doing Denise?
seblack991234: You are making me want to go sew Nora Jean. LOL
Fearless Leader: it is like fabric huh?
Fearless Leader: LOL
dahs512: i think i like this shape
dahs512: i'm just trying to not get anal with it
seblack991234: Yes, but some of the prettiest I have seen.
chelyha55: well I just made one of these. I'm not sure I assembled it
right but it looks cool anyway
Fearless Leader: after a couple of efforts you'll find it comes easier
Fearless Leader: cool Denise
sylsnovelties: That looks great Denise
Fearless Leader: are you going to press it?
sylsnovelties: Especially against your black sweater.
dahs512: yes
dahs512: making a background
Fearless Leader: O
Fearless Leader: oops
dahs512: same color?
seblack991234: I am really enjoying both the cams going.
Fearless Leader: I'm going to slice this stack in a zig zag pattern
dahs512: what color do i use for the backing?
Fearless Leader: anything you want, but I use one of the two colors
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: so if you have green go for it
sylsnovelties: Me too. I like watching them both.
Fearless Leader: if you don't have enough green use green where the
slices are
Fearless Leader: back it with mud
Fearless Leader: if no one is going to see and it's not translucent
Fearless Leader: ya?
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I'm taking these stacked sheets and I'm going
to cut it along those zig zag lines, ok?
seblack991234: With the two going I feel like I am in a class with
others. Not just watching over the net.
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: now I'm going to flip them so they make some sort of
chelyha55: oo, cant wait to see this!
dahs512: accident
dahs512: do i overlap the scales?
Fearless Leader: if you want
Fearless Leader: if you have gaps
Fearless Leader: stretch the slices to fill in the spaces
Fearless Leader: overlap is fine honey
Fearless Leader: just experiment
Fearless Leader: deep breath and just go for it
Fearless Leader: ok, that's a good fit
sylsnovelties left the room
sylsnovelties joined the room
chelyha55: I just took part of mine and folded it like cloth
chelyha55: NJ was that a striped loaf you cut on the diagonal?
Fearless Leader: yes I'm going to press leaf shapes of it in layers
Fearless Leader: just to see how it looks
dahs512: doing it at the same time as NJ is very helpful when i have
chelyha55: Nice job Denise
sylsnovelties: That looks really good Denise1
dahs512: snake skin
jude: That is so pretty!
seblack991234: Very nice.
sylsnovelties: That is so very pretty Denise! Wonderful
jude: Reminds me of a very rich wallpaper.
Fearless Leader: now if you took two sheets
Fearless Leader: and pressed them back to back
Fearless Leader: you can cover a glass jar
Fearless Leader: and have a pattern on the inside view as well as the
Fearless Leader: pretty Denise
Fearless Leader: ain't it a nifty technique?
Fearless Leader: it has a lot of potential
dahs512: this is so cool
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Now one would ask, what are we going to do with all
these sheets of patterns
Fearless Leader: I'm thinking patch quilts
Fearless Leader: or mosaics
Fearless Leader: if we took these sheets
dahs512: make a snake
Fearless Leader: and used that noodle cutter from ClayAlley
Fearless Leader: with the five blades
Fearless Leader: we could cut the sheets, criss cross
Fearless Leader: cure them as they lay there
Fearless Leader: and then break them apart after curing
Fearless Leader: then do mosaics
dahs512: maybe cover some eggs
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: wouldn't have to worry about folks copying us,
because we fiddle with the clay a lot before we get it to the final
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: That would be so neat.
Fearless Leader: so along the same vein
Fearless Leader: these tins
Fearless Leader: change the color and you get a totally different
feeling from it
dahs512: i'm ready
dahs512: brb
Fearless Leader: she's ready to go away
Fearless Leader: is what she's ready for
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: pressing cane slices onto sheets is an easy way to
get a complex look
Fearless Leader: folks just gape and stutter
Fearless Leader: "How did you make that?"
dahs512: popcorn and OJ
Fearless Leader: yum
Fearless Leader: I got OJ and left over Chinese food
Fearless Leader: fried won ton and pot stickers
dahs512: lemme go get some OJ
Fearless Leader: can't dunk them though
Fearless Leader: I'm going to do some chop with these scraps from
today, but I'll take questions if there are any
techi_mom56: i messed up somewhere...but i have the most lovely 2 tone
blue with silver wood grain...chuckle
sylsnovelties: I'll bet it is gorgeous Nancy. Send pics!
Fearless Leader: it's a beginning Nancy and that's the important thing
Fearless Leader: brb

Doing Beads with the Demo Scraps

chelyha55: I folded mine like cloth and put leaves on it. Hehe...
Fearless Leader: Cool Cheryl, I'd like to see everyone's effort with
this technique
Fearless Leader: and I'll bet you dollars to donuts
Fearless Leader: everyone's will be different
sylsnovelties: The popcorn looks good! Yes, Jude, I'm still hungry!
chelyha55: the popcorn does look good
dahs512: lol
chelyha55: ooh, chop time!
chelyha55: I took a bunch of scraps and combined them with
translucent, and sliced it and covered a candle holder
chelyha55: it's cool, you can see thru the trans. fun stuff
Fearless Leader: I love how the light comes through the trans
chelyha55: I like to do candle holders
chelyha55: they sell well too
sylsnovelties: That sounds great Cheryl.
dahs512: face
chelyha55: they sell well at the craft fairs
dahs512: spaceman
dahs512: jiggle
Fearless Leader: pretty pretty
sylsnovelties: That looked good.
dahs512: nj the jiggle?
chelyha55: pretty colors Denise
dahs512: got to have a little poison in your color pool
dahs512: thanks C
dahs512: so should we talk NJ into this camera?
chelyha55: yes! what kind of camera is it?
dahs512: lo
dahs512: l
dahs512: intel pocket pc
chelyha55: it has a great picture
dahs512: look on e-bay
chelyha55: NJ yours has a face
dahs512: mask
dahs512: cool
dahs512: guy with hat
chelyha55: I like to flatten mine with a brayer and trim it into a
surfboard shape
dahs512: ?
techi_mom56: send my pictures in to clayart pictures...the blue stuff
and what i worked on last night
chelyha55: very cool
techi_mom56: sent i mean
Fearless Leader: let me go see
Fearless Leader: Nancy, love the blue wood grain
jude: I do too!
Fearless Leader: and your citrus is surreal
Fearless Leader: like Salvadore Dali did them
Fearless Leader: melting citrus
Fearless Leader: very jazzy, fun too
Fearless Leader: now do that wood grain in wood tones and amaze your
friends and family
Fearless Leader: LOL
sylsnovelties: Nancy, everything looks great!
dahs512: wow Nancy
dahs512: That blue wood is cool
techi_mom56: yeah i love blue..laugh...i know...and i suprised myself
with the citrus just happened ...going with the
flow...thanks everyone...i really am having fun
dahs512: and the citrus stuff is great
techi_mom56: i love doing the citrus canes...i could do them for
chelyha55: I'd like to try a citrus cane
dahs512: alien guy
chelyha55: looks tribal
jude: Yeah, he looked like a BUG.
techi_mom56: use the one on NJ's turns out better...
chelyha55: I'm going to try it
chelyha55: I want to make something besides leaves
techi_mom56: i like that NJ...i have been playing with chop
of the pens was done that way...
chelyha55: I'm going to go look at the pics, then check my auctions.
This has been fun.Are we doing it again tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: yes, tomorrow
Fearless Leader: same bat time
chelyha55: ooh, cool Denise!
Fearless Leader: same bat channel
Fearless Leader: oooh wow Denise
dahs512: same cave
chelyha55: ok then I'll "see" you then
techi_mom56: wow..that tin is gorgeous...
Fearless Leader: ciao bella
chelyha55: Good night all
techi_mom56: night...
dahs512: i don't have them nitet nite
dahs512: oops
dahs512: nitey nite
chelyha55 left the room
dahs512: this is a slab of makume gane that i put on different color
dahs512: pics are on my hobby stage site
dahs512: twist pens and tins
dahs512: oooh pretty NJ
sylsnovelties: Much as I hate to go, I need to go put my leg up.
sylsnovelties: See you tomorrow.
Fearless Leader: Nighty night Syl, see you tomorrow
dahs512: see ou syl
dahs512: y
sylsnovelties: Thanks so much to Denise and NJ for the demos! Nitey
dahs512: later gater
techi_mom56: good nite syl
sylsnovelties left the room
jude: Night, Syl.
seblack991234: night.
jude: I am going to go, too. Great cams tonight! Thanks...
seblack991234: Bye
Fearless Leader: Night Night, Jude
dahs512: nite jude
Fearless Leader: so for those who have not done chop and toss
Fearless Leader: this stacked sheet
Fearless Leader: cut just any which way
seblack991234: Beautiful Nora Jean.
Fearless Leader: made these beads
Fearless Leader: it's good revenge to chop up cane of grave
techi_mom56: gorgeous...
Fearless Leader: I don't like this cane
Fearless Leader: Grave Disappointment
Fearless Leader: let's chop it up and see what it makes, ok?
dahs512: ok
Fearless Leader: oh Suz
Fearless Leader: I just remembered I wanted to show you something
Fearless Leader: not clay, but home made mini
seblack991234: Great
seblack991234: Oh, how neat. Look at all the goodies in it.
Fearless Leader: and I knitted this today
Fearless Leader: a blanket
techi_mom56: that is soooo cute...i gotta go gals...will catch you all
Fearless Leader: not all that fancy but it's the first thread work
I've done in a long time
Fearless Leader: See ya, Nancy
techi_mom56 left the room
seblack991234: How nice. I knit on and off.
seblack991234: Bye Nancy
seblack991234: What is the other thing?
Fearless Leader: clay box with a lid to hold fabric
Fearless Leader: to go on top of my treadle sewing machine
seblack991234: Oh, I like that.
Fearless Leader: it looked naked
Fearless Leader: so I cut some small print fabric
Fearless Leader: wound string on a tooth pick with E6000
Fearless Leader: rolled up some very thin yarn
Fearless Leader: scav'd the basket
seblack991234: You did great. Wish I could see them in real life.
Fearless Leader: since I couldn't clay at the beginning of this cold
Fearless Leader: I knitted and put this sewing stuff together
Fearless Leader: Oh Denise that's coming out nice
seblack991234: Well, I love them all.
Fearless Leader: did a place mat
seblack991234: Too cute.
dahs512: mini pagodas
Fearless Leader: WOW
Fearless Leader: how fun
dahs512: for mini bonsai
seblack991234: And, of course I always love your mini foods.
Fearless Leader: my grandfather would send us micro minis hidden in
some toy thing
Fearless Leader: I really want to sell the mini food as a featured
Fearless Leader: I love making them
seblack991234: Oh, that would be soooooo much fun to receive.
Fearless Leader: do you still have the Veg and Fruit platter?
Fearless Leader: Or did that get toxed?
seblack991234: Your's in real life look real life.
Fearless Leader: LOL
seblack991234: Yes, I have that.
Fearless Leader: thanks honey, from you that's a high compliment
Fearless Leader: oh I'm so glad you do
Fearless Leader: still have that platter
Fearless Leader: it's one of my favorites
seblack991234: Get lots of compliments on that and the hamburgers and
seblack991234: And the flowers in a low container.
seblack991234: And sushi platers.
Fearless Leader: oh how fun, I had no idea how much of my mini stuff
to you was saved
Fearless Leader: with the house getting toxed out and all
seblack991234: You need to reproduce the platter over and over and
they would go like hot cakes.
seblack991234: Not only do they look real but have an artistic value
as well.
dahs512: that turned out good
Fearless Leader: Thanks Suz
Fearless Leader: Thanks Denise
seblack991234: Very unique!
seblack991234: You are most welcome.
Fearless Leader: even the canes of grave disappointment are redeemed
in a chop

To the end of the Demo at 11:30

Fearless Leader: brb
seblack991234: Yes, I remember seeing lots and lots of jewelery you
made when you came to Houston. Really pretty.
seblack991234: Oh, good, I always wanted to see someone cover a candy
tin box.
Fearless Leader: Now that I have at another web host I'll
be able to put all the jewelry I have ready to sell up on a site that
doesn't go down all the time
Fearless Leader: I have four half gallon containers of inventory
Fearless Leader: that's not sculpture
Fearless Leader: I just didn't feel secure about starting a serious
business venture on a wonky site
Fearless Leader: I'll leave the tutes there, still got 10 months paid
seblack991234: have a whole jewelery store! LOL
Fearless Leader: totally. I'm up to my arm pits with stuff, but each
time James and I sat down to start putting them up and linking them to a free e-commerce service
Fearless Leader: my site would be down again
Fearless Leader: we got bummed
seblack991234: I don't blame you. Who wants to get lost because of a
bad site?
Fearless Leader: so as soon as I got a little extra money from working
at Ruth's I got a new site
Fearless Leader: well, it's just impossible, my ebay pictures would
seblack991234: Not good for business that is for sure.
Fearless Leader: have you checked out the
seblack991234: So many free sites are now pay for it sites. That is
how I lost so many of mine.
Fearless Leader: it's free
Fearless Leader: this is a service for small businesses
Fearless Leader: so they can have a secure shopping cart
Fearless Leader: ClayAlley uses it
seblack991234: I'll give it a try.......
Fearless Leader: as does Heartland Images
Fearless Leader: and my new webhost says their other customers who use
it have praised it highly
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: there's the link
Fearless Leader: just check it out when you got a minute
seblack991234: Thanks!
Fearless Leader: even though one can only have 50 items, one item can
have different variations
Fearless Leader: like
Fearless Leader: Santa Statue, with personalized message, and another
Fearless Leader: so 50 items can actually be much more than that
seblack991234: Sounds good. I want a place to put my mini embroidery
material by the mini bolt for sell.
Fearless Leader: really, it's so cute the sewing supplies
Fearless Leader: like the linen, easy to do, everyone loves them
Fearless Leader: see how Denise cut out the corners
seblack991234: Plus as soon as I learn my digitizing and customizing
program for my Designer 1 machine I want to sell embroidery patterns
that can be downloaded off the net.
Fearless Leader: nice move to cut ahead of covering the tin
Fearless Leader: for minis?
Fearless Leader: or full size?
Fearless Leader: or both?
seblack991234: Full size
seblack991234: Then later...down to minis
Fearless Leader: ah, I'm going to be doing some original full size
fashions on my site
Fearless Leader: I used to do tailoring and I want to get back to
sewing for both full size and mini
seblack991234: How funny...I want to do some orignal purses and
clothes also.
Fearless Leader: Well when I set up the shopping mall on my biz site
Fearless Leader: stake out a store
Fearless Leader: and load your stuff up
seblack991234: I took clothing and sewing 7th through 12th grade and
have sewn for years.
Fearless Leader: I'm dedicating a good deal of the new site for folks
who are homepageless
Fearless Leader: and who want to sell too
seblack991234: Sounds good to me.
Fearless Leader: It's paid for the year and registered for two
Fearless Leader: Something like the mini mall, but hipper
Fearless Leader: and not limited to minis
Fearless Leader: home made soap and essence oils from my lexx
seblack991234: I accidently got a hold of a sites news in the Asia
Times before it was yanked...want me to send it to you. Pretty scary
stuff and now the FBI is admitting a small part of it all.
Fearless Leader: how's that?
Fearless Leader: what's up?
Fearless Leader: sure send it to me
Fearless Leader: but what's the Reader's Digest scoop on it
seblack991234: They say San Francisco has a nuclear bomb planted in it
about the size of a refrigerator and it can be set off from ground.
One here in Houston also.
seblack991234: 7 sites for these
Fearless Leader: Oh we're a target in many ways
Fearless Leader: got a big assed bullseye on our butts here
seblack991234: Same here.
Fearless Leader: now with Lawrence Livermore Labs doing anti terror
Fearless Leader: but I'm used to living on an earthquake fault line
seblack991234: They are saying this will be happening in the near
future to distroy our economy.
Fearless Leader: just gotta stay close to God, for we can go at any
time, choaking on a chicken bone at a restaurant
seblack991234: Plus they have planes in silos waiting for orders to
put them together and then to bomb other places quickly this way.
Fearless Leader: it's funny how folks want to ruin our economy
NikiT: sorry i've been so quiet tonight. been busy at work, only two
of us working.... gotta go, my shift is over.. lots of neat stuff
tonight (when I was able to watch). Take care!
seblack991234: These reports go into details that the American Public
is not privy too.
Fearless Leader: like these folks who are living in caves with dirt
floors want to share their life style with us, no thank you
Fearless Leader: See ya Niki
seblack991234: Bye Niki
Fearless Leader: they got a whole lot of nothing and want to share it
with us
Fearless Leader: honestly
seblack991234: They say they want the left over folks to become like a
seblack991234: That we are Satans and ruining the world.
Fearless Leader: the left over folks will go back to hunting and
gathering, just like we did for over 60,000 years
seblack991234: Yep.
Fearless Leader: Ya, like these jerks ain't doing their part in
ruining everyone else's fun
seblack991234: I don't mind being killed but so many folks in
Heroshima didn't die right off the bat and lived in severe pain or
were disfigured something terrible.
azstitcher2001 left the room
Fearless Leader: but ya know
Fearless Leader: one can't live in fear
Fearless Leader: for then the bad guys have won
dahs512: I need to call it a nite. I can't focus anymorei would mind
being killed
seblack991234: Yes, the Bible says so.
dahs512: oops i'm not leaving yet
seblack991234: Love the candy box.
Fearless Leader: I would mind if any of us are distressed with the
thought of it
Fearless Leader: the tin looks great Denise
Fearless Leader: very classy look it got
seblack991234: I think this is why the government isn't letting us
know the whole report so we don't go wild.
dahs512: thanks
Fearless Leader: I figure fear is the opposite of Faith
Fearless Leader: and is the Devil's business
seblack991234: So glad I finally got to see that.
seblack991234: The box that is.
Fearless Leader: Check my home page for Rumble In The Jungle
seblack991234: Yes, you are so right.
Fearless Leader: there's two tins there, rebuilt from PhotoPoint going
seblack991234: Oh, I will have to go look.
Fearless Leader: we can't be afraid all the time, what's the point?
What good does worry do?
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: just bum our high, hurt our health
Fearless Leader: I can buy the farm crossing the street to get a
seblack991234: Yes, fear and worry does a real number on you.
Fearless Leader: don't have to wait for armageddon
Fearless Leader: kapow, the beer truck got me
Fearless Leader: so stay close to god
Fearless Leader: God
dahs512: i don't worry about it
Fearless Leader: Stay shrived
Fearless Leader: can't worry about what we really don't have any
control over
seblack991234: Or at our ages...heart attacks.
Fearless Leader: Ruth, the 86 year old woman I'm caring for on week
Fearless Leader: she's in denial
seblack991234: Or like Barry...come down with Cancer after his immune
system was distroyed my toxins and then dying in 3 months...start to
Fearless Leader: she's disappointed a hundred times a day that she's
dahs512: cancer for me, but then worry causes cancer...
Fearless Leader: that she doesn't look 30 any more
Fearless Leader: she hates it when I refer to her as elderly
seblack991234: She needs to get busy doing for others and off her
Fearless Leader: "I'm NOT elderly!" She squeeked
Fearless Leader: "You out lived my grandfather, who died at 64 and my
father who died at 74. Ruth, you are elderly, cute, but elderly."
Fearless Leader: I told her
seblack991234: Well, her mind doesn't see herself as old.
dahs512: lol
Fearless Leader: she carried expectations that are destined to lead to
disapointment every day
Fearless Leader: like a bad habit
Fearless Leader: I accept my aging
dahs512: i hate these air bubbles
Fearless Leader: I accept my inevitable mortality
Fearless Leader: Don't ya though?
seblack991234: My mind says I am a solid 25 year older but my mirror
says I am 55 for sure. LOL
Fearless Leader: My youth was sad and difficult
dahs512: i worry about air bubbles showing
Fearless Leader: life has not gotten good for me until after menopause
seblack991234: Mine was Heaven and Hell
Fearless Leader: as was predicted by an astrologer when I was 16
Fearless Leader: It's been a long wait, but well worth it
Fearless Leader: LOL
seblack991234: Wow....
Fearless Leader: shoot me now, let me die happy
Fearless Leader: don't make me go back to my youth
Fearless Leader: horrors of horrors
Fearless Leader: I don't look back
seblack991234: One told me I was doing many life times in one life
time. I can sure believe that one.
Fearless Leader: Lot's Wife taught me that
Fearless Leader: ya, you packed a karmic load to bring with you for
this incarnation
seblack991234: I've always felt more like Job.
Fearless Leader: ya, totally
Fearless Leader: I always cheered myself up by reading Job and knowing
I don't have it that bad
Fearless Leader: LOL
seblack991234: I have lived a life of a huge roller coaster.
Fearless Leader: Hey Denise, that's come out really nice
dahs512: done and done
Fearless Leader: but you've done things and experienced things that
would fill a number of life times, honey
Fearless Leader: Totally cool Denise
dahs512: thanks
seblack991234: Really nice, Denise.
dahs512: I don't regret anything in my life
dahs512: tanks Suzy
Fearless Leader: good, for it wouldn't make a lick of difference
Fearless Leader: waste of brain shares
seblack991234: Yes, I sure have. But I don't regret any of my
knowledge I got throughout it all.
dahs512: it would if one dwelled on the negative
Fearless Leader: everything that happened brings me here and I'm happy
with my life now, even with the day to day difficulties
seblack991234: I'm not good with pitty parties. They are such a drag.
Fearless Leader: LOL
dahs512: I'm not saying i shouldn't have done some things, but then i
wouldn't be who i am
Fearless Leader: of the things I've done that hurt others and my self
Fearless Leader: I seek refuge in God's mercy
Fearless Leader: and let it go
Fearless Leader: my problem was carrying spiritual guilt for shit I've
been forgiven for already
seblack991234: I can think of plenty of things I shouldn't have done.
But retrospect is so perfect.
Fearless Leader: getting in my own way
Fearless Leader: would a could a should a
seblack991234: I sometimes do that. Work really hard to stop that.
Fearless Leader: drop a quarter in a jar for each time you even think
those words
Fearless Leader: you happy with your tin Denise?
Fearless Leader: it came out really nice
dahs512: yes
Fearless Leader: good, I'm glad
dahs512: i'm happy all in all
Fearless Leader: I love it when folks use my tutes
seblack991234: Wish it was mine.  I'll just have to give it a try now.
Fearless Leader: I don't understand folks who accuse folks of
"copying" their style
seblack991234: I don't either.
Fearless Leader: sharing is a good thing
dahs512: there is always a stink going on about that
Fearless Leader: I got a theory
seblack991234: That is so stupid.
Fearless Leader: it's those folks who are "one trick ponies"
Fearless Leader: that get insecure
Fearless Leader: if someone wants to do their one and only trick
Fearless Leader: like hearts
seblack991234: Yes, I think you are right
Fearless Leader: or only doing beads
Fearless Leader: but we can do anything we set our minds to
dahs512: i don't care to stay in one spot
Fearless Leader: we are not limited by self doubt
Fearless Leader: or fear
Fearless Leader: it would make me nuts to do the same thing over and
dahs512: the journey is a long and full one
seblack991234: I like teaching where the student becomes better than
Fearless Leader: that's why I can't understand Elissa and her hearts
seblack991234: I am complimented if someone want to copy me.
Fearless Leader: yes yes, Suz, me too
dahs512: she sees things in them
dahs512: she wants to go further
Fearless Leader: I'm sure she does, and it's fine for her, it would
make me crazy to do one thing
dahs512: I've heard her say that before
marcysspirit joined the room
seblack991234: Me, too.
Fearless Leader: then it's not an evolving art it's a kit craft
seblack991234: ADD here. LOL
Fearless Leader: Hey Marcy, we're winding down now, you free tomorrow
to come earlier?
seblack991234: I love original...
Fearless Leader: 1-6pm and 8-midnight Pacific time
dahs512: I told my accupuncturist that i just realized that in 10
years I would be really good at this stuff
Fearless Leader: LOL... Denise, stop
Fearless Leader: LOL
seblack991234: Gee, can you believe I tried to stay with you all these
hours? Of course the grand kids tried to keep me occupied too.
marcysspirit: I'll try & check in Then Thanks
Fearless Leader: with the rate you're progressing it'll be less time
than you think
dahs512: She said that I have reached the first level of the journey
Fearless Leader: Ok, honey, we're all beat right now
marcysspirit left the room
seblack991234: It is almost 1:30 here
Fearless Leader: Said came home, Warriors won, he's happy
seblack991234: But then I don't sleep much
Fearless Leader: he and a bunch of friends went to see a basketball
game tonight
dahs512: I need to get some winks too.
Fearless Leader: I'm just not energized enough to do a demo
dahs512: Tell him howdy
seblack991234: I like basket ball. The people are so much fun to
watch. LOL
Fearless Leader: but I don't mind chatting with my special ladies
Fearless Leader: 40 point blow out too, Said says
seblack991234: Wow
Fearless Leader: he's all excited, talking to his friend Dean
dahs512: I'm beat or I would chat
Fearless Leader: Denise, get some rest honey
Fearless Leader: you done a lot tonight
Fearless Leader: a real trooper
Fearless Leader: the best
seblack991234: Go to bed Denise. You did great tonight.
dahs512: eyeballs feel like sandpaper
Fearless Leader: ouch
dahs512: thanks, it was fun, and i learned a lot
Fearless Leader: We'll cover some other ground tomorrow, you gonna be
here with us tomorrow?
seblack991234: Be sure and put a cool wash rag on them before you go
to sleep.
dahs512: probably
dahs512: I need to do some outside stuff
seblack991234: This will help a lot
dahs512: beautiful weather iss calling me
dahs512: tea bags on the lids
Fearless Leader: Suz, if you're still chatty, we can go to private
message so folks don't come in expecting demos
seblack991234: Been thinking about moving to Austin.
dahs512: nite
seblack991234: OK
Fearless Leader: good music town
Fearless Leader: Night Denise, thank you for all your efforts
seblack991234: So I heard.
dahs512: south by southwest
dahs512: nite, really, nite
seblack991234: Looked at Georgetown on the net today.
dahs512: quit it
dahs512: Cedar Creek here
seblack991234: Night night.
dahs512: you girls have a good time and I'll popo in tomorrow
Fearless Leader: I'm jumping out of the chat room, going potty and
then I'll be back to chat with you Suz
Fearless Leader: xoxo
dahs512 left the room